Surnames Categorized "nautical"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include nautical.
Anker Dutch, Danish, Norwegian
Metonymic surname for a sailor, meaning "anchor" in Dutch, Danish and Norwegian.
Azzarà Italian
Sicilian name, derived from Greek dialects of southern Italy. It is from Greek ψαράς (psaras) meaning "fisherman".
Boatwright English
Occupational name meaning "maker of boats".
Bootsma Frisian
Occupational name meaning "boatman", derived from Dutch boot "boat".
Fishman English
Occupational name for a fisherman.
Hajós Hungarian
Means "boatman, sailor" in Hungarian.
Hull English
Variant of Hill.
Kay 2 English
Derived from Old French kay meaning "wharf, quay", indicating one who lived near or worked on a wharf.
Kumięga Polish
Possibly from Polish kum "godfather, friend" or komięga "raft, barge".
Lynch Irish
From Irish Ó Loingsigh meaning "descendant of Loingseach", a given name meaning "mariner".
Moriarty Irish
From Irish Ó Muircheartach meaning "descendant of Muirchertach". This was the surname given by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to a master criminal in the Sherlock Holmes series.
Newport English
Given to one who came from the town of Newport (which means simply "new port"), which was the name of several English towns.
Porto Italian
Designated a person who lived near a harbour, from Italian porto, Latin portus.
Rais Italian
Occupational name for the fisherman in charge of the boat, from Italian rais "captain", of Arabic origin. It is typical of Sicily and Sardinia.
Ryba Czech, Polish
Means "fish" in Czech and Slovak, an occupational name for a fisher.
Schipper Dutch
Occupational name meaning "skipper, ship captain" in Dutch.
Stafford English
From the name of the English city of Stafford, Staffordshire, derived from Old English stæð meaning "wharf, landing place" and ford meaning "ford, river crossing".
Stern 1 English
From Old English styrne meaning "stern, severe". This was used as a nickname for someone who was stern, harsh, or severe in manner or character.
Van Ankeren Dutch
Means "from the anchor" in Dutch.
Vela Spanish
Derived from Spanish vela meaning "sail" or the homonym vela meaning "watchful".
Waterman 2 English, Dutch
Occupational name for a boatman or a water carrier. It could also describe a person who lived by water.