Previous Names of the Day

QUEEN     English, Irish Sep 21st
Means "woman" from the Old English cwen which was sometimes used as a given name. In some occurrences the meaning could simply have been "queen" derived from the Old English cwene. Occasionally it could be a shortened form of MACQUEEN.

LAGUNOV     Russian Sep 20th
Patronymic name derived from Russian lagun "water barrel". It was most likely used to denote the descendents of a person who made water barrels.

SILVERSTEIN     German, Jewish Sep 19th
Means "silver stone" from German Silber and Stein. It was adopted when the Jews in Europe were compelled to take surnames in the early part of the 19th century.

KINNAIRD     Scottish Sep 18th
From the name of a place in Scotland. The area concerned is high and occupies a vantage point and may have been named in Gaelic as Ceann Ard, literally meaning "high end or head". In 1180, the Norman nobleman Rudulphus Rufus received from his friend, King William the Lion (King of Scots), a charter of land in the Carse of Gowrie.

LANIK     Czech Sep 17th
Derived from Czech lan, a measure of land equal to approximately 18 hectares. The name loosely translates as "farmer" and thus is considered a Moravian cognate of SEDLAK.

CHAPUT     French Sep 16th
From a diminutive of the old French word chape "cloak, hood". The name referred to a person who made or sold cloaks, or often wore one.

SZEKERES     Hungarian Sep 15th
Derived from szekér that means "cart, wagon" in Hungarian. Originally it was applied to wagoners, or simply someone who owned a wagon.