Previous Names of the Day

SINAGRA (2)     Italian Jun 27th
Derived from the given name Xenagoras which means "strange honour" from Greek xenos "strange" and geras "honour".

DUKE     English Jun 26th
From the noble title, which was originally from Latin dux "leader". It was an occupational surname for a person who behaved like a duke, or who worked in a duke's household.

FASHINGBAUER     German Jun 25th
From Fasching, a German carnival (Fastnacht meaning "eve of the beginning of the fast", or the time before Lent) celebrated in Austria and Catholic Bavaria, and bauer meaning "farmer".

SERAFIM     Portuguese Jun 24th
Derived from the Latin given name Seraphinus which was derived from the Hebrew serafim which was the name of a class of angels in the Bible whose name originally was derived from saraf meaning "to burn".

HOLST     Danish, Low German, Dutch Jun 23rd
Referred originally to a person from the region of Holstein (between Germany and Denmark). A famous bearer of this name was the English composer Gustav Holst (1874-1934).

ZELLWEGER     German (Swiss) Jun 22nd
Originally denoted a person from the Appenzell region of Switzerland. The place name is derived from Latin abbatis cella meaning "estate of the abbot". A famous bearer is actress Renée Zellweger (1969-).

SUMMERFIELD     English Jun 21st
Means literally "dwellers in the summer fields", and is derived from the city of Summerfield, located in the county of Norfolk in England.