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Type Surname (ornamental, from location & from nickname)
Pronounced Pron. Bo-bek(Swedish) Bo-back(Slavic)  [key]
Other Forms FormsBoback, Bobek, Bobäck, Bobak, Bobik and Bobich

Meaning & History

A respelling of the Swedish Bobäck, an ornamental name composed of the elements bo meaning "farm" and bäck meaning "stream".

Also a variant of Bobek from Polish and Jewish Polish, a topographic name from meaning "bayberry". In Czech and Jewish Czech, a nickname for a small rotund person, from bobek, in this case meaning "goat droppings". A respelling of Slovenian, Croatian, and the Czech Bobek or Bobák, which is a nickname from a derivative of the Slavic bob meaning "bean" formed with the diminutive suffix -ek.

Additionally, a German habitational surname from a place name in Thuringia, which is of Slavic origin.
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