Surnames Categorized "actors"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include actors.
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BARNES     English
Denoted a person who worked or lived in a barn. The word barn is derived from Old English bere "barley" and ærn "dwelling".
BLACK     English
Means either "black" (from Old English blæc) or "pale" (from Old English blac). It could refer to a person with a pale or a dark complexion, or a person who worked with black dye.
BROWN     English
Originally a nickname for a person who had brown hair or skin. A notable bearer is Charlie Brown from the 'Peanuts' comic strip by Charles Schulz.
CARTER     English
Occupational name for a person who operated a cart to transport goods, from Norman French caretier.
CHEVALIER     French
From a nickname derived from French chevalier meaning "knight", itself from cheval meaning "horse", ultimately from Latin caballus.
CRAIG     Scottish
Derived from Gaelic creag meaning "crag, rocks", originally belonging to a person who lived near a crag.
ELLIOTT     English
Derived from a diminutive of the given name ELIAS.
EVERETT     English
From the given name EVERARD.
EVERHART     German
Variant of EBERHARDT.
FLEMING     English
Given to a person who was a Fleming, that is a person who was from FLANDERS in the Netherlands.
FROST     English, German
From Old English and Old High German meaning "frost", a nickname for a person who had a cold personality or a white beard.
FRY     English
From Old English frig (a variant of freo) meaning "free".
GRAY     English
From a nickname for a person who had grey hair or grey clothes.
GREEN     English
Descriptive name for someone who often wore the colour green or someone who lived near the village green.
HILL     English
Originally given to a person who lived on or near a hill, derived from Old English hyll.
KEEN     English
From Old English cene "bold, brave".
LOWELL     English
Derived from a Norman French nickname, from lou "wolf" and a diminutive suffix.
MORRIS     English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh
Derived from the given name MAURICE.
NELSON     English
Means "son of NEIL". This name was borne by the British admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805).
PARKER     English
Means "keeper of the park" in Middle English. It is an occupational name for a man who was the gamekeeper at the medieval park.
PARSONS     English
Originally denoted a person who served as a parson.
PATTERSON     English, Scottish
Means "son of PATRICK".
ROGERS     English
Derived from the given name ROGER.
SADLER     English
Means "saddle-maker" from Old English sadol.
SCOTT     English, Scottish
Originally given to a person from Scotland or a person who spoke Scottish Gaelic.
SHEPHERD     English
Variant of SHEPARD.
STACY     English
Derived from Stace, a medieval form of EUSTACE.
SUTTON     English
Means "south town". Several towns in England bear this name.
TAYLOR     English
Derived from Old French tailleur meaning "tailor", ultimately from Latin taliare "to cut".
THOMAS     English, French
Derived from the given name THOMAS.
WATSON     English, Scottish
Patronymic derived from the Middle English given name Wat or Watt, a diminutive of the name WALTER.
WILSON     English
Means "son of WILL".
ZEGERS     Dutch
Means "son of SIEGER".
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