Occitan Surnames

Occitan names are used in southern France and parts of Spain and Italy by speakers of Occitan.
Astor Occitan
Derived from Occitan astur meaning "hawk". The wealthy and influential Astor family, prominent in British and American society, originated in the Italian Alps.
Boyer Occitan
Occitan cognate of Bouvier.
Fabre Occitan, French
Occitan form of Fèvre.
Faure Occitan, French
Occitan form of Fèvre.
Palomer Provençal
Means "pigeon keeper" from Latin palumbes "pigeon".
Pan 1 Provençal
Means "baker", from Latin panis meaning "bread".
Soler Occitan, Catalan
Denoted a person from any of the numerous places in the area whose names derive from Occitan or Catalan soler meaning "ground, floor".