Surnames Categorized "alcohol"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include alcohol.
Bicchieri Italian
Means "drinking glasses" in Italian, referring originally to a person who made or sold them.
Biermann German
Derived from German bier "beer" and mann "man". The name may have referred to a brewer or a tavern owner.
Boivin French
Nickname for a wine drinker, from Old French boi "to drink" and vin "wine".
Boros Hungarian
Derived from Hungarian bor "wine". Originally it could have indicated someone who made or sold wine.
Brauer Low German
Derived from Middle Low German bruwer meaning "brewer".
Brewer English
Occupational name for a maker of ale or beer.
Brewster English
Variant of Brewer, originally a feminine form of the occupational term.
Butler English, Irish
Occupational name derived from Norman French butiller "wine steward", ultimately from Late Latin butticula "bottle". A famous bearer of this surname is the fictional character Rhett Butler, created by Margaret Mitchell for her novel Gone with the Wind (1936).
Chmela Czech
Derived from Czech chmel "hops", referring to a person who grew hops, a plant used in brewing beer.
Chmiel Polish
Polish cognate of Chmela, from Polish chmiel.
Cooper English
Means "barrel maker", from Middle English couper.
Gordon Scottish
From the name of a place in Berwickshire, Scotland, derived from Brythonic words meaning "spacious fort".
Guinness Irish
Variant of McGuinness. The name is well known because of the Guinness brand of ale, established in 1759 by Arthur Guinness.
Keller German
Means "cellar" in German, an occupational name for one in charge of the food and drink.
Lager Swedish
Means "laurel" in Swedish.
Martini Italian
Derived from the given name Martino.
Pabst German
From German Papst, a cognate of Pope.
Penders Dutch
From Middle Dutch paender meaning "brewer", derived from panne meaning "pan, pot", ultimately from Latin patina.
Pittaluga Italian
Originally a nickname for somebody who steals grapes from vineyards. In the Genoese dialect pittà means "to pick" and uga means "grapes" (uva in Italian).
Schenk German, Dutch
From Middle High German, Middle Dutch schenke meaning "wine server" (from Old High German scenken "to pour out").
Schröter German
Means "beer-porter, wine-porter" in German, an occupational name for a carrier of wine or beer barrels.
Sörös Hungarian
From Hungarian sör meaning "beer". Originally the name was given to beer brewers.
Vinogradov Russian
Means "vineyard" in Russian (ultimately from German), referring to a person who worked at a vineyard or lived near one.
Walker English
Occupational name for a person who walked on damp raw cloth in order to thicken it. It is derived from Middle English walkere, Old English wealcan meaning "to move".
Weimann German
From German Wein meaning "wine", an occupational name for a wine seller or producer.
Winship English
Possibly denoted a person who came from Wincheap Street in Canterbury, England. It is uncertain origin, possibly meaning "wine market" in Old English.