Previous Names of the Day

ARMBRUSTER     German Aug 2nd
Means "crossbow maker" from German armbrust "crossbow". The word armbrust is derived from German arm "arm" and brust "breast" which describes the orientation of the weapon while being used - extending from the breast to the end of the arm.

ZABAT     Greek Aug 1st
Probably means "dweller by the shallow water" from Greek zabatos, diabatos meaning "fordable, crossable".

MESSANA     Italian Jul 31st
From the name of the Sicilian city Messina. The city was named for the original Greek settlers' homeland Messene.

PARISH (1)     English Jul 30th
Originally denoted a person who came from the French city of Paris, which got its name from the ancient Celtic tribe known as the Parisii.

BIEBER     German, Jewish Jul 29th
From Middle High German biber "beaver", German Biber, or Yiddish biber, hence a nickname, possibly a nickname for a hard worker, or from some other fancied resemblance to the animal. In some cases the surname may be habitational, from a house or some other place named with this word.

STONE     English Jul 28th
Name for a person who lived near a prominent stone, or a person who worked with stone. It is derived from Old English stan.

POZZI     Italian Jul 27th
Locative surname meaning "a well" from Latin puteus. Pozzo as a regional word also means a pond or stagnant water.