Previous Names of the Day

WEAVER     English Sep 28th
Occupational name meaning simply "weaver" from Old English wefan, Middle English weven. Some examples of the surname may derive from the River Weaver, from Old English wefer meaning "winding stream".

BURAKGAZI     Turkish Sep 27th
Means "warrior for the faith" in Turkish. Burak was the name of the Prophet Mohammed's horse that he rode when he ascended to Heaven.

RHODES     English Sep 26th
Either a topographical name derived from Old English rod meaning "a clearing in woodland", or a locational name from any of the locations named with this word.

FERRARI     Italian Sep 25th
Occupational name for a metalworker or smith, derived from Latin ferrum meaning "iron", and thus an Italian version of Smith.

LEROY     French Sep 24th
Means "the king" in French. It referred to one connected in some way with a king's household or one who played the part of a king in a pageant or a play.

HEEREN     Dutch Sep 23rd
Elaboration of heer which means "lord" or "gentleman" in Dutch, or a patronymic from Heer, a short form of names that start with the element heri which means "army", such as HEREWARD and HERMAN.

LEITNER     German Sep 22nd
Referred to one who dwells on the hillside; one who came from the Leite "slope". This is the name of several places in Germany.