Surnames Categorized "ocean"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include ocean.
Anker Dutch, Danish, Norwegian
Metonymic surname for a sailor, meaning "anchor" in Dutch, Danish and Norwegian.
Halloran Irish
From Irish Ó hAllmhuráin meaning "descendant of Allmhurán". The given name Allmhurán means "stranger from across the sea".
Krebs German
Means "crab" in German, perhaps a nickname for a person with a crab-like walk.
McNamara Irish
From Irish Mac Conmara meaning "son of Conmara". The given name Conmara is composed of "hound" and muir "sea".
Murgia Sardinian
Means "brine" in Sardinian, perhaps a nickname for someone who pickled foods.
Murray 1 Scottish
Derived from the region in Scotland called Moray meaning "seaboard settlement". A notable bearer of this surname was General James Murray (1721-1794), who was the first British Governor-General of Canada.
Nicchi Italian
From the Italian word nicchio meaning "shell", possibly a nickname for people related to the sea.
Peláez Spanish
Means "son of Pelayo".
Seaver English
From the unattested Old English given name Sæfaru, derived from the Old English elements "sea, ocean" and faru "journey".
Strand Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
From Old Norse strǫnd meaning "beach, sea shore". It was originally given to someone who lived on or near the sea.
Van der Zee Dutch
Means "from the sea" in Dutch. The original bearer may have been someone who lived on the coast.