Surnames Categorized "warrior"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include warrior.
Bardsley English
From the name a village near Manchester, from the Old English given name Beornræd and leah "woodland, clearing".
Barone Italian
From the title barone "baron", derived via Latin from Germanic baro "man, warrior, servant".
Barsotti Italian
Meaning uncertain, possibly derived from the Germanic word baro "man, warrior, servant".
Earl English
From the aristocratic title, which derives from Old English eorl meaning "nobleman, warrior". It was either a nickname for one who acted like an earl, or an occupational name for a person employed by an earl.
Guerrero Spanish
Means "warrior" in Spanish, an occupational name for a soldier. It is derived from Late Latin werra "war", of Germanic origin.
Guerriero Italian
Italian form of Guerrero.
Kearney Irish
From the Irish name Ó Ceithearnaigh meaning "descendant of Ceithearnach", a given name meaning "warrior".
Kemp English
Derived from Middle English kempe meaning "champion, warrior".
Kempf German
German cognate of Kemp.
Knight English
From Old English cniht meaning "knight", a tenant serving as a mounted soldier.
Lane 3 Irish
From Irish Ó Luain meaning "descendant of Luan", a given name meaning "warrior".
Rider English
Variant of Ryder.
Ritter German
From Middle High German riter meaning "rider, knight", a cognate of Ryder.
Zilberschlag Jewish
Occupational name for a silversmith from Yiddish zilber "silver" and schlag "strike".
Zsoldos Hungarian
Means "mercenary" in Hungarian.