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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is May; and the birth day is 16
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Mats ÅhlbergOlympic Medalists
Reyer AnsloNotable Writers
Walter BaeleNotable Actors and Actresses
Noel BarrionuevoOlympic Medalists
Celâl BayarTurkish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Georg BednorzNobel Prize Winners
Joan BenoitOlympic Medalists
Yannick BissonNotable Actors and Actresses
Maja BlagdanNotable Musicians
David BoreanazNotable Actors and Actresses
Schalk BritsNotable Athletes
Thomas Brodie-SangsterNotable Actors and Actresses
Pierce BrosnanNotable Actors and Actresses
Richard ByrdOlympic Medalists
Oskar DeeckeOlympic Medalists
Grigor DimitrovNotable Athletes
Ken DohertyOlympic Medalists
Andrzej DudaOther Leaders
Giedrė DukauskaitėNotable Actors and Actresses
Elswyth ThaneNotable Writers
Henry FondaNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Megan FoxNotable Actors and Actresses
George GaynesNotable Actors and Actresses
Tracey GoldNotable Actors and Actresses
Francis GoyaNotable Musicians
Leonardo GutiérrezOlympic Medalists
Huang HuidanNotable Athletes
Innocent XIBishops of Rome and the Popes, Saints
Janet JacksonNotable Musicians
Łukasz KubotNotable Athletes
Jim LangerHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Steve LewisOlympic Medalists
Noemi LungOlympic Medalists
Ilya MechnikovNobel Prize Winners
Merton MillerNobel Prize Winners
Matekitonga MoeakiolaNotable Athletes
Merete MyklebustOlympic Medalists
Ilona NovákOlympic Medalists
Laura PausiniNotable Musicians
Corey PerryOlympic Medalists
Simeon PriceOlympic Medalists
Behati PrinslooNotable Actors and Actresses
Nílton SantosNotable Athletes
Carmela SchmidtOlympic Medalists
Bobbejaan SchoepenNotable Musicians
Loretta SchrijverNotable Hosts and Presenters
William Smith Jr.Olympic Medalists
Laurette Spang-McCookNotable Actors and Actresses
Tori SpellingNotable Actors and Actresses
Jim SturgessNotable Actors and Actresses
Kazuhito TanakaOlympic Medalists
Thurman ThomasHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Danny TrejoNotable Actors and Actresses
Nenad VukanićOlympic Medalists
Erich WeishauptOlympic Medalists
Simon WhitfieldOlympic Medalists
Nikita WhitlockNotable Athletes
Kobus WieseNotable Athletes
Debra WingerNotable Actors and Actresses
Mare WinninghamNotable Actors and Actresses
Allan WoodOlympic Medalists
Olga ZaitsevaOlympic Medalists