Previous Names of the Day

ROSARIO     Portuguese Aug 19th
Means "rosary" from the Portuguese rosario. This name was often given to people born on the day of the festival of Our Lady of the Rosary.

VAN WIEREN     Frisian, Dutch Aug 18th
Means "from Wieren". It originated in Friesland and other parts of the Netherlands. Wieren, the name of several towns, means "seaweed".

NGUYỄN     Vietnamese Aug 17th
Vietnamese form of RUAN. This is the most common Vietnamese surname, accounting for over a third of the population.

MISRA     Indian Aug 16th
Old Sanskrit name originally meaning "mixed, manifold" but later associated with "honorable". This surname is common in Northern India.

POUND     English Aug 15th
Occupational name for a person who kept animals, from Old English pund "animal enclosure" (as in dog pound).

URQUHART     Scottish Aug 14th
Derived from Welsh ar "by" and cardden "thicket". This is the name of several places, the most famous being north of Loch Ness.

DVORAK     Czech Aug 13th
Occupational name for a person who either owned a manor, or worked on one. It is derived from the Czech word dvur "manor".