Surnames Categorized "producers"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include producers.
Aoki Japanese
From Japanese (ao) meaning "green, blue" and (ki) meaning "tree, wood".
Bohn German
Occupational name for a bean grower, derived from Middle High German bone "bean".
Comstock English
Possibly from the name of the River Culm in Devon, England. This name is seen in the Domesday book as Culmstoke or Colmstoke.
Cox English
Patronymic form of Cock.
Elizondo Spanish
Originally referred to a person who lived close to a church, from Basque eleiza "church" and ondo "near".
Harris English
Means "son of Harry".
Meyers German, English
Patronymic form of Meyer 1, Mayer 3 or Myer.
Moore 1 English
Originally indicated a person who lived on a moor, from Middle English mor meaning "open land, bog".
Richter German
Means "judge" in German, from Middle High German rihtære.
Romero Spanish
Derived from Spanish romero meaning "pilgrim to Rome".
Ruiz Spanish
Means "son of Ruy" in Spanish.
Schulz German
Occupational name derived from Middle High German schultheiße meaning "mayor, judge".
Sparks English
From an Old Norse nickname or byname derived from sparkr meaning "sprightly".
Van den Berg Dutch
Means "from the mountain", derived from Dutch berg meaning "mountain".
Walker English
Occupational name for a person who walked on damp raw cloth in order to thicken it. It is derived from Middle English walkere, Old English wealcan meaning "to move".