Judeo-Spanish Submitted Surnames

Judeo-Spanish (or Ladino) names are used by Sephardic Jews. See also about Jewish names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ABERGEL אברגיל Judeo-Spanish
Means "one-legged" or "one-footed" in Moroccan Arabic, from Arabic رِجْل (rijl) meaning "leg, foot".
ABITBOL אביטבול Judeo-Spanish
Means "father of drums" (figuratively referring to a drum maker) from Arabic أَبُو (abū) meaning "father" and طَبْل (ṭabl) meaning "drum".
ABULAFIA אבולעפיה‎‎ Judeo-Spanish
From Arabic أبو العافية‎‎ (abū l-ʿāfiya) meaning "father of health" from أبو (abū) meaning "father" and عافية (ʿāfiya) meaning "health, well-being".
ALAZRAKI Spanish, Judeo-Spanish
Means "the blue one" from Arabic أَزْرَق (ʾazraq) meaning "blue".
AZOULAI אזולאי Judeo-Spanish
Alternate transcription of AZOULAY.
AZOULAY אזולאי Judeo-Spanish
Meaning uncertain. It may be derived from French azur or Spanish azul both meaning "blue" (of Persian origin), from Tamazight izîl meaning "good, pure, sublime", or from an acronym of the Biblical passage אִשָּׁ֨ה זֹנָ֤ה וַחֲלָלָה֙ לֹ֣א יִקָּ֔חוּ (’iš-šāh zō-nāh wa-ḥă-lā-lāh lō yiq-qā-ḥū) meaning "They shall not take a wife that is a whore, or profane".
BENAYOUN בניון Judeo-Spanish
Means "son of Ayoun", from a Berber transcription of the given name CHAYYIM.
BENHAIM בן חיים Judeo-Spanish, Northern African
Variant of BEN HAIM used by Jews in North Africa.
BENSAÏD בן סעיד Arabic (Maghrebi), Judeo-Spanish
Means "son of SA'ID" in Arabic and Hebrew, used in Morocco and Algeria.
BENSIMON בן שמעון Judeo-Spanish
Means "son of SIMON (1)".
BENSOUSSAN בן שושן Judeo-Spanish
Means "son of SHOSHANNAH".
BOUAZIZ בועזיז Arabic (Maghrebi), Judeo-Spanish
Means "father of AZIZ" in Arabic and Hebrew, used in Algeria and Tunisia. It is also used by North African Sephardic Jews.
CARBAJAL Spanish, Judeo-Spanish
Probably a habitational name demoting someone originally from any of the multiple locations called Carbajal in León, Asturias, or Zamora in Spain. Alternatively, it may be of pre-Roman origin from the word carbalio meaning "oak", denoting someone who either lived near an oak tree or who was like an oak tree in some way.... [more]
CHETRIT שטרית Judeo-Spanish, Northern African
Form of Shitrit used by French and North African Jews.
CHOURAQUI שוראקי Judeo-Spanish
Means "the one who comes from the east" from Arabic شَرْقِيّ (šarqiyy) meaning "eastern".
CHRIQUI שריקי Judeo-Spanish
Alternate transcription of CHOURAQUI.
ELBAZ אלבז Judeo-Spanish, Arabic
Alternate transcription of ALBAZ.
ELMALEH אלמלח‎ Judeo-Spanish, Arabic
From Arabic مَالِح (māliḥ) meaning "salty, savoury", probably used to refer to a salt trader.
HAÏM חיים Judeo-Spanish
French form of HAIM.
LELLOUCHE ללוש Judeo-Spanish
From Tamazight alûsh meaning "lamb".
OHAYON אוחיון Judeo-Spanish
Means "son of Chayyim" from the Berber prefix ou- or au- meaning "son (of)" and the given name CHAYYIM.
SARFATI צרפתי Judeo-Spanish
From Hebrew צרפתית (tsar'fatít) meaning "French". It was traditionally used to refer to the Biblical location of Tzarfat, which is sometimes identified as modern-day France.
TOUATI טואטי Arabic (Maghrebi), Judeo-Spanish
Habitual family name denoting someone who originated from the Touat (or Tuat) desert region in Algeria. It is also sometimes used by North African Sephardic Jews.
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