Surnames Categorized "fish"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include fish.
Azzarà Italian
Sicilian name, derived from Greek dialects of southern Italy. It is from Greek ψαράς (psaras) meaning "fisherman".
Balık Turkish
From a Turkish word meaning "fish".
Bass English
English cognate of Basso.
Braden Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Bradáin meaning "descendant of Bradán".
Ćosić Croatian, Serbian
From Croatian and Serbian ćosav "beardless", ultimately from Persian کوسه (koseh) meaning "shark".
Ely English
From the name of a town in eastern England meaning "eel district".
Fischer German
Occupational name meaning "fisherman" in German.
Fishman English
Occupational name for a fisherman.
Karppinen Finnish
From Finnish karppi meaning "carp", of Germanic origin.
Palumbo Italian
From Italian palombo meaning "pigeon" (also "dogfish"). This form is typical of southern Italy.
Pesce Italian
Means "fish" in Italian, referring either to a fisherman or to a person who resembled a fish in some way.
Plourde French
Possibly derived from French palourde, a type of a shellfish.
Ray English
Variant of Rey 1, Rey 2, Rye or Wray.
Roach English
From Middle English and Old French roche meaning "rock", from Late Latin rocca, a word that may be of Celtic origin. It indicated a person who lived near a prominent rock, or who came from a town by this name (such as Les Roches in Normandy).
Ryba Czech, Polish
Means "fish" in Czech and Slovak, an occupational name for a fisher.
Rybář Czech
Means "fisher" in Czech, from ryba meaning "fish".
Salmon English, French
Derived from the given name Solomon.
Visser Dutch
Occupational name meaning "fisherman" in Dutch.