Italian Surnames

Italian names are used in Italy and other Italian-speaking regions such as southern Switzerland. See also about Italian names.
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ABANDONATO     Italian
Derived from the Latin given name Abandonato which means "forsaken".
ABATANGELO     Italian
Means "priest ANGELO" from Italian abate "priest, abbot".
Means "priest ANTONIO" from Italian abate "priest, abbot".
ABATE     Italian
Means "priest, abbot" from Italian abate... [more]
Means "priest GIOVANNI" from Italian abate "priest, abbot".
Means "priest GIANNI" from Italian abate "priest, abbot".
ABBÀ     Italian
Variant of ABATE.
ABBADELLI     Italian
Means "little priest, abbot" from Italian abate and the diminutive suffix -elli.
ABBASCIA     Italian
Aphetic form of ABATESCIANNI.
Variant of ABATANGELO.
ABBATE     Italian
Variant of ABATE.
ABBATELLI     Italian
Variant of ABBADELLI.
Means "little priest"... [more]
ABBIATI     Italian
Indicated a person from Abbiategrasso, Italy.
Derived from the medieval name Abbracciabene.
ABELLI     Italian
Derived from the Latin given name Abellio which was the name of a Pyrenean god in the Roman times.
ABELLÓ     Catalan, Italian
Variant of ABELLI.
ABRAMI     Italian
Derived from the given name ABRAHAM.
ABRAMO     Italian
Variant of ABRAMI.
ACARDI     Italian
Means "son of Acardo"... [more]
ACCARDI     Italian
Variant of ACARDI.
ACCARDO     Italian
Variant of ACARDI.
ACCIAI     Italian
Means "axe man", derived from Italian accia "axe".
ACCIAIO     Italian
Variant of ACCIAI.
ACCIAIOLI     Italian
Variant of ACCIAI.
ACCONCI     Italian
Means "son of Acconcio", from the Latin name Acconcius.
ACCONCIO     Italian
Variant of ACCONCI.
ACCORSI     Italian
Means "son of Accorso", from the medieval name (Bon)accurso meaning "(good) aid".
ACCORSO     Italian
Variant of ACCORSI.
ACCOSI     Italian
Means "son of Accoso", from the Latin name Accosius.
ACCURSIO     Italian
Variant of ACCORSI.
ACERBI     Italian
Means "heartless, harsh" from Italian acerbo.
ACONE     Italian
Possibly from the Latin surname Acone, which came from the toponym Portus Acone in Bitinia (in nowadays Turkey).
ACONI     Italian
Variant of ACONE.
ACQUA     Italian
Means "water" in Italian, indicating one who dwelt by or transported water.
Denoted a person who came from a place called Acquafredda in Italy.
ACQUARONE     Italian
Means "dweller by a large expanse of water".
ACQUATI     Italian
Variant of ACQUA.
ADALARDI     Italian
Variant of ADELARDI.
ADAMI     Italian
Italian form of ADAM.
ADAMO     Italian
Italian form of ADAM.
ADAMOLI     Italian
Diminutive form of ADAMI.
ADDARIO     Italian
Derived from the Latin given name Addarius.
ADELARDI     Italian
Means "son of Adalardo"... [more]
ADESSI     Italian
Perhaps means "punctual or fast person" from Italian adesso "now, at this moment".
ADIMARI     Italian
Means "son of Ademaro"... [more]
ADRIATICO     Italian
Means "dweller by the Adriatic sea".
AFFINI     Italian
Means "in-law" from Latin affinis.
AFRICANI     Italian
Means "son of Africano"... [more]
AFRICANO     Italian
Variant of AFRICANI.
AGANI     Italian
Means "son of Agano"... [more]
AGGI     Italian
Either from place names like Baraggia or variants, or more plausibly from the Germanic name Aggiuo.
AGGIO     Italian
Variant of AGGI.
AGLI     Italian
From place names like Agliè, Aglietti, Agliana and Agliate, all originating from the Latin name Allius or Alleius.
AGNELLI     Italian
Means "lamb" from the Late Latin agnellus, denoting a pious or timid person.
AGNELLUTTI     Italian
From a diminutive of AGNELLI.
AGNUSDEI     Italian
Nickname for someone very devoted or someone wearing a Benedictian amulet called an agnusdei (which means "lamb of God" in Latin).
AGOSTI     Italian
Derived from the given name Agosto, an Italian form of AUGUSTUS.
AGOSTINI     Italian
Derived from the given name AGOSTINO.
AGRESTA     Italian
From Latin agrestis "rural, rustic" or agresta "sour grape".
AGRIOLI     Italian
Possibly from Latin agricola "farmer".
AIELLO     Italian
From place names like Aielli, Aiello Calabro, Aiello del Friuli, Aiello del Sabato and many others... [more]
AIOLFI     Italian
Means "son of Aiolfo"... [more]
AIRALDI     Italian
Means "son of Airaldo"... [more]
AIRÒ     Italian
From the given name Airaldo (see AIRALDI).
AITA     Italian
Originally denoted a person from Aieta, Italy, a place name derived from Greek aetos "eagle".
AJELLO     Italian
Variant of AIELLO.
ALAGONA     Italian
From the name of the Spanish region Aragon, which was a medieval kingdom.
ALAMANNI     Italian
Means "from Germany".
ALBANESI     Italian
Meaning "Albanian, from Albania".
ALBANI     Italian
Derived from the given name ALBANO.
ALBANO     Italian
Derived from the given name ALBANO.
ALBERGHI     Italian
Variant of ALBERICI.
ALBERGHINI     Italian
Diminutive of ALBERGHI.
ALBERICI     Italian
Means "son of ALBERICO".
ALBERIGHI     Italian
Variant of ALBERICI.
ALBERO     Italian
From Italian albero meaning "tree" (ultimately from Latin arbor), referring to someone who lived in the woods or someone who chopped trees.
ALBINI     Italian
From the Latin given name ALBINUS.
ALBRICCI     Italian
Variant of ALBERICI.
ALBRICI     Italian
Variant of ALBERICI.
ALCHERI     Italian
Means "son of Alcherio" from the Latin name Alcherius.
ALDEBRANDI     Italian
Means either "son of Aldebrando" or "son of Altebrando", Germanic names, the first composed of alda "wise" and brand "burning sword" and the latter of alt "old" and brand... [more]
ALDERISI     Italian
Means "son of Alderisio" from the Latin name Alderisius.
ALDUINO     Italian
Derived from the Italian given name Alduino, from the Germanic name Aldwin, composed of ald "strong" and win "friend".
ALEMAGNA     Italian
Denoted someone from Germany (in Italian Alemagna).
ALEPPO     Italian
From the name of the city of Aleppo in Syria.
ALESCI     Italian
From the Latin name ALEXIUS.
ALESCIO     Italian
From the Latin name ALEXIUS.
ALESI     Italian
Variant of ALESCI.
ALESINI     Italian
Means "son of Alesino"... [more]
ALESIO     Italian
Variant of ALESCIO.
ALESSANDRI     Italian
Means "son of ALESSANDRO".
ALESSI     Italian
Variant of ALESCI.
ALFERO     Italian
From the given name Adalferio, Germanic in origin, composed of either adal "noble" and fadan "to travel" or adal and fero "to lead".
ALIBERTI     Italian
Means "son of ALBERTO".
ALINARI     Italian
Means "son of Alinario"... [more]
ALIPRANDI     Italian
Means "son of Aliprando". The given name Aliprandus was borne by a saint.
ALLEGRI     Italian
From an Italian nickname derived from allegro meaning "quick, lively".
ALLEGRO     Italian
Variant of ALLEGRI.
ALÒ     Italian
From the given name Alò, which was a contraction of ALOYSIUS.
ALOIA     Italian
From a dialectal form of the name ELIGIO.
ALOISI     Italian
From the given name Aloisius (see ALOYSIUS).
ALTAMURA     Italian
From the place name Altamura in Italy.
ALTIMARI     Italian
Derived from the given name Altimaro, a cognate of ELMER.
ALTOVITI     Italian
Means "son of Altovito" from the Lombard name Altowido.
ALUNNI     Italian
Means "student" from Latin alunni.
AMADEI     Italian
Means "son of AMADEO".
AMADORI     Italian
Means "son of AMATOR".
AMALBERTI     Italian
Means "son of Amalberto"... [more]
AMANTEA     Italian
From the place name Amantea, a town in Calabria.
AMATO     Italian
From the Latin given name AMATUS.
AMATORE     Italian
From the Latin given name AMATOR.
AMBROGI     Italian
Means "son of AMBROGIO".
AMBROSI     Italian
Means "son of AMBROGIO".
AMELLO     Italian
From the Latin name Amellus, coming from the name of a flower.
AMERIGHI     Italian
Means "son of AMERIGO".
AMORETTO     Italian
Means "son of Amoretto"... [more]
ANGIOLI     Italian
Means "son of Angiolo", a diminutive of ANGELO.
ANSALDI     Italian
Means "son of Ansaldo" from the Germanic given name Answald (see OSWALD).
ANSELMETTI     Italian
Means "son of Anselmetto", a diminutive of ANSELMO.
ANSELMI     Italian
Means "son of ANSELMO".
ANTONELLI     Italian
Means "son of ANTONELLO".
ANTONINI     Italian
Means "son of ANTONINO".
ANTONINO     Italian
Derived the given name ANTONINO.
AQUILA     Italian
From a nickname meaning "eagle".
AQUINO     Spanish, Italian
From the name of an Italian town near Rome: Aquino, the native town of San Tommaso d'Aquino (Saint Thomas Aquinas)... [more]
ARBORE     Italian
From Latin arbor meaning "tree".
ARDICCIONI     Italian
Means "son of Ardiccione", from the medieval name Ardiccione.
ARDIZZONE     Italian
Means "big Arditio"... [more]
ARDOVINI     Italian
Means "son of Ardovino", which was from the Germanic name HARDWIN.
ARENA     Italian, Spanish
From the name of several places, meaning "sand" in Italian and Spanish.
ARINGHERI     Italian
Means "son of Aringherio", from the Latin name Aringherius.
ARLOTTI     Italian
Means "son of Arlotto", from the Latin name Arloctus.
ARMANI     Italian
Means "son of Armano" from the Germanic name HERMAN.
ARMATI     Italian
Means "son of Armato" from the Latin name Armatus.
ARMONNI     Italian
Means "son of Armonne" from the medieval name Armonne.
ARNOLFI     Italian
Means "son of Arnolfo" from the given name Arnolfus, probably Germanic.
ARNONI     Italian
Means "son of Arnone" from the medieval name Arnone.
ARRIGHETTI     Italian
Means "son of Arrighetto" from the Latin name Arrighectus, a diminutive of Arrigo (see ARRIGHI).
ARRIGHI     Italian
Means "son of Arrigo"... [more]
ARRIGUCCI     Italian
Means "son of Arriguccio" from the Latin name Arriguccius, a diminutive of Arrigo (see ARRIGHI).
AUCCIELLO     Italian
Variant of UCCELLO.
AZZARÀ     Italian
From Southern Italy, it is derived (like most surnames with an accent on the final a) from Greek dialects of Calabria or Sicily... [more]
BAGGI     Italian
Denoted a person from Baggi (Milan), Italy.
BAGGIO     Italian
Variant of BAGGI.
BAGLIO     Italian
Italian cognate of BAILEY.
BAGNI     Italian
Means "public bath house attendant" from Latin balnea.
BAGNOLI     Italian
Diminutive form of BAGNI.
BALBONI     Italian
Means "son of Balbono", from the Latin name Balbonus.
BALDI     Italian
Derived from the given name BALDO.
BALDINI     Italian
Means "son of Baldino"... [more]
BALDINOTTI     Italian
Means "son of Baldinotto", from the name Baldinoctus, probably from BALDO.
BALDOVINI     Italian
Derived from the given name BALDOVINO.
BANDINI     Italian
Means "son of Bandino" from the Latin name Bandinus.
BANDONI     Italian
Means "son of Bandone" from the medieval name Bandone meaning "sheet of iron".
BARBIERI     Italian
Italian cognate of BARBER.
BARONE     Italian
From the title of barone "baron", derived from the Germanic baro "free man".
BARSETTI     Italian
Means "son of Barsetto" from the Latin name Barsectus.
BARTALOTTI     Italian
Means "son of Bartalotto", probably from Bartolo, a short form of BARTOLOMEO.
BARTOLOMEI     Italian
Derived from the given name BARTOLOMEO.
BARTOLOMEO     Italian
Derived from the given name BARTOLOMEO.
BARZETTI     Italian
Variant of BARSETTI.
BASILE     Italian
From the given name BASILE or BASILIO.
BASSANELLI     Italian
Diminutive form of BASSANI.
BASSANI     Italian
Derived from the place name Bassano, multiple villages in Italy.
BASSI     Italian
Variant of BASSO, common in northern Italy.
BASSO     Italian
Nickname for a person who is rather short, from Latin bassus "thickset".
BASURTO     Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Means "in the middle of the forest", from a region in Spain.
BATTAGLIA     Italian
From a nickname meaning "battle".
BAZZOLI     Italian
Means "son of Bazzolo", from the given name Baczolus.
BELLANDI     Italian
Means "son of Bellando" from the given name Bellandus.
BELLANDINI     Italian
Diminutive form of BELLANDI.
Means "son of Bellincione", from the medieval name Bellincione.
BELLINI     Italian
Means "son of Bellino". From the Italian name Bello meaning "beautiful".
BELLO     Spanish, Italian
Means "beautiful" in Spanish and Italian.
BELLOMI     Italian
Means "son of Bellomo", a given name composed of bellus and homo meaning "beautiful man".
BELLONI     Italian
Augmented form of BELLO.
BELLUOMI     Italian
Variant of BELLOMI.
BELMONTE     Spanish, Italian
Means "beautiful mountain". This is a place in Calabria, southern Italy.
BENCIVENNI     Italian
Means "son of Bencivenne", from the medieval name Bencivenne.
BENEDETTI     Italian
Means "son of BENEDETTO".
BENENATI     Italian
Means "son of Benenato", given name derived from Latin bene and natus meaning "born good".
BENETTON     Italian
Italian regional variant of BENEDETTI.
BENINI     Italian
Means "son of Benino" from a diminutive of Bene or Beno, short forms of BENEDETTO.
BENIVIENI     Italian
Means "son of Beniviene", from a medieval given name.
BENVENUTI     Italian
Means "son of BENVENUTO".
BERARDI     Italian
Means "son of Berardo", from a variant of BERNARDO.
Indicated an inhabitant of the city of Bergamo, in Lombardy.
BERTI     Italian
Derived from given names like ALBERTO, ROBERTO, ADALBERTO and so on.
BERTOLINI     Italian
Variant of BERTI.
BIAGI     Italian
Means "son of BIAGIO".
BIANCARDI     Italian
From a Germanic given name derived from the elements blanc meaning "white" and hard meaning "hardy".
BIANCHI     Italian
Means "white" from Italian bianco and originally given to a person who was white-haired or extremely pale.
BICCHIERI     Italian
Means "drinking glasses" in Italian.
BIONDI     Italian
Means "fair-haired" in Italian... [more]
BIONDO     Italian
Variant of BIONDI.
BOERIO     Italian
From a nickname meaning "ox".
BOLOGNA     Italian
From the name of the city of Bologna, one of the most important Italian cities.
BONDESAN     Italian
Venetian regional surname derived from the name of the town of Bondeno, near the well known city of Ferrara, belonging to the district of Rovigo.
BONOMO     Italian
From a medieval given name Bonomo... [more]
BORGHI     Italian
Locative origin, from the place name Borgo, which is quite common in Italy.
BORGNINO     Italian
From nickname derived from the Piedmontese dialect word borgno meaning "blind in one eye" or "squinting"... [more]
BORGOGNI     Italian
From the name of the French region Bourgogne near Paris... [more]
BOSCO     Italian
Means "forest" in Italian.
BOVE     Italian
Derived from an Italian nickname meaning "bull, ox".
BOVÉR     Italian
Venetian variant of BOVE.
BOVERI     Italian
Variant of BOVE.
BRAMBANI     Italian
Locative origins: from the name of an alpine valley Val Brembama... [more]
BRAMBILLA     Italian
Locative surname from the Italian town Brembilla (near Milano).
BREDA     Italian
From the name of a place Breda near Venice... [more]
BRIOSCHI     Italian
Locative surname derived from the town of Briosco, near Milan... [more]
BRIVIO     Italian
From the name of a town Brivio, near Como in Lombardy... [more]
BRUNETTI     Italian
Diminutive of BRUNO.
BRUNO     Italian
Means "brown" in Italian, a nickname for a person with brown hair or brown clothes.
BUFFONE     Italian
Italian for "jester".
BULGARELLI     Italian
Diminutive of BULGARI.
BULGARI     Italian
Originally an Italian nickname meaning "Bulgarian".
BUONARROTI     Italian
From the medieval given name Buonarroto meaning "good increase"... [more]
BUSTO     Spanish, Italian
Of locative origin, from the name of towns in Spain and Italy (there are two near Milan in northern Italy: Busto Arsizio and Busto Garolfo, colloquially called Busto Grande "large Busto" and Bustino "little Busto")... [more]
CAIAZZO     Italian
From the place name Caiazzo, a little city near Naples.
CAITO     Italian
Occupational name from the Sicilian càjitu "official" or "leader", ultimately from Arabic qāḍī "judge".
CAIVANO     Italian
Locative surname from the town of Caivano in the province of Casserta near Naples.
CALABRESE     Italian
Originally given to a person from the region of Calabria in southern Italy.
CALLIGARIS     Italian
Means "shoemaker" in Italian.
CAMPANA     Italian
From an Italian nickname meaning "bell".
CAMPO     Italian, Spanish
Locative surname used both in Spain and Italy meaning "field"... [more]
CANTU     Italian
From Cantu, a town located in Italy near Como in Lombardy... [more]
CAPELLO (1)     Italian
From Late Latin capa meaning "cloak, cape"... [more]
CAPELLO (2)     Italian
Nickname for a trickster, from the Italian word capello meaning "trick", which is ultimately derived from the Latin word capullum.
CAPELLO (3)     Spanish, Catalan, Italian
From capella "chapel", a place name for someone who lived by a chapel or an occupational name for someone who worked in one.
CAPITANI     Italian
Occupational surname meaning "captain" in Italian.
CARBONE     Italian
From a nickname carbone meaning "coal".
CARBONI     Italian
Variant of CARBONE.
CARIDEO     Italian
Originally denoted someone from San Pietro di Caridà, a place near Reggio Calabria in Italy.
CARLEVARO     Italian
From a nickname that means "carnival"... [more]
CARO     Italian, Spanish
From caro meaning "beloved" in Italian and Spanish.
CARRACCI     Italian
Originally denoted a person from the city of Carrarra.
CARRARA     Italian
From the name of a city... [more]
CARUSO     Italian
Means "close-cropped hair" in Italian... [more]
CASSANO     Italian
Indicated a person from Cassano, Italy.
CASTRO     Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Means "castle" in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, and referred to one who lived near a castle.
CATALANO     Italian
From the name of the Spanish region Catalonia.
CATTANEO     Italian
Regional (Lombardy) variant of CAPITANI.
CAVALCANTE     Italian
Derived from Italian cavalcare "to ride".
CAVALLO     Italian
Derived from the word cavallo meaning "horse"... [more]
CINGOLANI     Italian
From Cingoli, a town in the Marche region, not far from Rome.
CINO     Italian
Derived from the given name Cino, a short form of names ending in Cino.
CIPRIANI     Italian
From the given name CIPRIANO.
CISTERNINO     Italian
From the name of a town Cisternino, near the city of Bari in southern Italy.
COIRO     Italian
From Italian cuoio meaning "leather"... [more]
COLA     Italian
From the given name NICOLA (1).
COLOMBERA     Italian
Locative surname coming from the word colombo meaning "dove"... [more]
COLOMBO     Italian
From the given name COLOMBO... [more]
COLUMBO     Italian
Derived from Italian columba meaning "dove", given to a dove keeper.
COMO (1)     Italian
From the given name GIACOMO.
COMO (2)     Italian
From Como, a city of Lombardy, the rival city of Milano during the Middle Ages.
CONFORTOLA     Italian
From the old Italian given name Conforto meaning "comfort".
CONTI     Italian
Means "count" (as in the noble title) from Old French conte... [more]
CORNA     Italian
Derived mostly from names of places typical of northern Italy, especially Lombardy... [more]
CORTI     Italian
From Italian corte meaning "court", a locative surname.
CORVI     Italian
Nickname from the name of the bird corvo, Italian for "crow".
COSTA     Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Means "coast or riverbank" in Italian, denoting a person who lived at one of those places.
COSTANTINI     Italian
From the given name COSTANTINO.
COSTANZO     Italian
From the given name COSTANZO.
CRACCHIOLO     Italian
Derived from the Italian word cracchiola, a chicory-like vegetable.
CREMASCHI     Italian
From the name of a city in Lombardy, northern Italy: Crema (near Cremona).
CREMONA     Italian
Locative name derived from the Italian city of Cremona, south of Milan, in Lombardy... [more]
CREMONESI     Italian
From the name of the city of Cremona in Lombardy.
CRESPO     Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Referred to a person with curly hair, from Latin crispus.
CROCE     Italian
Locative surname meaning "cross" (see CROSS).
CROCETTI     Italian
Locative surname coming from names of places like Crocette, in which the main word is croce "cross"... [more]
CUCINOTTA     Italian
Means "little kitchen", derived from the word cucina meaning "kitchen".
CUOCCO     Italian
Variant of CUOCO.
CUOCO     Italian
Italian cognate of COOK.
D'AMBROSIO     Italian
From the given name AMBROGIO or the old form AMBROSIO.
DAMIANI     Italian
Derived from the given name DAMIANO.
D'AMORE     Italian
Means "of love", perhaps a nickname for an illegitimate child.
D'ANGELO     Italian
Means "son of ANGELO".
D'ANTONIO     Italian
Means "son of ANTONIO".
DE ANGELIS     Italian
Variant of D'ANGELO.
DE CAMPO     Italian
Locative surname derived from place names called Campo.
DE FELICE     Italian
Means "son of FELICE".
DE FILIPPIS     Italian
Means "son of FILIPPO".
DE FIORE     Italian
Variant of FIORE.
DE LAURENTIS     Italian
Means "son of Laurentius (LORENZO)".
DE LUCA     Italian
Patronymic surname derived from the given name LUCA (1).
DE PALMA     Italian
Means "from the palm tree".
DE REGE     Italian
From a nickname re that is "king".
DE SANTIS     Italian
From the old Latin given name Sanctus (see the Italian given name SANTO)... [more]
DE VITIS     Italian
Means "son of VITO", a Latinized form.
DI ANTONIO     Italian
Variant of D'ANTONIO.
DI CAPRIO     Italian
From the name of the island of Capri near Naples.
DI MERCURIO     Italian
Means "son of Mercurio", a given name derived from the name of the god MERCURY.
DINAPOLI     Italian
Means "from Naples" in Italian.
DIOLI     Italian
From the given masculine name ANDREA (1).
DI PASQUA     Italian
Means "of Easter" in Italian.
DI PIETRO     Italian
Means "son of PIETRO" in Italian.
DI STEFANO     Italian
Means "son of STEFANO".

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