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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is October; and the birth day is 6
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Valerie AdamsOlympic Medalists
Emin AhmadovOlympic Medalists
Kayky BritoNotable Actors and Actresses
Rhyon Nicole BrownNotable Actors and Actresses
Mario CapecchiNobel Prize Winners
Henri ChristopheHaitian Presidents, Other Royalty
Klaus DibiasiOlympic Medalists
Carl Gustaf EkmanSwedish Prime Ministers
Edgmer EscalonaNotable Athletes
Sylvia FowlesNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Michael FraterOlympic Medalists
Frederik VIIDanish Kings and Queens
Gaydarbek GaydarbekovNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Janet GaynorNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Riccardo GiacconiNobel Prize Winners
Ioan GruffuddNotable Actors and Actresses
Brock HekkingNotable Athletes
Rüdiger HelmOlympic Medalists
Thor HeyerdahlNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Shafiul IslamNotable Athletes
Thomas JagerOlympic Medalists
Marcus JohanssonOlympic Medalists
Ena KadićNotable Actors and Actresses
Nazem KadriNotable Athletes
Pelin KarahanNotable Actors and Actresses
Kim Bo-kyungNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Wilson KipketerOlympic Medalists
Kaylyn KyleOlympic Medalists
Jamari LattimoreNotable Athletes
Le CorbusierNotable Artists
Yves LetermeBelgian Prime Ministers
David LimberskýNotable Athletes
Rebecca LoboOlympic Medalists
Carole LombardNotable Actors and Actresses
Louis PhilippeFrankish and French Kings
Luo YutongOlympic Medalists
Robyn MaherOlympic Medalists
Heyneke MeyerNotable Athletes
Morné MorkelNotable Athletes
Jacqueline ObradorsNotable Actors and Actresses
William PeterssonOlympic Medalists
Aaron RefvemNotable Actors and Actresses
Jorgelina RimoldiOlympic Medalists
Giuseppe SaraccoItalian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Fernando SchererOlympic Medalists
Lex ShrapnelNotable Actors and Actresses
Elisabeth ShueNotable Actors and Actresses
Jeremy SistoNotable Actors and Actresses
Ken SpainOlympic Medalists
Christian TrögerOlympic Medalists
Roman VlasovOlympic Medalists
Renata VoráčováNotable Athletes
Václav IIIBohemian Kings, Hungarian Kings and Queens, Polish High Dukes and Kings
Ernest WaltonNobel Prize Winners
George WestinghouseNotable Scientists and Inventors
Helen WillsNotable Athletes
Nail YakupovNotable Athletes
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