Scandinavian Surnames

Scandinavian names are used in the Scandinavia region of northern Europe. For more specific lists, see Swedish names, Danish names and Norwegian names. See also about Scandinavian names.
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ABEL (1)     English, French, Danish, Spanish
Derived from the given name ABEL.
ABRAHAMSEN     Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of ABRAHAM".
Means "son of ABRAHAM".
ABRAMSEN     Norwegian
Means "son of ABRAHAM".
ABRAMSSON     Swedish
Means "son of ABRAHAM".
ADAMSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of ADAM".
ADAMSSON     Swedish
Swedish form of ADAMSON.
ADOLFSSON     Swedish
Means "son of ADOLF".
AGNARSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of AGNAR".
AHLBERG     Swedish
Ornamental surname derived from Swedish al "alder" and berg "mountain".
AHLGREN     Swedish
Ornamental surname derived from Swedish al "alder" and gren "branch".
AHLSTRÖM     Swedish
Ornamental surname derived from Swedish al "alder" and ström "stream".
ÅKERMAN     Swedish
Swedish form of ACKERMANN.
AKSELSEN     Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of AKSEL".
ALBERTSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of ALBERT".
ALBERTSSON     Swedish, Icelandic
Means "son of ALBERT".
ALBINSON     English, Swedish
Means "son of ALBIN".
ALBINSSON     Swedish
Variant of ALBINSON.
Means "son of ALBRECHT".
ALEXANDERSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of ALEXANDER".
Means "son of ALEXANDER".
ALFREDSSON     Swedish
Means "son of ALFRED".
ALFSON     Swedish
Anglicized form of ALFSSON.
ALFSSON     Swedish
Means "son of ALF (1)".
ALMSTEDT     Swedish
Ornamental surname derived from Swedish alm "elm" and stad "town".
ALVARSSON     Swedish
Means "son of ALVAR".
AMUNDSEN     Norwegian
Means "son of AMUND".
ANDERSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of ANDERS".
ANDERSSON     Swedish
Swedish cognate of ANDERSON.
ANDREASEN     Danish
Means "son of ANDREAS".
ANDRÉASSON     Swedish
Variant of ANDREASSON.
ANDREASSON     Swedish
Means "son of ANDREAS".
ANKER     Dutch, Danish, Norwegian
Metonymic surname for a sailor, meaning "anchor" in Dutch, Danish and Norwegian.
ANTONISEN     Danish
Means "son of ANTON".
ANTONSEN     Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of ANTON".
ÁRMANNSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of ÁRMANN".
ARNESEN     Norwegian
Means "son of ARNE (1)".
ARTHURSSON     Swedish
Means "son of ARTHUR".
ÅRUD     Norwegian
From Norwegian å meaning "river, stream", and rud, an old word meaning "clearing".
AXELSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of AXEL".
AXELSSON     Swedish
Means "son of AXEL".
BAARDSEN     Norwegian
Means "son of BÅRD".
BAGER     Danish
Danish cognate of BAKER.
BECK (1)     English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian
Cognate of BACH, from Middle English bekke (from Old Norse), Low German beke or Old Norse bekkr all meaning "stream".
BENDTSEN     Danish
Means "son of BENDT".
Means "daughter of BENGT".
BENGTSSON     Swedish
Means "son of BENGT".
BENTSEN     Danish
Means "son of BENT (1)".
BERG     German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
From a Germanic and Norse word meaning "mountain".
BERGFALK     Swedish
Derived from Swedish berg "mountain" and falk "falcon".
BERGMAN     Swedish
From Swedish berg "mountain" and man "man", originally a name for a person living on a mountain.
BERGSTRÖM     Swedish
Derived from Swedish berg "mountain" and ström "stream".
Means "son of BERNHARD".
BJARNESEN     Danish
Means "son of BJARNE".
BJÖRK     Swedish
From Swedish björk "birch tree".
BJÖRKMAN     Swedish
From Swedish björk "birch tree" and man "man".
BJÖRNSSON     Swedish
Means "son of BJÖRN".
BLOM     Swedish
Means "bloom, flower" in Swedish.
BLOMGREN     Swedish
From Swedish blomma meaning "flower" and gren meaning "branch".
BODILSEN     Danish
Means "son of BODIL".
BORG     Swedish
From Swedish borg meaning "fortification, castle".
BRAMS     Danish
Derived from the given name BRAM.
BREINER     German, Swedish
Occupational name derived from Middle High German brie "porridge".
BYQUIST     Swedish
Derived from Swedish by "village" and qvist "twig, branch".
BYSTRÖM     Swedish
From Swedish by "village" and ström "stream".
CARLSEN     Danish
Means "son of CARL".
CARLSON     Swedish
Means "son of CARL".
CARLSSON     Swedish
Means "son of CARL".
Means "son of CARSTEN".
CHRISTIANSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of CHRISTIAN".
Means "son of CHRISTOFFER".
CLAESSON     Swedish
Means "son of CLAES".
CLAUSEN     Danish
Means "son of CLAUS".
CLEMENSEN     Danish
Means "son of CLEMENS".
DAHL     Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
From Middle Low German dal or Old Norse dalr both meaning "valley". A famous of this surname was author Roald Dahl (1916-1990) who is mostly remembered for children's stories such as 'Matilda' and 'Henry Sugar'.
DALGAARD     Scandinavian
From the Old Norse words dal meaning "valley" and gaard meaning "yard or farmstead".
DAM     Danish
This means "pond" in Danish.
DANIELSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of DANIEL".
DANIELSSON     Swedish
Means "son of DANIEL".
DAVIDSEN     Danish
Means "son of DAVID".
DOCTOR     Danish
Originally denoted someone who was a doctor, ultimately from Latin doctor meaning "teacher".
EINARSSON     Swedish
Means "son of EINAR".
EK     Swedish
Means "oak" in Swedish.
EKLUND     Swedish
Composed of the elements ek "oak" and lund "grove".
ELD     Swedish
From Old Norse eldr, modern Swedish eld, meaning "fire".
ELMERSSON     Swedish
Means "son of ELMER".
ENGBERG     Swedish
Means "meadow hill" in Swedish.
ENGMAN     Swedish
Derived from Swedish eng meaning "meadow".
ENGSTRÖM     Swedish
Derived from Swedish äng "meadow", ström "stream".
ERICSON     English, Swedish
Means "son of ERIC".
ERICSSON     Swedish
Means "son of ERIC".
ERIKSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of ERIK".
ERIKSSON     Swedish
Means "son of ERIK".
FALK     Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, German
From Old Norse falker or Middle High German valke "falcon".
FISKER     Danish
Means "fisherman" in Danish.
FRANK (3)     German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian
Name for a person from Franconia in Germany, so called because it was settled by the Frankish people.
Means "son of FREDERIK".
FRISK     Swedish
From the Swedish word frisk "healthy", which was derived from the Middle Low German word vrisch "fresh, young, frisky" and was one of the names handed out to avoid confusion in the army.
Means "son of GERHARD".
GIESE     German, Danish
Derived from a short form of the given name GISELBERT or any other Germanic name with the first element gisil.
GÖRANSSON     Swedish
Means "son of GÖRAN".
GRAHN     Swedish
From the Swedish word for "spruce", gran.
GULBRANDSEN     Norwegian
Means "son of GULBRAND" in Norwegian.
Means "son of GULBRAND" in Danish.
GUNNARSEN     Danish
Means "son of GUNNAR".
GUNNARSSON     Swedish
Means "son of GUNNAR".
Means "son of Gunvald". The Old Norse name Gunvald means "war ruler".
GUSTAFSSON     Swedish
Means "son of GUSTAF". Greta Garbo was originally named Greta Gustafsson.
HAAKONSSON     Norwegian
Means "son of HÅKON".
HAGEBAK     Norwegian
Norwegian for "garden on a hill".
HALL     English, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish
Means simply "hall", given to one who either lived in or worked in a hall (the house of a medieval noble).
HALLMAN     English, Swedish
Occupational variant of HALL.
HANSEN (1)     Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Frisian
Means "son of HANS".
HANSEN (2)     Danish
Means "son of HANS".
HANSSON     Swedish
Means "son of HANS".
HARALDSSON     Norwegian
Means "son of HARALD".
HAUGEN     Norwegian
Means "hill" in Norwegian, used by families residing on hilltops.
HEIMIRSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of Heimir".
Means "son of HENNING".
HENRIKSEN     Danish
Means "son of HENRIK".
Swedish form of HERBERTSON.
HERMANSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Danish and Norwegian form of HERMANSON.
HERMANSSON     Swedish
Swedish form of HERMANSON.
HILMARSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of Hilmar".
HJORT     Danish
Means "deer" in Danish.
HOLGERSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of HOLGER".
HOLGERSSON     Swedish
Means "son of HOLGER".
HOLMSTRÖM     Swedish
Means "islet stream" (from Swedish holme "islet" and ström "stream").
HOLST     Danish, Low German, Dutch
Referred originally to a person from the region of Holstein (between Germany and Denmark). A famous bearer of this name was the English composer Gustav Holst (1874-1934).
HOLT     Dutch, Danish, English, Norwegian
Means "a wood" or "grove" in Old English or German.
HORN (1)     English, German, Norwegian, Danish
Occupational name for one who carved objects out of horn or who played a horn.
HORN (2)     English, German, Norwegian, Danish
Originally given to a person who lived near a horned-shaped geographical feature, such as a mountain or a bend in a river.
HULT     Swedish
Swedish form of HOLT.
HUMMEL (1)     German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian
Derived from the given name HUMBERT.
HUMMEL (2)     German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian
Nickname for a busy person (from the Germanic word hommel meaning "bee").
IBSEN     Danish
Means "son of IB".
INGERSSON     Swedish
Variant of INGESSON.
INGESSON     Swedish
Means "son of INGE".
INGOLFSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of INGÓLFR".
JACOBSEN     Danish
Means "son of JACOB".
JAKOBSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of JAKOB".
JANSEN     Dutch, Norwegian
Means "son of JAN (1)".
JANSON     German, Dutch, Swedish, English
Means "son of JAN (1)".
JANSSON     Swedish
Means "son of JAN (1)".
JENSEN     Danish
Means "son of JENS". This is the most common surname in Denmark.
JENSSON     Swedish
Means "son of JENS".
JESPERSEN     Danish
Means "son of JESPER".
JÓHANNSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of JÓHANN".
JOHANSEN     Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of JOHAN".
JOHANSSON     Swedish
Means "son of JOHAN".
JOHNSSON     Swedish, Icelandic
Means "son of JOHAN".
JOKUMSEN     Danish
Means "son of JOKUM".
JONASEN     Danish
Means "son of JONAS (2)".
JONASSON     Swedish
Means "son of JONAS (2)".
JÖNSSON     Swedish
Means "son of Jöns". Jöns is a southern Swedish form of JOHANNES.
JONSSON     Swedish
Means "son of Jon". Jon is a short form of JOHAN.
JØRGENSEN     Danish
Means "son of JØRGEN".
KARLSEN     Danish
Means "son of KARL".
KARLSSON     Swedish
Means "son of KARL".
Means "son of KARSTEN".
KASPERSEN     Danish
Means "son of KASPER".
KJELDSEN     Danish
Means "son of KJELD".
KJELLSSON     Swedish
Means "son of KJELL".
KLASSEN     Danish
Variant of KLAUSEN.
KLASSON     Swedish
Means "son of KLAS".
KLAUSEN     Danish
Means "son of KLAUS".
KNUDSEN     Danish
Means "son of KNUD".
KNUTSEN     Norwegian
Means "son of KNUT".
KNUTSON     Swedish
Variant of KNUTSSON.
KNUTSSON     Swedish
Means "son of KNUT".
Means "son of KRISTEN (1)".
KRISTIANSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of KRISTIAN".
KRON     German, Swedish
Means "crown", perhaps a nickname for one who worked in a royal household.
LAGER     Swedish
Means "laurel" in Swedish.
LANDVIK     Norwegian
Means "land and bay" in Norwegian.
LANG     Danish, Norwegian, German
From Scandinavian lang, Middle High German lanc and Middle Low German lank all meaning "long". It was originally a nickname for a tall person or family.
LANGE     Danish, Norwegian, German
Variant of LANG.
LANGENBERG     German, Swedish
Means "long mountain" in German.
LARSEN     Danish
Means "son of LARS".
LARSSON     Swedish
Means "son of LARS".
LAURITSEN     Danish
Means "son of LAURITS".
LEIFSSON     Icelandic, Swedish
Means "son of LEIF".
LEONARDSEN     Norwegian
Norwegian form of LEONARDSON.
Swedish form of LEONARDSON.
LINDBERG     Swedish
From Swedish lind "lime tree" and berg "mountain".
LINDGREN     Swedish
Means "branch of a lime tree" from Swedish lind "lime tree" and gren "branch". A famous bearer of this name was Swedish author Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002).
LINDHOLM     Swedish
From Swedish lind "lime tree, linden" and holme "islet".
LINDQUIST     Swedish
Derived from the Swedish words lind "linden tree" and qvist "twig, branch".
LINDSTRÖM     Swedish
Means "linden stream", and is derived from the swedish words lind meaning "linden (lime) tree", and ström which means "stream".
LJUNG     Swedish
From the Swedish name of the heather plant. There are many combinations of this name in Sweden, for example Ljungberg "heather mountain", Ljungblad "heather leaf", and so on.
LJUNGBORG     Swedish
Means "heather castle" in Swedish.
LJUNGGREN     Swedish
Means "heather bough" in Swedish.
LJUNGMAN     Swedish
Means "heather man" in Swedish.
Means "heather beach" in Swedish.
LÖFGREN     Swedish
From Swedish löv "leaf" and gren "branch".
LORENZEN     Danish, Low German
Means "son of LORENS".
LOSNEDAHL     Norwegian
From a place name: dahl means "valley" in Norwegian, and Losne is a place in Norway.
LUDVIGSEN     Danish
Means "son of LUDVIG".
LUND     Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English
Means "grove of trees", from Old Norse lundr. There are towns in Sweden and Britain called Lund.
LUNDGREN     Swedish
Derived from Swedish lund "grove" and gren "branch".
LUNDQUIST     Swedish
Derived from Swedish lund "grove" and qvist "twig, branch".
LYKKE     Danish
Means simply "happy".
MADSEN     Danish
Means "son of MADS".
MAGNUSSON     Swedish
Means "son of MAGNUS".
MÅRDH     Swedish
From Swedish mård meaning "pine marten". It was often a soldier's nickname, which became a surname in later generations.
MARKUSSON     Swedish
Means "son of MARKUS".
MARTINSSON     Swedish
Means "son of MARTIN".
MATHIASEN     Danish
Means "son of MATHIAS".
Means "son of MATTHIAS".
MATTSSON     Swedish
Means "son of MATS".
MIKAELSSON     Swedish
Means "son of MIKAEL".
MIKKELSEN     Danish
Means "son of MIKKEL".
MØLLER     Danish
Danish form of MÜLLER.
MORTENSEN     Danish
Means "son of MORTEN".
NÆSS     Norwegian
Variant of NAESS.
NAESS     Norwegian
From the Norwegian word næs "a promontory".
NASS     Norwegian
From the Norwegian word næs meaning "a promontory".
NESS     Scottish, English, Norwegian
Means "headland" in Middle English, originally referring to a person who lived there.
NIELSEN     Danish
Means "son of NIELS (1)".
NIEQUIST     Swedish
From the Swedish words nie "new" and qvist "twig, branch".
NIKLASSON     Swedish
Means "son of NIKLAS".
Means "son of NIKOLAJ".
NILSEN     Norwegian
Means "son of NILS".
NILSSON     Swedish
Means "son of NILS".
NORDSKOV     Danish
Means "north woods".
NORLING     Swedish
Originally denoted a person who came from the north.
NORMANSSON     Swedish
Swedish form of NORMANSON.
NØRUP     Danish
Derived from the name of at least two different Danish villages.
NORUP     Danish
Variant of NØRUP.
NYLUND     Finnish, Swedish
From the Swedish-speaking south of Finland, directly from Swedish ny "new" and lund "grove".
NYSTRÖM     Swedish
From Swedish ny meaning "new" and ström meaning "stream".
OLANDER     Swedish
Denoted someone from the island of Öland, or a variant spelling of Ålander, which is a habitational name for someone from the island of Åland.
OLESEN     Danish
Means "son of OLE".
OLHOUSER     Norwegian, English
Means "(dweller by or near the) old house".
OLIVERSEN     Norwegian
Norwegian form of OLIVERSON.
OLIVERSSON     Swedish
Swedish form of OLIVERSON.
Means "daughter of OLOF".
OLOFSSON     Swedish
Means "son of OLOF".
OLSEN     Danish
Means "son of OLE".
OLSON     Swedish, Danish
Anglicized form of OLSSON or OLSEN.
OLSSON     Swedish
Means "son of OLAF".
OLVIRSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of Óleifr", Óleifr is the ancient form of OLAF.
ÖMAN     Swedish
From the Swedish words ö meaning "island" and man meaning "man". Thus the meaning is "man from the island".
OMDAHL     Norwegian
Denoted a person hailing from any one of a number of farms in Norway called either Åmdal or Omdal meaning "elm valley".
ÖSTBERG     Swedish, Jewish
Means "mountain (or hill) in the east" from Swedish öst "east" and berg "mountain, hill".
OSTBERG     Norwegian
From Østberg, the Norwegian form of ÖSTBERG.
ØSTER     Danish
Means "(dweller in the) eastern (side of a place)" from Danish øster meaning "eastern".
Variant of ØSTERGÅRD.
ØSTERGÅRD     Danish
Means "(dweller by or at the) eastern farm, enclosure" from Danish øster "eastern" and gård "enclosure, farm".
OTTOSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of OTTO".
OTTOSSON     Swedish
Means "son of OTTO".
OVESEN     Norwegian
Means "son of OVE".
PALLESEN     Danish
Means "son of PALLE".
PATRIKSSON     Swedish
Means "son of PATRIK".
PEDERSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of PEDER".
PERSSON     Swedish
Means "son of PER".
PETERSEN     Danish
Means "son of PETER".
PETERSSON     Swedish
Means "son of PETTER".
PETTERSSON     Swedish
Means "son of PETTER".
PILKVIST     Swedish
From Swedish pil "arrow, willow" and qvist "twig".
POULSEN     Danish
Means "son of POUL".
PREBENSEN     Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of PREBEN".
Means "son of RAGNVALD".
RANDRUP     Danish
From the name of homesteads in Denmark (in Viborg or Rebild municipalities).
RAPP (1)     Swedish
Means "quick, prompt" from Swedish rapp, one of the names adopted by soldiers in the 17th century.
RASK     Danish
Means "healthy, energetic, speedy" in Danish.
RASKE     Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian
Variant of RASK, used in Germany and the Netherlands.
RASMUSSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of RASMUS".
REENBERG     Danish
Meaning unknown.
RIBER     Danish
Originally indicated someone who came from the county or town of Ribe in southwest Denmark.
ROBERTSEN     Danish
Means "son of ROBERT".
ROBERTSSON     Swedish, Icelandic
Means "son of ROBERT".
ROLVSSON     Norwegian
Means "son of ROLF".
RUNDSTROM     Swedish
From a Swedish place name meaning "round stream".
RUPERTSSON     Swedish (Rare)
Swedish form of RUPERTSON.
RUUD     Norwegian
Derived from Old Norse ruð meaning "clearing".
SALOMON     English, French, Italian, German, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Jewish, Hungarian
Derived from the given name SALOMON.
SIGURDSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of SIGURÐUR".
SIGURÐSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of SIGURÐUR".
SILJE     Norwegian
Derived from the given name SILJE.
SIMONSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of SIMON".
SIMONSSON     Swedish
Swedish form of SIMONSON.
SKJEGGESTAD     Norwegian
Means "Skjegge's place" or "the bearded one's place" from Norwegian skjegge "beard" and stad "town, place".
SKOVGAARD     Danish
Means "dweller in a farm near the woods" from Danish skov "wood" and gård "farm".
SOLBERG     Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish
From the Germanic elements sol "sun" combined with berg "mountain".
SÖRENSEN     Swedish
Swedish form of SØRENSEN.
SØRENSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of SØREN".
SORENSON     Danish, Swedish
Anglicized form of SØRENSEN or SÖRENSSON.
SÖRENSSON     Swedish
Swedish form of SØRENSEN.
SPILLUM     Norwegian
Originally denoted a person from Spillum, Norway.
STEENSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of STEEN".
STEFANSEN     Danish
Means "son of STEFAN".
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