Previous Names of the Day

MACDONALD     Scottish Dec 5th
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Domhnaill meaning "son of DONALD". It originates from the Highland clan Donald.

ABATE     Italian Dec 4th
From Italian abate meaning "abbot, priest", derived via Latin and Greek from an Aramaic word meaning "father". This was used either as a nickname or an occupational name for a worker in a priest's house.

WALTON     English Dec 3rd
From any of several villages in England, from Old English wald "wood", wall "wall", or wælla "stream, spring" and ton "town".

RAIS     Italian Dec 2nd
Occupational name for a ràis, the fisherman who directed the fishing. It is typical of Sicily and Sardinia and probably has Arabic origins.

COOK     English Dec 1st
Derived from Old English coc meaning "cook", ultimately from Latin coquus. It was an occupational name for a cook, a man who sold cooked meats, or a keeper of an eating house.

VAN DER BERG     Dutch Nov 30th
Means "from the mountain" in Dutch, van meaning "from", der meaning "the", and berg meaning "mountain". In the Dutch case, since it is a very flat country, it may refer to a hill. Usually the land a church was built upon was a bit higher than the surrounding land.

ARKWRIGHT     English Nov 29th
Occupational name for a chest maker, from Middle English arc meaning "chest, coffer" and wyrhta meaning "maker, craftsman".