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Type Surname (from given name & from occupation)
Pronounced Pron. PEKH-tawlt(German, Dutch)  [key]
Other Forms FormsPechthold, Pechthold, Pechtholt, Pechthalt, Pechtolde, Pekhtolt, Pechhold, Pechholdt, Pechhald, Pechthald, Pechtoldel, Pechtholde, Petkhold, Pecold

Meaning & History

From the Old German given name Pechtholt, which is composed of the elements pecht "rotation" and holdt "hero". As a Dutch-language surname, it is derived from the Middle Dutch given name Pechte combined with Old High German walt "power, authority". It can also be a Jewish occupational name for someone who was a craftsman, from Yiddish פעכטאלד (fekhtold) literally meaning "craftsman". A notable bearer of this surname is the retired Dutch politician Alexander Pechtold (1965-).
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