Surnames Categorized "Catholic saints"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include Catholic saints.
Abel 1 English, French, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese
Derived from the given name Abel.
Anderson English
Means "son of Andrew".
Ashley English
Denoted a person hailing from one of the many places in England that bear this name. The place name itself is derived from Old English æsc "ash tree" and leah "woodland, clearing".
Cook English
Derived from Old English coc meaning "cook", ultimately from Latin coquus. It was an occupational name for a cook, a man who sold cooked meats, or a keeper of an eating house.
Forest English, French
Originally belonged to a person who lived near or in a forest. It was probably originally derived, via Old French forest, from Latin forestam (silva) meaning "outer (wood)".
Goretti Italian
Derived from the given name Gregorio.
Green English
Descriptive name for someone who often wore the colour green or someone who lived near the village green.
Horne English
Variant of Horn.
James English
Derived from the given name James.
Johnson English
Means "son of John". Famous bearers include American presidents Andrew Johnson (1808-1875) and Lyndon B. Johnson (1908-1973).
Kirby English
From numerous towns in northern England named Kirby or Kirkby, derived from Old Norse kirkja "church" and býr "farm, settlement".
Lawrence English
Derived from the given name Laurence 1. Famous bearers include revolutionary T. E. Lawrence (1888-1935) and author D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930).
McCarthy Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Mac Cárthaigh meaning "son of Carthach".
Pierson English
Means "son of Piers".
Powell Welsh
Derived from Welsh ap Hywel meaning "son of Hywel".
Reynolds English
Derived from the given name Reynold.
Stone English
Name for a person who lived near a prominent stone or worked with stone, derived from Old English stan.
St Pierre French
From a French place named for Saint Peter.
Thorne English
Variant of Thorn.
Thorpe English
From Old Norse þorp meaning "village".
Webster English
Occupational name meaning "weaver", from Old English webba, a derivative of wefan "to weave".