Previous Names of the Day

MOTTERSHEAD     English Dec 16th
Derived from the name of a lost place in Cheshire, from the Old English byname Motere which meant "speaker" and Middle English heved meaning "headland".

VAN AGTEREN     Dutch Dec 15th
Means "from behind", probably referring to a place behind something, like a church or other building or a place at the end of the road.

NECCHI     Italian Dec 14th
Either from the given name Nechus (from the Latin word nequus meaning "unjust, unfair") or from a nickname from the archaic Milanese word gnecch meaning "tired".

NAGY     Hungarian Dec 13th
From a nickname meaning "big" or "great" in Hungarian, referring to one's characteristics. This is a very common Hungarian surname.

FROST     English, German Dec 12th
From Old English and Old High German, a nickname for a person who had a cold personality or a white beard.

QUATTROCCHI     Italian Dec 11th
From Sciacca in Sicily and is formed from quattro meaning "four" and occhi meaning "eyes". The original Quattrocchi family were judges and barons. It is a relatively rare Italian surname, usually found in Sicily.

TOOV     Norwegian Dec 10th
Derived from the Old Norse given name Tófi which was a diminutive of any name that began with the element Þórr referring to the god THOR.