Surnames Categorized "music"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include music.
Bass English
English cognate of Basso.
Fiedler German
Means "fiddler" in German.
Geiger German
Means "fiddle player" in German, derived from Old High German giga "fiddle".
Hegedűs Hungarian
Means "fiddler" in Hungarian, from hegedű "violin".
Lantos Hungarian
Means "minstrel, bard, lutist" in Hungarian, from lant meaning "lute".
Lu Chinese
From Chinese () meaning "musical note" and also referring to the former state of Lu, which was situated in what is now Henan province.
Pfeiffer German
Occupational name meaning "pipe player" in German, from Middle High German pfifen "to whistle".
Piper English
Originally given to a person who played on a pipe (a flute).
Priddy Welsh
From Welsh prydudd meaning "bard".
Sangster English, Scottish
Occupational name or nickname for a singer, from Old English singan "to sing, to chant".
Sipos Hungarian
Occupational name for a fife player or piper, from Hungarian síp "whistle, pipe".
Trump German
Derived from Middle High German trumbe meaning "drum". This surname is borne by the American president Donald Trump (1946-).
Vogel German, Dutch
From Old High German and Old Dutch fogal meaning "bird". It was originally an occupational name for a bird catcher, or a nickname for a person who liked to sing.
Ward 2 Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Mac an Bhaird, which means "son of the bard".