Previous Names of the Day

PAHLKE     German Jan 21st
Means "tall, thin, pole-like" from Old French piel, although it may also have denoted a person who lived by a pole, or who worked with poles.

CODY     Irish Jan 20th
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Cuidighthigh meaning "descendant of CUIDIGHTHEACH". A famous bearer was the American frontiersman and showman Buffalo Bill Cody (1846-1917).

SAPPINGTON     English Jan 19th
From the city of Sapperton, England, from Old English sapere meaning "soap maker" and ton meaning "town, farm, settlement".

PROFETA     Italian Jan 18th
From the Italian word profeta meaning "prophet". It probably came from a nickname indicating a person who wanted to predict the future. It is typical of southern Italy.

FORESTER     English Jan 17th
Denoted a keeper or one in charge of a forest, or one who has charge of growing timber in a forest (see FOREST).

VAN DER ZEE     Dutch Jan 16th
Means "from the sea". The original bearer may have been someone who lived on the coast. Alternatively, it could be that the first bearer was a sailor who spent most of his days on the sea.

FONSECA     Spanish, Portuguese Jan 15th
Originally belonged to a person who lived near a dry spring, from Latin fons "well, spring" and sicca "dry".