Surnames Categorized "anthropologists"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include anthropologists.
Adair English
Derived from the given name Edgar.
Bondarenko Ukrainian
Derived from Ukrainian бондар (bondar) meaning "cooper, barrel maker".
Carpenter English
From the occupation, derived from Middle English carpentier (ultimately from Latin carpentarius meaning "carriage maker").
Darnell 1 English
Derived from Old French darnel, a type of grass.
Elwin English
Variant of Elwyn.
Inoue Japanese
Means "above the well", from Japanese (i) meaning "well, mine shaft, pit", an unwritten possessive marker (no), and (ue) meaning "above, top, upper".
Janzen Dutch
Means "son of Jan 1".
Lewin English
Derived from the given name Leofwine.
Malinowski Polish
From Polish malina meaning "raspberry", originally indicating a person who lived near a raspberry patch.
Ong Chinese (Hokkien)
Min Nan romanization of Wang 1.
Parsons English
Originally denoted a son of a parson, a derivative of Latin persona "person".
Quesada Spanish
Habitational name from Quesada, a place in Jaén in southern Spain. The place name is of uncertain derivation; it could be connected to Old Spanish requexada meaning "corner, tight spot".