Slovene Surnames

Slovene names are used in the country of Slovenia in central Europe.
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BABIČ     Slovene
Slovene form of BABIĆ
BROZ     Croatian, Slovene
Derived from Broz, a diminutive of Ambrozije, Ambrozije being the Croatian form of AMBROSE... [more]
CIŽEK     Czech, Slovene
Derived from cizek "siskin" (a type of finch).
GAŠPAR     Slovene
Derived from the given name GAŠPER.
GERBIC     Slovene
Means "hunchback" from Slovene grba "hunch".
HORVAT     Croatian, Slovene
Means "Croatian" in the Slavic languages.
JAKOLIN     Slovene
From the Latin Jacobus, see JAMES.
JANKOVIC     Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of JANKO".
JEŽ     Slovene, Czech
Cognate of JEZ.
KALUŽA     Slovene
Means "a puddle" in Slovene.
KAŠPAR     Czech, Slovene
Variant of KASPAR
KASPAR     German, Slovene
Derived from the given name KASPAR.
KLEMENTS     Slovene
From the given name KLEMEN.
KOKOT     Slovene
Means "rooster" in Slovene.
KOLAR     Czech, Slovak, Slovene
Derived from the Slavic kolar meaning "cartwright".
KOPITAR     Slovene
Means "shoemaker".
KOROŠEC     Slovene
Originally indicated a person from Koroška (Carinthia), a medieval Slovene state, now divided between Slovenia and Austria.
KOVAČ     Croatian, Serbian, Slovene
Croatian, Serbian and Slovene cognate of KOWALSKI
KOZEL     Slovene, Ukrainian
Derived from the Slavic kozel "goat", probably used to denote a goatherd.
KRIŽ     Czech, Slovak, Slovene
Means "cross" in Czech.
KRIZMAN     Slovene
From the given name KRISTIJAN.
LONCAR     Serbian, Slovene
Means "potter" from Slovene lonec "pot".
MLAKAR     Croatian, Slovene
Derived from mlaka "pool"... [more]
MLEKUC     Slovene
Occupation surname indicating a person who during the summer looks after the cows in a hut and especially takes care of milk.
NOVAK     Czech, Polish, Slovak, Slovene, Jewish
Derived from Slavic novy "new", originally a name for someone who was new to a village.
PERKO     Croatian, Slovene
Derived from an archaic diminutive of PETAR.
PLEŠEC     Slovene
Nickname for a bald person, from plešec "bald man".
PLEŠKO     Slovene
Nickname for a bald person, from pleša "bald patch" or plešec "bald man".
RESNIK     Slovene
Topographic name, derived from resa "heather" or else from a type of barley.
STRNAD     Czech, Slovak, Slovene
Means "bunting" in the central Slavic languages.
STRUNA     Slovene
Means "cord" from the Slovene struna, possibly denoting a maker of rope.
TOMČIČ     Slovene
Derived from a diminutive of the given name TOMA (2).
VLAŠIC     Slovene, Croatian
Patronymic from Vlah "Romanian".
ŽITNIK     Slovene
Occupational name for a dealer in grain or a baker, from žíto "cereal, grain".
ZUPAN     Slovak, Slovene, Croatian, Serbian
Means "village, community leader" from the Slavic župan.