Surnames Categorized "fauna"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include fauna.
Hummel 1 German, Dutch
Derived from the given name Humbert.
Hummel 2 German, Dutch
Nickname for a busy person, from Middle Low German and Middle Dutch hommel, Middle High German hummel, all meaning "bee".
Lowell English
From a nickname derived from a Norman French lou meaning "wolf" and a diminutive suffix.
Peacock English
From Middle English pecok meaning "peacock". It was originally a nickname for a proud or haughty person.
Rao 2 Italian
Derived from the given name Raul.
Stidolph English
From the Old English given name Stithulf.
Vogel German, Dutch
From Old High German and Old Dutch fogal meaning "bird". It was originally an occupational name for a bird catcher, or a nickname for a person who liked to sing.
Voss German
From Middle Low German vos meaning "fox". It was originally a nickname for a clever person or a person with red hair.
Waldvogel Jewish
Ornamental name derived from German Wald meaning "forest" and Vogel meaning "bird".