Russian Surnames

Russian names are used in the country of Russia and in Russian-speaking communities throughout the world. See also about Russian names.
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ALKAEV     Russian
From the Russian verb alkat "to wish, to be wished".
BOGOMOLOV     Russian
Means "son of a bogomol"... [more]
FILIPOV     Bulgarian, Russian
Means "son of FILIP".
FYODOROV     Russian
Means "son of FYODOR".
IVANOV   Иванов     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of IVAN" in Russian and Bulgarian.
KONSTANTINOV     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "descendant of KONSTANTIN".
KOZLOV     Russian
Patronymic from the Slavic word kozel "goat", probably used to denote a goatherd.
KRUPIN     Russian
Derived from the West Slavic krupa "barley".
KUZNETSOV     Russian
Patronymic of the Russian term kuznets meaning "blacksmith".
LAGOUNOV     Russian
Variant transcription of LAGUNOV.
LAGUNOV     Russian
Patronymic name derived from Russian lagun "water barrel"... [more]
MAKSIMOV     Russian, Jewish
Means "son of MAKSIM".
MARKOVIC     Russian, Jewish, Serbian
Means "son of MARK".
MATVEEV     Russian
Means "son of MATVEY".
MIHAYLOV     Bulgarian, Russian
Means "son of MIKHAIL".
MIKHAILOV     Russian, Bulgarian
Variant transcription of MIHAYLOV.
ORLOV     Russian
Means "son of Oryol" in Russian. Oryol is a nickname meaning "eagle".
PAJARI     Finnish, Russian
Means "boyar" (Russian noble)... [more]
PASTERNAK     Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish
Means "white turnip" or "parsnip"... [more]
PAVLOV   Павлов     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of PAVEL"... [more]
PETROV     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of PETER" in Russian and Bulgarian.
POLZIN     Russian
Occupational name designating a merchant who engaged in transactions for profit in Russia.
POPOV     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of the priest" from the Slavic word pop.
ROMANOV     Russian
Means "son of ROMAN"... [more]
SOKOLOFF     Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, Jewish
Means "son of SOKOL".
SOKOLOV     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of SOKOL".
UTKIN     Russian
From the Russian word utka "duck".
VASILYEV     Russian
Derived from the given name VASILIY.
VOLKOV     Russian
Patronymic from Russian volk "wolf".
YAKOVLEV     Russian
Means "son of YAKOV".
Means "son of the soldier" from Russian zolner "soldier".