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Type Surname (from given name, from nickname & from location)
Other Forms FormsÓ Bruic, Ó Bric, Brück, Bruck, Bric

Meaning & History

Irish Anglicized form of Gaelic $Ó Bruic] "descendant of Broc", i.e. "badger" (sometimes so translated) or Ó Bric "descendant of Breac", a personal name meaning "freckled".
In English, possibly a nickname from Old English br¯ce "fragile, worthless".
German topographic name for someone who lived in a swampy wood, brick, breck "swamp, wood". Also, an altered spelling of German Brück (see Bruck). In some cases it may be an altered spelling of Slovenian Bric, regional name for someone from the hilly region of western Slovenia called Brda, a plural form of brdo ‘rising ground’.
Jewish (Ashkenazic) from Yiddish brik "bridge", probably a topographic name.
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