Slovak Surnames

Slovak names are used in the country of Slovakia in central Europe. See also about Czech and Slovak names.
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Means "miner" in Slovak.
BARTOŠCzech, Slovak
Derived from Bartoš, a diminutive of BARTOLOMĚJ or BARTOLOMEJ.
BISKUPCzech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak cognate of BISHOP.
BOSKOPolish, Slovak
Derived from Slavic bosu meaning "barefoot".
Slovak cognate of ČERNÝ.
Slovak cognate of ČÍŽEK.
HORNÍKCzech, Slovak
Occupational name meaning "miner" in Czech and Slovak.
JAHODACzech, Slovak
Czech cognate of JAGODA.
Means "son of JANKO".
JELENPolish, Czech, Slovak
Means "stag" in the Slavic languages.
KOVÁČSlovak, Czech
Slovak and Czech cognate of KOVAČ.
KOVACSlovak, Croatian, Serbian, Czech
Simplified spelling of KOVÁČ or KOVAČ.
KRIŽCzech, Slovak, Slovene
Means "cross" in Czech.
KYSELYCzech, Slovak
Means "sour" in Czech. It was most likely used to denote a person known for his bad mood.
LÁSKACzech, Slovak
Means "love" in Czech and Slovak.
MEDVEDSlovene, Slovak, Croatian, Russian
Means "bear" in several Slavic languages.
NOVÁKCzech, Slovak, Hungarian
Czech, Slovak and Hungarian form of NOVAK.
POKORNYCzech, Slovak, Polish
Derived from the Slavic word pokorny "tame".
PROCHÁZKACzech, Slovak
Means "to walk, to wander" in Czech.
ŘEZNÍKCzech, Slovak
Means "butcher" in Czech and Slovak.
Slovak form of RYBÁŘ.
ŠIMONCzech, Slovak
Derived from the given name ŠIMON.
SKALICKÝCzech, Slovak
Indicated the original bearer came from a place named Skalice, Skalica or Skalička in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, derived from the Slavic root skala meaning "rock".
Slovak cognate of SLAVÍK.
SLOVÁKCzech, Slovak
Originally described one who was from Slovakia.
SÝKORACzech, Slovak
Means "tit (bird)" in Czech and Slovak.
ZIMACzech, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
From a Slavic word meaning "winter". This may have been a nickname for a person with a chilly personality.