Serbo-Croatian Surnames

These names are used in Serbia, Croatia, and other parts of the former Yugoslavia. For more specific lists, see Serbian names and Croatian names.
Adamić Croatian
Means "son of Adam".
Antić Антић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Anto" or "son of Ante 1".
Antunović Croatian
Means "son of Antun".
Ateljević Атељевић Serbian
Probably from Hatelji, the name of a town in Serbia, which is of unknown meaning.
Babić Бабић Serbian, Croatian
Matronymic surname derived from Slavic baba "old woman".
Bašić Башић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of the chief", derived from Serbo-Croatian baša meaning "chief, boss" (of Turkish origin).
Blažević Croatian
Means "son of Blaž".
Bogdanić Croatian
Means "son of Bogdan".
Bogdanović Богдановић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Bogdan".
Božić Croatian
Means "Christmas" in Croatian, a diminutive of bog meaning "god".
Branković Бранковић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Branko".
Brankovich Бранковић Serbian
Alternate transcription of Serbian Бранковић (see Branković).
Brkić Бркић Croatian, Serbian
Derived from Serbo-Croatian brk meaning "moustache, whisker".
Broz Croatian
Derived from Broz, a diminutive of Ambrozije. This was the birth surname of the Yugoslavian dictator Josip Broz Tito (1892-1980).
Ćosić Ћосић Croatian, Serbian
From Croatian and Serbian ćosav "beardless", ultimately from Persian کوسه (koseh) meaning "shark".
Crnčević Црнчевић Serbian, Croatian
Derived from Serbian and Croatian црн (crn) meaning "black".
Davidović Давидовић Serbian
Means "son of David".
Demirović Bosnian
Means "son of Demir".
Đorđević Ђорђевић Serbian
Means "son of Đorđe".
Dragić Драгић Serbian, Croatian, Slovene
Patronymic from any of the Slavic given names starting with Drag (see Drago).
Dragović Драговић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Drago".
Đurić Ђурић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Đuro".
Filipović Филиповић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Filip".
Franjić Croatian
Means "son of Franjo".
Gavrilović Гавриловић Serbian
Means "son of Gavrilo".
Golub Croatian
Means "pigeon" in Croatian.
Grbić Грбић Serbian, Croatian, Slovene
Means "hunchback", derived from Serbian, Croatian and Slovene grba "hump".
Grgić Croatian
Means "son of Grgur".
Gujić Bosnian
Means "son of a snake" from the Bosnian word guja meaning "snake".
Hadžić Bosnian
From Bosnian hadž meaning "hajj, pilgrimage", ultimately derived from Arabic حَجّ (hajj). It originally denoted a person who had completed the hajj.
Herceg Croatian
Croatian form of Herzog.
Hodžić Bosnian
From Bosnian hodža meaning "master, teacher, imam", a word of Persian origin.
Horvat Croatian, Slovene
From Croatian and Slovene Hrvat meaning "Croat, person from Croatia".
Horvatinčić Croatian
Patronymic derived from Horvat.
Ilić Илић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Ilija".
Ivanković Иванковић Croatian, Serbian
Patronymic derived from a diminutive of Ivan.
Ivanović Ивановић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Ivan".
Janković Јанковић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Janko".
Jerković Јерковић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Jerko".
Jovanović Јовановић Serbian
Means "son of Jovan".
Jugovac Croatian
From Croatian jug meaning "south".
Jukić Croatian
Derived from a diminutive of the given name Juraj.
Jurić Croatian
Means "son of Jure".
Juriša Croatian
Derived from a diminutive form of Jure.
Jusić Bosnian
Perhaps means "son of Josip".
Kasun Croatian
Possibly derived from the old Slavic word kazati meaning "to order, to command".
Knežević Кнежевић Croatian, Serbian
Patronymic of Serbo-Croatian knez meaning "prince" (ultimately of Germanic origin).
Kokot Slovene, Croatian
Slovene and Croatian cognate of Kohut.
Kolar Croatian, Slovene
Croatian and Slovene cognate of Kolář.
Kolarić Croatian
Patronymic form of Kolar.
Košar Croatian
From Croatian koš meaning "basket", originally indicating a person who made or sold baskets.
Kovac Ковач Slovak, Croatian, Serbian, Czech
Simplified spelling of Kováč or Kovač.
Kovač Ковач Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovene
Means "blacksmith", a derivative of Slavic kovati meaning "to forge".
Kovačević Ковачевић Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian
Variant of Kovačić.
Kovačić Ковачић Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian
Patronymic derived from South Slavic kovač meaning "blacksmith".
Kralj Краљ Slovene, Croatian, Serbian
Slovene, Croatian and Serbian form of Król.
Lončar Лончар Croatian, Serbian, Slovene
Means "potter", from Serbo-Croatian lonac, Slovene lonec meaning "pot".
Lovrić Croatian
Means "son of Lovro".
Lučić Лучић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Luka".
Lukić Лукић Serbian
Means "son of Luka".
Mandić Мандић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Manda".
Marić Марић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Marija".
Marinović Мариновић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Marin".
Marjanović Марјановић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Marjan 2".
Marković Марковић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Marko".
Martinović Мартиновић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Martin".
Marušić Croatian
Matronymic name meaning "son of Marija".
Matić Croatian
Means "son of Matija".
Matijević Матијевић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Matija".
Medved Slovene, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian
Means "bear" in several Slavic languages.
Mehmedović Bosnian
Means "son of Mehmed".
Mihailović Михаиловић Serbian
Means "son of Mihailo".
Mihajlović Михајловић Serbian
Means "son of Mihajlo".
Mihaljević Croatian
Means "son of Mihael".
Milić Милић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Mile".
Milojević Милојевић Serbian
Means "son of Miloje".
Milošević Милошевић Serbian
Means "son of Miloš".
Milovanović Миловановић Serbian
Means "son of Milovan".
Mlakar Slovene, Croatian
Referred to someone who lived near a pool, derived from South Slavic mlaka meaning "pool, puddle".
Muratović Bosnian
Means "son of Murat".
Nikolić Николић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Nikola 1".
Novak Новак Slovene, Croatian, Serbian
Derived from Slavic novy "new", originally a name for someone who was new to a village.
Pavić Croatian
Means "son of Pavle".
Pavičić Croatian
Means "son of Pavao".
Pavletić Croatian
Derived from a diminutive of the given name Pavle.
Pavlović Павловић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Pavle".
Perić Перић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Pero".
Perko Slovene, Croatian
Derived from an archaic diminutive of Peter.
Perković Croatian
Patronymic derived from an archaic diminutive of Petar.
Petrić Croatian
Means "son of Petar".
Petrović Петровић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Petar".
Popović Поповић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of the priest", derived from Serbo-Croatian pop meaning "priest".
Radić Радић Serbian, Croatian
Patronymic derived from the given name Rade.
Salihović Bosnian
Means "son of Salih".
Šarić Шарић Croatian, Serbian
Patronymic of (possibly) Serbo-Croatian šaren meaning "colourful, patterned".
Šimić Croatian
Means "son of Šime".
Šimunović Croatian
Means "son of Šimun".
Stankić Станкић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Stanko".
Stanković Станковић Serbian
Means "son of Stanko".
Stefanović Стефановић Serbian
Means "son of Stefan".
Stjepanić Croatian
Means "son of Stjepan".
Stojanović Стојановић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Stojan".
Tadić Тадић Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Tadija".
Tahirović Bosnian
Means "son of Tahir".
Terzić Bosnian
From Bosnian terzija meaning "tailor", ultimately of Persian origin.
Tomčić Томчић Serbian, Croatian
Derived from a diminutive of the given name Toma 2.
Tomić Томић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Toma 2".
Vidović Croatian
Means "son of Vid".
Vinković Croatian
Means "son of Vinko".
Vlahović Влаховић Serbian, Croatian
Patronymic from Serbo-Croatian Vlah meaning "Romanian".
Vlašić Croatian
Patronymic from the nickname Vlah meaning "Romanian".
Vukoja Croatian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
Vuković Вуковић Serbian, Croatian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
Živković Живковић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Živko".
Zorić Зорић Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Zora".
Župan Croatian
Croatian cognate of Zupan.