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DIOLI     Italian
Meaning unknown.
MORGENSTERN     German, Jewish
Ornamental surname meaning "morning star" in German.
MUSIAŁ     Czech
Polish form of MUSIL.
MUSIL     Czech
Means "the one who had to", from the past participle of the verb must.
NIEVES     Spanish
Means "snows" in Spanish, from the title of the Virgin Mary Nuestra Señora de las Nieves meaning "Our Lady of the Snows".
ORENSTEIN     Yiddish
Means "horn stone" in German.
REENBERG     Danish
Meaning unknown.
REIER     English, German
Variant of ROYER.
REIHER     German
Variant of ROYER.
REIS     Jewish
Ornamental name from German Reis meaning "twig, branch".
SAMARA     Arabic
Meaning unknown.
Means "hide yourself", of Moravian origin.
SHAFIR     Jewish
Ornamental surname meaning "sapphire" from Yiddish shafir.
SHAIN     Jewish
Ornamental surname meaning "beautiful, handsome" from German schön.
TRAYLOR     English
Meaning unknown.
YU (1)     Chinese
From Chinese () meaning "in, on, at". According to legend, King Wu of Zhou bestowed the realm of Yu to his second son, who subsequently adopted this as his surname.
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