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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is August; and the birth day is 14
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GuangxuChinese Emperors
AleksandarSerbian Kings, Tsars and Princes
Kiko AlonsoNotable Athletes
John Logie BairdNotable Scientists and Inventors
Emmanuelle BéartNotable Actors and Actresses
Catherine BellNotable Actors and Actresses
Halle BerryNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Giorgio ChielliniNotable Athletes
David CrosbyNotable Musicians
Fedia DamianovOlympic Medalists
Fabrizio DonatoOlympic Medalists
Richard R. ErnstNobel Prize Winners
Timuçin EsenNotable Actors and Actresses
Nick FfrostOlympic Medalists
John GalsworthyNobel Prize Winners, Notable Writers
Alice GhostleyNotable Actors and Actresses
Christopher GorhamNotable Actors and Actresses
René GoscinnyNotable Writers
Marcia Gay HardenNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Jackée HarryNotable Actors and Actresses
Poul HartlingDanish Prime Ministers
Miloslav HořavaOlympic Medalists
James HornerNotable Musicians
Terin HumphreyOlympic Medalists
Roniel IglesiasOlympic Medalists
Maya JamaNotable Hosts and Presenters
Earvin "Magic" JohnsonHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Karen KarapetyanOther Leaders
Sinem KobalNotable Actors and Actresses
Georgios KondylisGreek Prime Ministers
Mila KunisNotable Actors and Actresses
Gary LarsonNotable Artists
Rozália LelkesOlympic Medalists
Carl LumblyNotable Actors and Actresses
Wellington MaraHall-of-Famers
Steve MartinNotable Actors and Actresses
Deborah MeyerOlympic Medalists
Joan MooreNotable Athletes
Yury MukhinOlympic Medalists
Heather OakesOlympic Medalists
Hans Christian ØrstedNotable Scientists and Inventors
Kieren PerkinsOlympic Medalists
Pius VIIBishops of Rome and the Popes
Steve ReevisNotable Actors and Actresses
Alex RighettiOlympic Medalists
Robert IIIScottish Kings and Queens
Dulce María RodríguezNotable Athletes
Esmil RogersNotable Athletes
Gregory RogersOlympic Medalists
Lauren SesselmannOlympic Medalists
Anna SmithNotable Athletes
Gabriella SzabóOlympic Medalists
Adolph TidemandNotable Artists
Otto TiefOther Leaders
Constance TitusOlympic Medalists
HanazonoJapanese Emperors
Tonya VerbeekOlympic Medalists
Vladimir VujasinovićOlympic Medalists
Shea WeberOlympic Medalists
Wim WendersNotable Filmmakers
Bransby WilliamsNotable Actors and Actresses