Previous Names of the Day

BAUMGARTNER     German May 5th
Means "a person who works at an orchard" from German baumgarten "orchard". The word baumgarten itself is derived from baum "tree" and garten "garden".

GRONCHI     Italian May 4th
From the Tuscan word gronchio meaning "numb, bent". This is an Italian regional surname typical of Tuscany, namely of the two provinces of Pisa and Firenze. This surname is known in Italy because of Giovanni Gronchi (1887-1978), president of the Italian Republic from 1955 to 1962, a period of great economic growth.

FIALA     Czech May 3rd
Means "violet" in Czech, referring to the flower. It may have originally referred to a person who lived near a sign bearing violets, or it may have been given to a person who lived in a place where violets grew.

HEAD (1)     English May 2nd
From Middle English hed, from Old English heafod, akin to Old High German houbit and Latin caput (both meaning "head"). The surname is occupational and describes the one in charge of a division or department in an office or institution, that is a headmaster.

KHACHATURIAN     Armenian May 1st
Means "son of Khachatur" in Armenian. Khachatur (or Khachadur) is a masculine given name which means "cross-bearer".

GREEN     English Apr 30th
Descriptive name for someone who often wore the colour green or someone who lived near the village green.

SCHEER     German Apr 29th
From a word meaning "shearer" or "cutter". The word was used both for barbers, who cut hair, and tailors, who cut cloth to make garments.