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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is welshrocker1.
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ACCRINGTON     English
Derived from the place Accrington.
BELLINGHAM     English
Habitational name from places called Bellingham.
BYRE     English
Probably derived from Old English bȳre "farm, barn".
FIELD     English, Scottish, Irish, Jewish (Anglicized)
English: topographic name for someone who lived on land which had been cleared of forest, but not brought into cultivation, from Old English feld ‘pasture’, ‘open country’, as opposed on the one hand to æcer ‘cultivated soil’, ‘enclosed land’ (see Acker) and on the other to weald ‘wooded land’, ‘forest’ (see Wald)... [more]
FIELDER     English
Southern English from Middle English felder ‘dweller by the open country’.
FYFE     English
From the place 'Fyfe'
HUCK     English, Dutch
From the medieval male personal name Hucke, which was probably descended from the Old English personal name Ucca or Hucca, perhaps a shortened form of Ūhtrǣd, literally "dawn-power".
JONSON     English
Variant of Johnson and English form of Johnsson
KARMAN     English, Dutch
Variant of Carman (1)
NEY     German, English
A dialectal form of the common German word neu "new".... [more]
NUNN     English
Means someone who is a nun
POWIS     English
The English of Welsh Surname Powys, which derives from the place "Powys" in Wales.
RHODE     American
Comes from the state 'Rhode Island' in America
VALEZ     Spanish
I think it is of Spanish Background possibly meaning 'Soldier' or 'Guard'. ... [more]
VALEZZE     Spanish
Variant of Valez
VAYLEZ     Spanish
Variant of Valez or Valezze
WESTON     Dutch
Diminutive of Westenberg
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