Polish Surnames

Polish names are used in the country of Poland in central Europe. See also about Polish names.
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ADAM     English, French, German, Polish, Romanian, Jewish
Derived from the given name ADAM.
ADAMCZAK     Polish
Derived from the given name ADAM.
ADAMCZYK     Polish
Derived from the given name ADAM.
ANDRYSIAK     Polish
Means "son of ANDRZEJ".
BARTOSZ     Polish
Derived from the given name BARTOSZ.
BERNARD     French, English, Polish, Czech
From the given name BERNARD.
BOBIENSKI     Polish
Indicated a person from Bobien, Poland.
BOSKO     Polish, Czech, Slovak
Derived from Slavic bosy "barefoot".
BROŻ     Polish
Derived from Broz, a diminutive of Ambrozy, Ambrozy being the Polish form of AMBROSE.
BRZEZICKI     Polish
Means "by the birch trees" in Polish.
BUDNY     Polish, Ukrainian
Possibly means "dweller in a hut, cabin" from the Polish and Ukrainian word buda... [more]
BUKOSKI     Polish
Variant of BUKOWSKI.
BUKOWSKI     Polish
Originally denoted someone who lived in a place called Bukowo, Bukowec or others beginning with buk "beech".
CHLEBEK     Polish
Means "small loaf of bread" from Polish chleb "bread"... [more]
CHMIEL     Polish
Polish cognate of CHMELA, from Polish chmiel.
CZAJKA     Polish
Means "lapwing" in Polish.
Originally indicated a person from Czajka, Poland.
Originally indicated a person from Dubanowo, Poland.
DUBICKI     Polish
Means "a person from Dubica, Poland".
DUNAJSKI     Polish
Derived from Dunaj, the Polish name for the river Danube.
DZIEDZIC     Polish
Derived from Polish dziedzic "landowner".
FABIAN     English, French, Polish
Derived from the given name FABIAN.
FILIPEK     Polish, Czech
Derived from a diminutive of the given name FILIP.
Either a patronymic from the given name FILIP, or a habitational name for a person from Filipow, Poland.
GAJOS     Polish
Derived from an old Slavic term gaj or gajdol which meant "to drone" or "to drone out".
GNIEWEK     Polish
Derived from Gniewek, a diminutive of ZBIGNIEW, JAROGNIEW, or other names containing gniew "anger".
GOMOLKA     Polish
Derived from Polish gomolka, a type of round cheese... [more]
GOMULKA     Polish
Variant of GOMOLKA.
GORECKI     Polish
Originally indicated a person from Górka, a town in Poland... [more]
GÓRKA     Polish
Variant of GORECKI.
GÓRSKI     Polish
From the Slavic word gora "mountain".
Derived from the given name GRZEGORZ.
GWOZDEK     Polish
Derived from either gwozd, an archaic Polish word for "forest", or gwozdz "nail".
JAGODA     Polish
Means "berry" in Polish.
JANDA     Polish, Czech
Derived from the given name JAN (1).
JANOWSKI     Polish
Habitational name for a person from a town named Janowo, Janow or Janowice.
JASKOLSKI     Polish
Originally indicated a person from Jaskolski in Poland... [more]
JASKULSKI     Polish
Variant of JASKOLSKI.
JEDYNAK     Polish
Means "only child" from Polish jedynak.
JELEN     Polish, Czech, Slovak
Means "stag" in the Slavic languages.
JEZ     Polish
Means "hedgehog" in Polish... [more]
JORDAN (1)     English, French, German, Polish
Derived from the given name JORDAN.
KACZKA     Polish
Means "duck" in Polish.
KALUZA     Polish
Means "a puddle" in Polish.
KAMIŃSKI     Polish
Originally denoted someone who came from a town called Kamien... [more]
KASPRZAK     Polish
Means "son of KASPAR".
KAVA     Polish
Derived from Polish kawa "coffee", perhaps originally denoting one who worked in the coffee trade.
KEDZIERSKI     Ukrainian, Polish
From a nickname meaning "curly", describing a person with curly hair.
KIJEK     Polish
Means "a small stick" in Polish.
KLIMEK     Polish
Derived from the name Klimek, a diminutive of KLEMENS.
KOSMATKA     Polish
Derived from Polish kosmaty meaning "shaggy, hairy".
KOWALCZYK     Polish
Patronymic from Polish kowal "blacksmith".
KOWALSKI     Polish
From the Polish word kowal meaning "blacksmith".
KOZIOL     Polish
Means "goat" in Polish, probably used to denote a goatherd.
KOZLOW     Polish
From the Polish place name Kozlow, ultimately derived from koziol "goat".
KOZLOWSKI     Polish
Originally a name for a person from Kozlow, Kozlowo, or any other place whose name was derived from Polish koziol "goat".
KRAKOWSKI     Polish, Jewish
Habitational name for a person of the city of Kraków in southern Poland.
KRÓL     Polish
Means "king" in Polish... [more]
KUMIEGA     Polish
Derived from a Polish word meaning "friend".
LAWNICZAK     Polish
Means "juror" from Polish lawnik.
LIS     Polish
Means "fox" in Polish. It is a nickname for a sly person.
MAJEWSKI     Polish
Derived from Polish maj meaning "May"... [more]
Means "dweller by raspberries" from Polish malina.
MALY     Polish, Czech
Means "small" in the Slavic languages.
MAREK     Czech, Polish, Hungarian
Derived from the given name MAREK.
MARSZAŁEK     Polish
Polish cognate of MARSHALL.
MASLANKA     Polish
Derived from Polish masło "butter"... [more]
MENCHER     Polish, Jewish
Occupational surname for a miller or flour dealer (derived from Polish maczarz).
MIAZGA     Polish
Derived from Polish miazga "pulp".
MICHEL (1)     French, German, Dutch, Basque, Polish
Derived from the given name MICHEL, MITXEL or MICHAŁ.
From the Polish given name MIKOŁAJ.
MOZDZIERZ     Polish
Means "mortar" in Polish... [more]
NIEMCZYK     Polish
Means "son of the German" from Polish niemec "German" and the patronymic part czyk.
NIEMEC     Polish
Means "German" in Polish.
NOSEK     Czech, Polish
Means "small nose" in Czech and Polish.
NOWAK     Polish
Polish form of NOVAK.
OSTROWSKI     Polish
From Polish ostrów meaning "river island".
PAKULSKI     Polish
Originally denoted a person from Pakuly, Poland.
PASTERNACK     Polish, Jewish
Variant of PASTERNAK.
PASTERNAK     Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish
Means "white turnip" or "parsnip"... [more]
PASZEK     Polish
Derived from a Polish diminutive of PAUL.
PIATEK     Polish
Means "Friday" in Polish, ultimately derived from the Slavic word pjaty "fifth".
PIONTEK     Polish
Variant spelling of PIATEK.
POKORNY     Czech, Slovak, Polish
Derived from the Slavic word pokorny "tame".
POPLAWSKI     Polish
Means "from the water meadow" from Polish poplaw.
RÓG     Polish
Derived from Polish rog meaning "animal horn".
RUDASKI     Polish
Variant of RUDAWSKI.
RUDAWSKI     Polish
Indicated a person who lived near the Rudawa, a river in Poland.
RUSNAK     Polish
Means "Russian" in Polish.
RUTKOWSKI     Polish
Originally a name for a person from Rutki, Poland.
SADOWSKI     Polish
Denoted someone who lived in Sadowo, Sadowice or other places beginning with sad- "garden".
SALOMON     English, French, Italian, German, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Jewish, Hungarian
Derived from the given name SALOMON.
SERAFIN     Polish, Italian
Variant of SERAFIM.
Patronymic from the given name Sienko, a diminutive of the archaic name Siemion, a form of SIMON... [more]
SIERZANT     Polish
Means "sergeant" in Polish.
SITKO     Polish
Means "a small sieve" from Polish sito "sieve".
SKALA     Polish, Czech
Means "rock" in various Slavic languages.
SLASKI     Polish
Polish cognate of SLEZÁK.
ŚLĄZAK     Polish
Polish cognate of SLEZÁK.
Diminutive form of ŚLUSARSKI.
ŚLUSARSKI     Polish
Means "ironworker" or "locksmith" from Polish ślusarz.
SMOLÁK     Czech, Polish
Derived from the Slavic word smola "pitch".
Habitational name for a person from Sniegow, Sniegowo or other places whose name was derived from snieg "snow".
SOBOL     Polish, Jewish
Derived from either Polish sobol meaning "marten" or Old High German zobel meaning "sable".
SOKAL     Polish
Variant of SOKOL.
SOKOLOF     Polish, Jewish
Means "son of SOKOL".
SOKOLOFF     Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, Jewish
Means "son of SOKOL".
Means "of SOKOLOF".
Usually refers to the city of Sokolow Podlaski, Poland... [more]
SOKOLSKY     Polish, Jewish
Means "of SOKOL".
SÓWKA     Polish
Means "a small owl" from Polish sowa "owl".
STANEK (1)     Polish
Derived from Stanek, a diminutive of the name STANISŁAW.
STAREK     Polish
Means "an old man" from Polish stary "old".
STAWSKI     Polish
Derived from Polish staw "pond".
STOLARZ     Polish, Jewish
Occupational name meaning "joiner" from Polish stolarz.
Derived from the Polish given name SZCZEPAN.
SZEWC     Polish
Means "shoemaker" in Polish.
SZWARC     Polish
Polish phonetic spelling of the German last name SCHWARTZ.
SZWEDA     Polish
Derived from Polish szwed "Swede".
SZWEDKO     Polish
Means "Swedish" in Polish.
Means "son of WALENTY".
Place name for someone from the city of Warsaw, which became the capital of Poland after the destruction of Kraków by fire.
Means "son of WAWRZYNIEC".
WIATER     Polish
Derived from Polish wiatr "wind".
WINOGRAD     Polish
Means "vineyard" in Polish... [more]
Variant of WINOGRAD.
WOJDA     Polish
Variant of WOJEWÓDKA.
WOJEWÓDKA     Polish
Derived from Polish wojewóda "voivode".
Derived from Polish wojewóda "voivode".
WRONSKI     Polish
Derived from the Russian name Vorona "crow".
WYRICK     Polish
Americanized form of WYRZYK.
WYRZYK     Polish
Derived from the given name Wyrzyk which is of unknown meaning.
ZĄBEK     Polish
From Polish zab "tooth" and a diminutive suffix.
ZAWISZA     Polish
Derived from the Old Polish given name ZAWISZA.
ZDUNOWSKI     Polish
Denoted a person from one of the various towns named Zduny in Poland, which is derived from Polish zdun meaning "potter"... [more]
ZIELINSKI     Polish
From Polish zielony meaning "green"... [more]
ZIEMNIAK     Polish
Means "potato" in Polish.
ZIENTEK     Polish (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of ZIĘTEK.
ZIĘTEK     Polish
Possibly from a diminutive of Polish zięć meaning "son-in-law".
ZIMA     Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
From a Slavic word meaning "winter"... [more]
ŻURAW     Polish
Means "crane" in Polish, a nickname for a tall person.