Previous Names of the Day

POZZI     Italian Jul 27th
Locative surname meaning "a well" from Latin puteus. Pozzo as a regional word also means a pond or stagnant water.

LEDFORD     English Jul 26th
Means "path leading across a ford" from Old English lædan, Middle English leden "to lead" and ford, a shallow area in a stream that may be crossed by wading.

HAN     Chinese, Korean Jul 25th
From Chinese (hán) referring to the ancient state of Han, which existed from the 5th to 3rd centuries BC in what is now Shanxi and Henan provinces.

ROTHSCHILD     German, Jewish Jul 24th
Means "red shield, sign" from German rot "red" and German or Yiddish s(c)hild "sign, shield". The surname originally came from a family who took their name from a house with a red shield or sign on it. It has since been adopted by unrelated Jews.

WICKHAM     English Jul 23rd
Habitational name from any of various places so called, for example in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire, and Oxfordshire. It has been established that wicham was an Old English term for a settlement (Old English ham) associated with a Romano-British town, wic in this case being an adaptation of Latin vicus.

ASTRAUCKAS     Lithuanian Jul 22nd
Of disputed origin, either from Polish ostrega "dweller by the blackberries", ostry "sharp, keen" or ostrouszek "sharp ear, a type of mixed breed dog".

LEAVITT     English Jul 21st
From Livet, a region in Normandy, France. Vikings conquered the area and a particular family had taken up the name by the time of the Battle of Hastings 1066, when William the Conqueror invaded England.