Surnames Categorized "blue"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include blue.
Aoki Japanese
From Japanese (ao) meaning "green, blue" and (ki) meaning "tree, wood".
Aoyama Japanese
From Japanese (ao) meaning "green, blue" and (yama) meaning "mountain, hill".
Blau German
Means "blue" in German, most likely used to refer to a person who wore blue clothes.
Blue English
From a nickname for a person with blue eyes or blue clothing.
Cárdenas Spanish
From the name of towns in the Spanish provinces of Almería and La Rioja. They are derived from Spanish cárdeno "blue, purple".
Fujiwara Japanese
From Japanese (fuji) meaning "wisteria" and (wara) meaning "field, plain".
Gorman 2 Irish
From the Irish Ó Gormáin meaning "descendant of Gormán". The given name Gormán means "little blue one".
Greenspan Jewish
Anglicized form of German Grünspan meaning "verdigris". Verdigris is the green-blue substance that forms on copper.
Odell English
Originally denoted a person who was from Odell in Bedfordshire, derived from Old English wad "woad" (a plant that produces a blue dye) and hyll "hill".
Shafir Jewish
Ornamental name meaning "sapphire" in Yiddish.