Occitan Submitted Surnames

Occitan names are used in southern France and parts of Spain and Italy by speakers of Occitan.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Angel Spanish, Catalan, Occitan, English, Slovene
From the Latin personal name Angelus meaning "Angel", derived from the Greek word ἄγγελος (angelos) meaning "messenger" (see the given name Angel).
Arola Spanish, Catalan, Occitan, English (American)
From Latin areola, diminutive of area (area).
Auriol Occitan, French
Possibly derived from Occitan oriol, meaning "oriole". Alternatively, it may be derived from the given name Aurelius.
Aurora Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Occitan, Portuguese
Means "dawn" in Latin (see the given name Aurora).
Bareilles French, Occitan
Derived from the place name Bareilles, a village in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in the Occitania region of France. A famous bearer is the American musician and actress Sara Bareilles (1979-).
Besson French, Provençal, Occitan
Southern French nickname from Occitan besson "twin" (from Latin bis) or from the various places (Le) Besson in southern France.
Cabrel Occitan, Friulian, French, Venetian
From the Latin Capralis, meaning ‘a place full of goats’.
Cabrit Medieval Occitan, Provençal, Judeo-Provençal, Occitan
Occitanian byname meaning ""billy-goat"" see: Vulgar Latin "cabritus", from "cabrire" from older Latine "caper". ... [more]
Cailar Provençal
Modern Provençal form of Caylar
D'abbadie French, English, Occitan
Means "of the Abbey" from the Occitan abadia. Variants Abadia, Abbadie, Abadie, Abada, and Badia mean "Abbey".
De La Faieta Occitan
This indicates familial origin within the Arvernian commune of Ais de la Faieta.
De La Tor D’auvèrnhe Occitan
This indicates familial origin within the Arvernian commune of La Tor d’Auvèrnhe.
Espaillat Catalan, Occitan
Occupational name from Catalan espallat, in an old spelling, or directly from Occitan espaiat, espalhat, past participle of espallar meaning "to winnow", "to separate the wheat from the chaff".
Eva Spanish, Catalan, Occitan, Italian, Portuguese
From the given name Eva.
Faïs Medieval Occitan, Occitan (Rare)
Derived from Old French and Occitan fagot, meaning "bundle" (of sticks/twigs), denoting someone who collects bundles.
Falba Occitan (Archaic), French (Rare)
Possibly from French fauve "wildcat".
Fauré Occitan
Fauré is an Occitan family name, a variant of Faure.
Font Catalan, Occitan, Spanish, French
topographic name for someone living near a spring or well Catalan and Occitan font "spring well" (from Latin fons genitive fontis).
Garrigues French, Provençal
This surname comes from Old Provençal garrique meaning "grove of holm oaks or kermes oaks."
Gognon French, Occitan
Nickname for an aggressive or belligerent man, from Old French Gagnon ‘ mastiff’, ‘guard dog’. Possibly from Occitan ganhon ‘young pig’, applied as an offensive nickname. See also Gonyeau.
Hourmilogué Occitan, French
Meaning unknown.
Jesús Spanish, Catalan, Occitan, French
From the given name Jesús.
Maury French, Occitan, English
As a French name, it derives from a short form of the given name Amaury (see Emery)... [more]
Maysonet Provençal
Deriving from the Old French word machun, which meant 'stone cutter.' Inferring the original bearer of the name worked in stone or mason.
Meràs Occitan
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Languedocien commune.
Miramond Medieval Occitan, Occitan, French
From Old Occitan mirar "look" and mond "world".
Nadal Catalan, Occitan
From the personal name Nadal, from nadal "Christmas" (from Latin natalis "birthday"). Compare Noel.
Pagès Occitan, Catalan
Means "peasant" in Occitan and Catalan.
Pémonge French, Occitan
Meaning unknown.
Peres Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Gascon, Breton, Central African
Means "son of Pedro" in Spanish and Portuguese. Means "son of Pere" in Catalan... [more]
Perese Gascon
Meaning the pear tree. It have a second meaning that is Son of Peter and it's a surname of the Christian inspiration. In Catalonia there is a derivative that is Parés (Variations: Pares, Parès, Parè and Pare).
Periz Gascon
Periz is a Gascon surname. It's a native of the region of Gascony (Guyenne). Its signification is Descendant of Peter (Also is The family of Peter). In the French languaje is Pierre. It's a surname of the Christian inspiration and alludes to St... [more]
Pons Catalan, French, Occitan, Dutch
From the given name Pons.
Portal Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Portuguese, Occitan
Topographical surname for someone living near the gates of a fortified town.
Puèg-redond Occitan
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Provençal commune.
Ravier Occitan
Means "horseradish" in French, denoting someone who selled them.
Reille French, Occitan
Topographic name derived from Old Occitan relha meaning "plowshare", or a habitational name from any of several places named Reille or La Reille in southern France. A notable bearer was Honoré Charles Reille (1775-1860), a Marshal of France during the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.
Saba French, Occitan
Nickname from a variant of Occitan sabe meaning "tasty, flavorsome". Compare Sabourin.
Sainte-Marie French, Occitan
French and Occitan cognate of Santamaría.
Sallas Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Occitan, Galician, Portuguese, Aragonese, Asturian, Romanian, Greek
Either a variant of Salas or Sala, or else a nickname from Arabic, Turkish, or Persian salli meaning "broad, wide, large, tall".
Seydoux French, French (Swiss), Occitan
Derived from the Germanic names Sedulius, Sedulfus or Segedolfus. Another theory suggests Occitan roots; it might be an occupational name for someone who worked with silk, derived from Occitan sedós meaning "silky, soft"... [more]
Tautou French, Occitan
Derived from French tatou meaning "armadillo". It may have originally been given to a person who resembled an armadillo in some way. A famous bearer is the French actress and model Audrey Tautou (1976-).
Teissièr Occitan
Occupational name meaning "weaver", ultimately from Latin texarius.... [more]
Theron Southern African, Afrikaans, Occitan
Habitational name for someone from any of various locations in Occitanie named Théron or Thérond, ultimately from Latin torus meaning "elevation, height, embankment". A famous bearer is South African and American actress Charlize Theron (1975-).
Viray Occitan, French, Catalan
Southern French (Occitan) and Catalan variant of Occitan Verai and Veray, nickname from Occitan verai ‘honest’... [more]