Surnames Categorized "solitary"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include solitary.
Abbandonato Italian
Means "forsaken, abandoned" in Italian.
Ainsley Scottish
From a place name: either Annesley in Nottinghamshire or Ansley in Warwickshire. The place names themselves derive from Old English anne "alone, solitary" or ansetl "hermitage" and leah "woodland, clearing".
Armistead English
Means "hermitage", indicating a person who lived near one, from Middle English ermite "hermit" and stede "place".
Jedynak Polish
Means "only child" in Polish.
Klossner German
Derived from German Klausner, Middle High German klosenære meaning "hermit".
Lemoine French
Means "the monk" in French. This was typically a nickname or an occupational name for a person who worked in a monastery.
Monk English
Nickname or occupational name for a person who worked for monks. This word is derived from Latin monachus, from Greek μοναχός (monachos) meaning "alone".
Solo Basque
Means "rural estate" in Basque.