Surnames Categorized "war"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include war.
Admiraal Dutch
Means "admiral" in Dutch.
Armati Italian
From Italian armato meaning "armed, armoured, equipped".
Baak Dutch
From a Frisian given name, a short form of Germanic names starting with the element batu "fight, struggle".
Badcock English
From a diminutive of the medieval given name Bada.
Bakema Frisian
Means "son of Bake", a short form of names starting with the Old German element batu "fight, struggle".
Battaglia Italian
From a nickname meaning "battle" in Italian.
Battle English
From a nickname for a combative person. In some cases it may come from the name of English places called Battle, so named because they were sites of battles.
Bellandi Italian
Means "son of Bellando", from a medieval given name derived from Latin bellandus meaning "which is to be fought".
Burakgazi Turkish
Possibly from the given name Burak and Arabic غازي (ghazi) meaning "warrior".
Caballero Spanish
From a nickname derived from Spanish caballero meaning "knight", a cognate of Chevalier.
Callahan Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Ceallacháin meaning "descendant of Cellachán".
Callan Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Cathaláin meaning "descendant of Cathalán".
Chevalier French
From a nickname derived from French chevalier meaning "knight", from Late Latin caballarius "horseman", Latin caballus "horse".
Clancy Irish
From Irish Mac Fhlannchaidh meaning "descendant of Flannchadh". The given name Flannchadh means "red warrior".
Donoghue Irish
From Irish Ó Donnchadha meaning "descendant of Donnchadh".
Foley Irish
From Irish Ó Foghladha meaning "descendant of Foghlaidh". The byname Foghlaidh meant "pirate, marauder, plunderer".
Guerra Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
From a nickname meaning "war", given to a belligerent person or one engaged in warfare.
Guerrero Spanish
Means "warrior" in Spanish, an occupational name for a soldier. It is derived from Late Latin werra "war", of Germanic origin.
Harford English
Habitational name from places called Harford in Gloucestershire and Devon, meaning "hart ford" or "army ford".
Harlow English
Habitational name derived from a number of locations named Harlow, from Old English hær "rock, heap of stones" or here "army", combined with hlaw "hill".
Hummel 1 German, Dutch
Derived from the given name Humbert.
Katona Hungarian
Means "soldier" in Hungarian.
Kearney Irish
From the Irish name Ó Ceithearnaigh meaning "descendant of Ceithearnach", a given name meaning "warrior".
Kemp English
Derived from Middle English kempe meaning "champion, warrior".
Kempf German
German cognate of Kemp.
Knight English
From Old English cniht meaning "knight", a tenant serving as a mounted soldier.
Kurucz Hungarian
Derived from the Hungarian word kuruc, referring to rebels who fought against the Habsburgs in the late 17th to early 18th century.
Lane 3 Irish
From Irish Ó Luain meaning "descendant of Luan", a given name meaning "warrior".
Lapointe French
Means "the point (of a lance)" in French, possibly a nickname for a soldier.
Murdock Irish
Derived from the given name Murchadh.
Mutō Japanese
From Japanese (mu) meaning "military, martial" and () meaning "wisteria". The final character may indicate a connection to the Fujiwara clan.
Ó Catháin Irish
Means "descendant of Cathán".
Ryder English
Occupational name for a mounted warrior, from Old English ridere meaning "rider".
Shakespeare English
From a nickname for a warlike person, from Old English scacan "to shake" and spere "spear". A famous bearer was the English dramatist and poet William Shakespeare (1564-1616).
Sloan Irish
From Irish Ó Sluaghadháin meaning "descendant of Sluaghadhán".
Soldati Italian
From Italian soldato meaning "soldier", ultimately from Latin solidus, a type of Roman coin.
Takeda Japanese
From Japanese (take) meaning "military, martial" and (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy".
Wu 2 Chinese
From Chinese () meaning "military, martial".
Wyman English
From the Old English given name Wigmund.
Zsoldos Hungarian
Means "mercenary" in Hungarian.