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Type Surname (from occupation & from given name)
Pronounced Pron. SPEHL-ing(English)  [key]
Other Forms FormsMac Spealáin, Ó Spealáin, Spillane, O'Spillane, Splawn, Spellane, Spillan, Spellings, Spellen, Spilling, Spillings, Splane, Splaine, Spells, Speller, Spellman, Spellmann, Spillar, Spillmann, Spiller, Spallon, Spelman, Spillman, Spiel, Splean, Splain, Spell, Spellar, Speel, Spielman, Spilman, Spilmann, Spielmann, Speelman, Spel, Splan, Spill, Spieler, Spellan, Smullen, Shpilman, Szpilman, Speelmans

Meaning & History

Occupational name for a scholar, speaker or a story teller, derived from Middle English spellan meaning "to tell or relate". It could also be a variant of Irish Spillane or Jewish Spellman. A famous bearer is American actress and author Tori Spelling (1973-).
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