Surnames Categorized "Spanish words"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include Spanish words.
Arena Italian
Italian cognate of Arenas.
Bueno Spanish
From a nickname meaning "good" in Spanish.
Crespo Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Referred to a person with curly hair, from Latin crispus meaning "curly".
Espina Spanish
Means "thorn" in Spanish, a name for someone who lived near a thorn bush.
Espino Spanish
Variant of Espina.
Espinosa Spanish
From Spanish espinoso meaning "thorny", ultimately from Latin spinosus, a derivative of spina meaning "thorn, spine".
Pinto Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
Means "mottled" in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, derived from Late Latin pinctus, Latin pictus "painted".
Plaza Spanish
Spanish cognate of Piazza.
Profeta Italian
From Italian profeta meaning "prophet". It probably came from a nickname indicating a person who wanted to predict the future. It is typical of southern Italy.
Redondo Spanish
Means "round" in Spanish, originally a nickname for a plump person, ultimately from Latin rotundus.
Rojas Spanish
Variant of Rojo.
Rojo Spanish
Means "red" in Spanish, referring to the colour of the hair or complexion.
Solo Basque
Means "rural estate" in Basque.