Previous Names of the Day

SAITŌ     JapaneseFeb 21st
From Japanese (sai) meaning "purification, worship" and () meaning "wisteria". The latter character could indicate a connection to the Fujiwara clan.

FALCO     ItalianFeb 20th
Derived from Italian falco "falcon". The name was used to denote a falconer or a person who resembled a falcon in some way.

KOSZORÚS     HungarianFeb 19th
Derived from Hungarian koszorú meaning "garland, wreath, girdle", a name for someone who made garlands.

SALAZAR     BasqueFeb 18th
From Spanish sala meaning "hall" and Basque zahar meaning "old". It can also refer to the town of Salazar in Burgos, Spain, which is of the same origin.

STOPPELBEIN     GermanFeb 17th
Means "stump leg" from Middle Low German stoppel "stump" and bein "leg".

MACCARRICK     IrishFeb 16th
Means "son of Cúcharraige" in Irish. The given name Cúcharraige is composed of "hound" and carraig "rock".

MANFREDONIA     ItalianFeb 15th
Originally indicated a person from Manfredonia, Italy. The city was named for the 13th-century King Manfred of Sicily.