Previous Names of the Day

BAUMHAUER     German Sep 2nd
Means "a woodcutter" from Middle High German boum "a tree", houwen "to chop". Baum is the modern German word for "a tree".

POPE     English Sep 1st
From a nickname which originally designated a person who played the part of the pope in a play or pageant. Otherwise the name could be used as a nickname for a man with a solemn, austere, or ascetic appearance.

HOLME     English, Scottish Aug 31st
Refers either to someone living by an island in a fen (from northern Middle English holm) or near a holly tree (Middle English holm).

ZAHRADNIK     Czech Aug 30th
Derived from Czech zahrada "garden". A zahradnik was a person who owned less land than a Sedlak or a Dvorak, but more land than a Chalupnik.

KNELLER     German Aug 29th
Originally a nickname for a noisy or disruptive person, derived from Old German knellen "to make noise, to cause a disturbance".

GORECKI     Polish Aug 28th
Originally indicated a person from Górka, a town in Poland. Its name is ultimately derived from Slavic gora "mountain".

CONSTABLE     English Aug 27th
From Latin comes stabuli, the "count or officer of the stable". By the time it had reached France it had become Cunestable, and as such was brought to England. A little later the term was applied to a military officer.