Surnames Categorized "family"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include family.
Aalfs Dutch
Means "son of Aalf", a short form of Adolf.
Benini Italian
Means "son of Benino" from a diminutive of Bene or Beno, short forms of Benedetto.
Cousineau French
Derived from Old French cosin meaning "cousin".
Evers Dutch
Means "son of Evert".
Fitzwilliam Irish
Means "son of William" in Anglo-Norman French.
Laursen Danish
Means "son of Laur", a short form of Laurits.
Lennartsson Swedish
Means "son of Lennart".
Leonardi Italian
From the given name Leonardo.
Leonardson English
Means "son of Leonard".
MacWilliam Scottish
Means "son of William" in Gaelic.
McElligott Irish
Anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic name Mac Uileagóid meaning "son of Uileagóid", a diminutive of Uilleag.
McWilliam Scottish
Means "son of William" in Gaelic.
Nieto Spanish
From a nickname meaning "grandson" in Spanish.
Norris 2 English
Means "wet nurse, foster mother" from Old French norrice, from Latin nutricius.
Ohme German
From Middle High German oem meaning "maternal uncle".
Parent English, French
Derived from Old French parent meaning either "notable" (from Latin pārēre meaning "to be apparent") or "parent" (from Latin parere meaning "to produce, to give birth").
Parrino Sicilian
From a Sicilian variant of Italian padrino meaning "godfather".
Wilkerson English
Means "son of Wilkin".
Wilkins English
Means "son of Wilkin".
Wilkinson English
Means "son of Wilkin".
Willemsen Dutch
Means "son of Willem".
Williams English
Means "son of William".
Williamson English
Means "son of William".
Wilson English
Means "son of Will". A famous bearer was the American president Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924).
Ziętek Polish
Possibly from a diminutive of Polish zięć meaning "son-in-law".