Spanish Surnames

Spanish names are used in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries (such as those in South America). See also about Spanish names.
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ABANA     Spanish
Variant of ABANO
ABANO     Spanish
Denoted someone hailing from Abano in Spain, a spa town whose name probably is related to the Celtic root ab meaning "water".
ABARCA     Spanish
Means "leather soled footwear" from Spanish abarca... [more]
ABAROA     Basque
Means "refugee" from Basque abaro-a.
ABASCAL     Spanish
Means "priest's street" from Basque abas "priest" and kale "street".
ABASOLO     Basque
Means "priest's meadow" from the Basque abas "priest" and solo "meadow".
ABEL     English, French, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, German
Derived from the given name ABEL.
ABELLÓ     Catalan, Italian
Variant of ABELLI
ABERQUERO     Spanish
Variant of ABARCA
ABREU     Portuguese, Galician
Habitational name from the a place called Abreu in the former Minho province in Portugal.
ACOSTA     Spanish
Means "coast", and originally referred to a person who lived there.
AGRAMUNT     Catalan
Denoted a person from Agramunt, Spain.
AIZA     Spanish, Basque
Means "cliff" or "rock" in Basque.
ALAMILLA     Spanish
Perhaps means "little ALMA".
ALBERT     English, French, Catalan, Hungarian, German
Derived from the given name ALBERT.
ALBUQUERQUE     Portuguese, Spanish
Derived from the Spanish town of Alburquerque, in the Badajoz province near the Portuguese border.
ALDANA     Basque
From the name of a Basque town, meaning "slope".
ALFARO     Spanish
Originally denoted someone who was from the city of Alfaro, in La Rioja, Spain.
ALVARADO     Spanish
Means "dweller by the white hill, or dry land", this is found in many a place name in Spain such as Albarado, Castile.
ÁLVAREZ     Spanish
Patronymic meaning "son of ÁLVARO".
ALVES     Portuguese, Spanish
From the given name ÁLVARO.
AMADOR     Spanish
Derived from the Latin given name AMATOR.
ANDREU     Catalan
From the Catalan given name ANDREU.
ANTÚNEZ     Spanish
Means "son of ANTONIO".
AQUA     Spanish
Means "dweller by water" from Latin aqua.
AQUINO     Spanish, Italian
From the name of an Italian town near Rome: Aquino, the native town of San Tommaso d'Aquino (Saint Thomas Aquinas)... [more]
ARAÚJO     Portuguese, Spanish
Denoted a person hailing from one of the many areas that bear this name in Portugal.
ARAULLO     Portuguese, Spanish
Variant of ARAÚJO.
ARAYA     Spanish
Denoted a person from Araya, Spain. This town no longer exists.
ARCE     Spanish
Means "maple tree" in Spanish.
Indicated a person from Arechavaleta, Spain.
ARENA     Italian, Spanish
From the name of several places, meaning "sand" in Italian and Spanish.
ARITZA     Spanish, Basque
Means "oak" in Basque... [more]
ARMANDO     Spanish
Derived from the given name ARMANDO.
ARREOLA     Spanish, Basque
Variant of ARRIOLA, found predominantly in Mexico.
ARRIOLA     Spanish, Basque
Derived from any of the places named Arriola, from Basque arri "stone(s)" and -ola "place of", for example in the provinces of Gipuzkoa and Araba.
ASIS     Spanish
Originally denoted a person from Assisi, Italy.
ASTURIAS     Spanish
From the name of an old kingdom in Spain.
AVANA     Spanish
Variant of ABANO
AZAROLA     Basque
Possibly means "like a fox" in Basque, a nickname for someone who resembled a fox.
BANDERAS     Spanish
Spanish cognate of BANNER
BARROS     Portuguese, Spanish
From the word barro meaning "clay" or "mud"... [more]
BASURTO     Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Means "in the middle of the forest", from a region in Spain.
BAUTISTA     Spanish
Derived from the Latin name Baptista, which referred to John the Baptist.
BELLO     Spanish, Italian
Means "beautiful" in Spanish and Italian.
BELMONTE     Spanish, Italian
Means "beautiful mountain". This is a place in Calabria, southern Italy.
BENGOCHEA     Basque, Spanish
Means "house furthest down" in Basque.
BENITEZ     Spanish
Means "son of BENITO".
BERMÚDEZ     Spanish
Means "son of Bermudo"... [more]
BLANCO     Spanish
Means "white" in Spanish... [more]
BLANXART     Catalan
Catalan form of BLANCO.
BOLÍVAR     Spanish
From a Basque place name: boli "mill" and ibar "meadow".
Means "good fortune"... [more]
BOSQUE     Spanish
Spanish form of BOSCO
BUSTILLO     Spanish
Derived from a diminutive of the Galician word busto "meadow" (also see BUSTO).
BUSTO     Spanish, Italian
Of locative origin, from the name of towns in Spain and Italy (there are two near Milan in northern Italy: Busto Arsizio and Busto Garolfo, colloquially called Busto Grande "large Busto" and Bustino "little Busto")... [more]
BUSTOS     Spanish
Variant of BUSTO
CABELLO     Spanish
From cabello meaning "hair", used as a nickname for a man with a large amount of hair.
CABRERA     Spanish
Place name meaning "place of goats" from Latin capralis which is derived from Latin capra "goat".
CAMPO     Italian, Spanish
Locative surname used both in Spain and Italy meaning "field"... [more]
CAMPOS     Portuguese, Spanish
Portuguese and Spanish variant of CAMPO
CAPELLO (3)     Spanish, Catalan, Italian
From capella "chapel", a place name for someone who lived by a chapel or an occupational name for someone who worked in one.
CARDONA     Catalan, Spanish
From the name of a Catalan town.
CARO     Italian, Spanish
From caro meaning "beloved" in Italian and Spanish.
CASALES     Spanish
From the Spanish word casal meaning "farm house".
CASTELL     Catalan
From Latin castellum "castle", indicating a person who lived near a castle.
CASTILLO     Spanish
Originally indicated a person from Castile (Castilla in Spanish), a region (and ancient kingdom) in Spain... [more]
CASTRO     Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Means "castle" in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, and referred to one who lived near a castle.
CHAVEZ     Spanish
From the Spanish word llaves meaning "keys"... [more]
COLÓN     Spanish
From the given name COLUMBA.
COSTA     Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Means "coast or riverbank" in Italian, denoting a person who lived at one of those places.
CRESPO     Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Referred to a person with curly hair, from Latin crispus.
CRUZ     Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese cognate of CROSS.
CUÉLLAR     Spanish
Derived from the name of the town Cuéllar in the Segovia province of Spain.
CUEVAS     Spanish
Derived from the Spanish word cueva which means "cave", cuevas means "caves".
D'CRUZ     Portuguese, Spanish
Originated in 17th-century Spain and means "of the cross" in Spanish and Portuguese.
D'CRUZE     Portuguese, Spanish
Variation of D'CRUZ.
DE LA CRUZ     Spanish
Means "of the cross", see CROSS.
DE LA FUENTE     Spanish
Means "of the fountain" in Spanish.
DEL BOSQUE     Spanish
Means "of the forest".
DE LEON     Spanish
Referred to someone from the Leon region of Spain.
DELGADO     Spanish, Portuguese
Means "thin" in Spanish and Portuguese.
DEL OLMO     Spanish
Means "from the elm tree" from Spanish olmo "elm tree".
DÍAZ     Spanish
Means "son of DIEGO" in Spanish.
DOMINGUEZ     Spanish
Means "son of DOMINGO".
DUARTE     Portuguese, Spanish
From the given name DUARTE.
DURANTE     Spanish, Italian
From the given name DURANTE, or from a nickname for a stubborn person.
ECHEVERRÍA     Spanish
Derived from the Basque place name Etxeberria, which itself is derived from Basque etxe "house" and berri "new".
ELIZONDO     Spanish
Means "a person who lives close to a church" from Basque eleiza "church" and ondo "near".
ESCAMILLA     Spanish
Derived from the name of the town Escamilla in the Gualadajara province of Spain.
ESCÁRCEGA     Spanish
Derived from the Basque place name Eskarzaga, which itself is derived from Basque hazkar "maple".
ESCARRÀ     Spanish
Catalan meaning "left-handed".
ESPARZA     Spanish
Derived from the Basque place name Espartza, a town in the province of Navarre.
ESPINA     Spanish
Means "thorn", a name for someone who lived near a thorn bush.
ESPINO     Spanish
Variant of ESPINA
ESPINOSA     Spanish
From Spanish espinoso meaning "thorny", ultimately from Latin spîna and spînosus, respectively meaning "spine" and "full of spines, spiny".
ESPINOZA     Spanish
Variant of ESPINOSA
ESTÉVEZ     Spanish
Means "son of ESTEBAN".
Basque form of ECHEVERRÍA
Basque form of ECHEVERRÍA
FÉLIX     French, Spanish
From the given name FELIX.
FERNÁNDEZ     Spanish
Means "son of FERNANDO".
FERRER     Catalan
Catalan cognate of FERRARI
FIERRO     Spanish, Italian
Variant of FERRO
FLORES     Spanish
Derived from the given name Floro, Spanish form of the Roman Florus which meant "flower".
FONSECA     Spanish, Portuguese
Originally belonged to a person who lived near a dry spring, from Latin fons "well, spring" and sicca "dry".
FUENTES     Spanish
Means "a spring, a well" in Spanish... [more]
GALLEGO     Spanish
Means "a person from Galicia" in Spanish... [more]
GALLO     Italian, Spanish
Means "cock, rooster" from Latin gallus... [more]
GARCÍA     Spanish
From a medieval given name of unknown meaning, possibly related to the Basque word hartz meaning "bear".
From the Basque word arratz "bush" combined with the suffix sta denoting a place.
GARZA     Spanish
Derived from Spanish garza "heron" (a type of crane).
GASPAR     Spanish, Portuguese
Derived from the given name GASPAR.
GEBARA     Basque
Habitational name for someone who lived in Gebara, a place in the Basque province of Araba (Álava).
GOMEZ     Spanish
Spanish form of GOMES.
GONZALES     Spanish
Variant of GONZALEZ
GONZALEZ     Spanish
Means "son of GONZALO" in Spanish.
GREC     Catalan
Catalan cognate of GRECO.
GUADARRAMA     Spanish
Derived from the name of the town Guadarrama near Madrid.
GUERRA     Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
From a nickname for a belligerent person, one eager to fight, or one engaged in warfare... [more]
GUERRERO     Spanish
Means "warrior" in Spanish, an occupational name for a soldier... [more]
GUTIÉRREZ     Spanish
Variant of GUTIERREZ
GUTIERREZ     Spanish
Evolved from the Spanish surname Gualtierrez meaning "son of Gualtierre"... [more]
HERNANDEZ     Spanish
Means "son of HERNANDO" in Spanish.
HERRERA     Spanish
Means "smith", from Latin fer "iron".
HERRERO     Spanish
Variant of HERRERA
HIERRO     Spanish
Spanish form of FERRO.
HOLGUÍN     Spanish
Means "to be happy, to enjoy oneself" from Spanish holger.
HUERTA     Spanish
Means "garden, small orchard" in Spanish, ultimately from Latin hortus.
IBÁÑEZ     Spanish
Means "son of Ibán", Ibán being a variant of JUAN.
IBARRA     Basque, Spanish
Derived from the Basque place name Ibarra which, in turn, is derived from Basque ibar "a meadow".
IÑÍGUEZ     Spanish
Means "son of INIGO" in Spanish.
ITURBURUA     Basque
Means "by the fountain" in Basque.
JASO     Basque
Derived from Basque jats "sorghum". Sorghum is a type of cereal grass.
JASSO     Basque, Spanish
Variant of JASO
JIMENEZ     Spanish
Means "son of JIMENO".
JORDÀ     Catalan
Derived from the Catalan form of the given name JORDAN.
JUÁREZ     Spanish
Variant of SUÁREZ.
LOBO     Spanish, Portuguese
Originally a nickname, means "wolf" in Spanish and Portuguese.
LOPEZ     Spanish
Means "son of LOPE" in Spanish.
LOSA     Spanish
From Spanish losa meaning "tile, slab".
LOYOLA     Spanish, Basque
From Basque loya meaning "mud"... [more]
MACHADO     Portuguese, Spanish
Derived from Spanish and Portuguese machado "hatchet" and denoted a person who made or used hatchets.
MACÍAS     Spanish
Derived from the given name MATEO.
MARADONA     Spanish
Locative name coming from the name of a place near Lugo in northern Spain... [more]
MARÍA     Spanish
From the given the name MARÍA.
MARINO     Italian, Spanish
Derived from the given name MARINO.
MÁRQUEZ     Spanish
Means "son of MARCOS".
MARTÍ     Catalan
Derived from the given name MARTÍ.
MARTÍNEZ     Spanish
Means "son of MARTÍN" in Spanish.
MARTINEZ     Spanish
Variant of MARTÍNEZ
MAS (1)     Catalan
Means "farm" in Catalan.
MATA     Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan
From the Old Spanish mata meaning "plantation of trees".
MATEU     Catalan
Derived from the given name MATEU.
MEDINA     Spanish
From the name of a Spanish city, whose name is derived from the Arabic word for "city".
MELENDEZ     Spanish
Variant of MENENDEZ
MÉNDEZ     Spanish
Variant of MENENDEZ
MENDOZA     Spanish, Basque
From a Basque place name derived from mendi "mountain" and (h)otz "cold".
MENENDEZ     Spanish
Means "son of Menendo" in Spanish... [more]
MERLO     Italian, Spanish
Means "blackbird", ultimately from Latin merula... [more]
MICHEL (1)     French, German, Dutch, Basque, Polish
Derived from the given name MICHEL, MITXEL or MICHAŁ.
MINGO     Spanish
From the given name DOMINGO.
MOLES     Catalan, Spanish
Means "millstone" in Catalan.
MOLINA     Spanish
Means "mill" in Spanish.
MONTERO     Spanish
Derived from Spanish monte "mountain".
MORALES     Spanish
Derived from Spanish moral "mulberry tree".
MORALEZ     Spanish
Variant of MORALES
MORENO     Spanish, Portuguese
From a nickname meaning "dark" in Spanish and Portuguese.
NARVÁEZ     Spanish
From the name of the town Narváez in Spain.
NIEVES     Spanish
Means "snows" in Spanish... [more]
NOGUERRA     Spanish, Catalan
Means "dweller by the walnut tree" from the Late Latin nucarius.
NÚÑEZ     Spanish
Spanish form of NUNES
OBANDO     Spanish
Habitational name for someone who lived in Obando in Extremadura, Spain.
OCHOA     Basque, Spanish
From a Basque nickname meaning "wolf".
OJEDA     Spanish
Originally a name for a dweller on the banks of the Ojeda river.
OLA     Spanish, Basque
Means "forge" or "shepherd's cabin" from the Basque ola.
OLEASTRO     Spanish
Means "(dweller by the) wild olive tree".
OLGUIN     Spanish
Variant of HOLGUÍN
OLIVER     Catalan, English, French, German, Scottish
Derived from the given name OLIVER.
OLMOS     Spanish
Means "(dweller by the) elm tree" from Latin ulmus.
OQUENDO     Spanish
Originally indicated a person from Okendo, Basque Country.
ORELLANA     Spanish
Derived from the place name Orellana which, in turn, is derived from Latin Aureliana "of Aurelius".
ORIOL     Catalan
Means "golden" in Catalan, originally a nickname for a person with blond hair.
ORTEGA     Spanish
From a Spanish place name (belonging to various villages) meaning "nettle".
ORTIZ     Spanish
Means "son of Orti"... [more]
PALOMO     Spanish
Derived from Spanish palomo "dove".
PAREDES     Portuguese, Spanish
Means "dweller by the wall" from Latin paries.
PAVIA     Spanish
Spanish surname coming from the Italian city of Pavia south of Milano... [more]
PELÁEZ     Spanish
Means "son of Pelayo", where Pelayo is a derivative of PELAGIUS.
PEÑA     Spanish
Means "dweller by a large jutting rock" from Spanish peña.
PÉREZ     Spanish
Means "son of PEDRO" in Spanish.
PEREZ     Spanish
Variant of PÉREZ
PETIT     Catalan, English, French
Means "small, little" derived from Old French petit... [more]
PICASSO     Catalan
Means "magpie" from Spanish picazo... [more]
PORRA     Catalan
Variant of PORRAS
PORRAS     Spanish, Catalan
From a nickname meaning "club".
PRIETO     Spanish
From a nickname meaning "dark", referring to a person with dark hair or skin.
PUERTA     Spanish
Spanish form of PORTO.
PUGA     Spanish
Means "a thorn" in Galician.
PUIG     Catalan, Spanish
Means "dweller on a hill(ock)" from the Old Occitan and Catalan puy.
QUINONES     Spanish
From various Spanish place names derived from quinon meaning "five"... [more]
QUINTANA     Spanish, Catalan
Means "dweller on a piece of land whose rent is one-fifth its produce" from Spanish and Catalan quintana.
QUIRÓS     Spanish
Denoted a person from one of the various places of this name in Spain... [more]
RAMÍREZ     Spanish
Means "son of RAMIRO" in Spanish.
RAMOS     Spanish
Means "dweller in a thickly wooded area" from Latin ramus... [more]
RANA     Italian, Spanish
Means "frog" in Italian and Spanish.
RENDÓN     Spanish
Derived from the Spanish phrase de rendon "brave".
REY (1)     English, Spanish, French, Catalan
Means "king" from Latin rex, regis, perhaps originally denoting someone who acted like a king.
REYES     Spanish
Spanish variant of REY (1)
RIOS     Portuguese, Spanish
Originally denoted a person who lived near a river, from Portuguese and Spanish rios "river".
RIVERA     Spanish
Topographic name for a person who lived on a riverbank.
RIVERO     Spanish
Spanish form of RIBEIRO.
ROBLEDO     Spanish
Means "oak wood" from Spanish roble "oak".
ROBLES     Spanish
Means "dweller by the oak tree or forest" from Spanish roble which in turn was derived from Latin robur.
ROCHA     Portuguese, Galician
Habitational name for any one place named Rocha, from the Portuguese and Galician rocha "rock" or "cliff".
RODRÍGUEZ     Spanish
Means "son of RODRIGO" in Spanish.
RODRIQUEZ     Spanish
Variant of RODRÍGUEZ
ROIG     Catalan
Means "red (haired, complexioned)" from Latin rubeus.
ROJAS     Spanish
Variant of ROJO
ROJO     Spanish
Means "red" in relation to hair or complexion from Spanish rojo.
ROLDÁN     Spanish
Derived from the given name ROLDÁN.
ROMÀ (1)     Catalan
Derived from the given name Romanus (see ROMAN).
ROMÀ (2)     Catalan
Catalan form of ROMA (2)
ROMERO     Italian, Spanish
Derived from Roma, Spanish and Italian name of the city of Rome... [more]
ROSA     Italian, Catalan
Means "rose" from Latin rosa, perhaps denoting a person who lived where roses grew or had a rosy complexion.
ROSALES     Spanish
Means "bed of roses" in Spanish.
RUBIO     Spanish
Nickname for a person with red hair, from Latin rubeus "red".
RUIZ     Spanish
Means "son of RUY" in Spanish.
SALA     Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Romanian
Means "worker at a manor house" from Old French salle.
SALAMANCA     Spanish
Originally indicated a person from Salamanca, in western Spain.
SALAZAR     Spanish, Portuguese
Means "dweller in the old hall" from the Romance word sala meaning "hall" and the Basque zahar meaning "old"... [more]
SALCEDO     Spanish
Derived from the Latin word salix meaning "willow tree"... [more]
SALINAS     Spanish
Means "(dweller by or worker at) a saltworks" from Spanish salinas.
SANCHEZ     Spanish
Means "son of SANCHO".
SANDOVAL     Spanish
Derived from the name of a town in Spain, ultimately from Latin meaning "new forest".
SAN NICOLAS     Spanish
Means "Saint NICHOLAS" in Spanish.
SANTANA     Spanish, Portuguese
From any of the numerous places named Santa ANA.
SANTIAGO     Portuguese, Spanish
Spanish and Portuguese place name that described the man who emigrated from any of the several locations so-named, which got their names from the dedication of their church to Saint JAMES, the patron saint of Spain.
SANTILLIAN     Spanish
Meaning unknown, presumably a derivative of santos "saint".
SANTOS     Spanish, Portuguese
Means "little saint" from Latin sanctus.
SASTRE     Spanish
Spanish form of SARTO
SEPÚLVEDA     Spanish
Derived from the name of the Sepulveda valley in the mountains of Segovia, and was originally used to denote people from that region... [more]
SIERRA     Spanish
Means "dweller on a hill range, ridge" from the Old Occitan serre.
SILVA     Portuguese, Spanish
From Spanish or Portuguese silva "forest".
SOLER     Occitan, Catalan
Denoted a person from any of the numerous places in the area whose names derive from the word soler meaning "site, plot".
SOLO     Basque
Means "dweller on a rural estate".
SOLOS     Spanish
Possibly a variant of SOLO.
SOTO     Spanish
Means "grove of trees, small forest" in Spanish, ultimately from Latin saltus.
SUÁREZ     Spanish
Derived from Latin suerius "swineherd".
SUERO     Spanish
Derived from a Germanic given name, the first element is unknown, the second element is derived from heri, hari meaning "army".
TAPIA     Spanish
Means "protective wall" in Spanish.
TERRAZAS     Spanish
A name for a person from Terrazas in the Spanish city of Burgos, a place name meaning "terraces".
TOMÀS     Catalan
Derived from the given name TOMÀS.
TORRES     Portuguese, Spanish
Given to a person who lived in or near a tower, from Latin turris.
TOS     Spanish
Spanish form of TOSI
TOSELL     Catalan
Catalan form of TOSI
TOSET     Catalan
Catalan form of TOSI
TRAVIESO     Spanish
Spanish variant of TRAVERS
TRUJILLO     Spanish
Originally denoted a person from Trujillo in Cáceres or Trujillo in Seville, Spain.
UBINA     Spanish
Variant of URBINA
URBINA     Spanish
Means "city dweller" from Latin urbanus.
UREÑA     Spanish
Probably derived from the name of Urueña, a municipality in the province of Valladolid, Spain.
VALDEZ     Spanish
Means "son of BALDO".
VALENCIA     Spanish
From the name of the Spanish city, which is related to the given name VALENCIA.
VARELA     Spanish
Derived from Spanish vara "stick"... [more]
VARGAS     Spanish, Portuguese
Topographic name meaning "hut, slope, pastureland" in Spanish and Portuguese dialects.
VÁSQUEZ     Spanish
Means "son of VASCO".
VÁZQUEZ     Spanish
Variant of VÁSQUEZ.
VEGA     Spanish
Means "(dweller in a) meadow", from Spanish vega.
VELA (1)     Spanish
Derived from a medieval given name Vela, a reduced form of the Germanic name Vigila, which was derived from the element wig "war".
VELA (2)     Spanish
Means "watchmaker" in Spanish.
VELAZQUEZ     Spanish
Derived from the Spanish given name VELASCO.
VENTURA     Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan
From the Italian given name BONAVENTURA and the Spanish form BUENAVENTURA.
VICARIO     Spanish, Italian
Means "a vicar" in Spanish and Italian... [more]
VILARÓ     Catalan
From the province of Catalonia in Spain, and means "little rustic cabin"... [more]
VILLA     Italian, Spanish
Means "town" in Italian and Spanish... [more]
VILLALOBOS     Spanish
Denoted a person from Villalobos, a city in Spain which derives its name from Spanish villa "town" and lobo "wolf".
VILLANUEVA     Spanish
Means "(dweller in a) new settlement" from Spanish villa "settlement" and nueva "new".
VILLAVERDE     Spanish
Place name meaning "green farm", from villa "farm, settlement" and verde "green".
VIOLA     Italian, Spanish
From the given name VIOLA.
VITERI     Spanish, Basque, Italian
Originally denoted a person from Biteri in the Basque Country.
VIVAS     Catalan
Means "may you live" from the Latin, Catalan and Spanish expression vivas which was bestowed upon children to bring good luck.
VIVES     Catalan, Spanish
Variant of VIVAS
YBARRA     Spanish, Basque
Variant of IBARRA
ZABALA     Basque
Originally denoted someone who lived in any of the various places in Biscay and Araba called Zabala, which is derived from the Basque zabal meaning "large" or "broad" and a, the definite article.
ZAMBRANO (1)     Basque
Possibly a habitational name for someone from Zambrana, a town in the Araba province in Basque Country.
ZAMORANO     Spanish
Originally denoted a person from Zamora, the name of both a province in Spain and its capital city.
ZAPATERO     Spanish
Spanish cognate of SAVATIER
ZAVALA     Spanish
Variant of ZABALA
From the Basque word zubia meaning "bridge"... [more]
ZUÑIGA     Basque
Derived from Basque zuin "cultivated field" and iga "slope".