Pampangan Submitted Surnames

Pampangan names are used in the Philippines.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
CUNANAN Filipino, Pampangan
Meaning uncertain, of Kapampangan origin.
GALANG Filipino, Pampangan, Tagalog
Means "respect, reverence" in Kapampangan and Tagalog.
GALURA Filipino, Pampangan, Tagalog
Derived from Sanskrit गरुड (garuḍa) referring to the Garuda, a mythical bird in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain mythology.
LAXAMANA Filipino, Pampangan, Tagalog
Derived from Malay laksamana meaning "admiral, officer", ultimately from Sanskrit लक्ष्मण (lakṣmaṇa).
MACAPAGAL Filipino, Pampangan
From Kapampangan makapagal meaning "tiring". A notable bearer is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (1947-), the fourteenth president of the Philippines.
MACASPAC Filipino, Pampangan
Means "to crack, to break" in Pampangan.
MALLARI Filipino, Pampangan
Derived from Kapampangan malyari meaning "possible".
MANABAT Filipino, Pampangan, Tagalog
Means "ambusher, fighter, accoster" in Pampangan.
MANALO Filipino, Tagalog, Pampangan
Means "to win" in Tagalog.
MANANSALA Filipino, Pampangan, Tagalog
Means "one who prohibits" from Tagalog sansala meaning "inhibition, prohibition, interdiction".
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