Chinese Emperors

This list is comprised of Chinese Emperors (皇帝 Huangdi). Emperors from the Qin, Han, Xin, Jin, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties are included. There are gaps during periods when China was not unified.

Kingdoms in northern China were conquered and united under King Zheng of Qin in the 3rd century BC. He became known as Shi Huangdi, which can be translated as "the first emperor". The last emperor, Puyi, abdicated in 1912, when the Republic of China was formed.

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NameHistorical NameYears
Ying ZhengZhao Zheng "Qin Shi Huang"220-210 BC
Ying HuhaiHuhai "Qin Er Shi"210-207 BC
ZiyingZiying207 BC
Xiong XinYi of Chu206 BC
Xiang YuXiang Yu206-202 BC
Liu BangGao of Han202-195 BC
Liu YingHui of Han195-188 BC
Liu GongQianshao of Han188-184 BC
Liu HongHoushao of Han184-180 BC
Liu HengWen of Han180-157 BC
Liu QiJing of Han157-141 BC
Liu CheWu of Han141-87 BC
Liu FulingZhao of Han87-74 BC
Liu BingyiXuan of Han74-49 BC
Liu ShiYuan of Han49-33 BC
Liu AoCheng of Han33-7 BC
Liu XinAi of Han7-1 BC
Liu KanPing of Han1 BC-6
Liu YingRuzi of Han6-9
Wang MangWang Mang9-23
Liu XuanShenggong23-25
Liu XiuGuangwu of Han25-57
Liu YangMing of Han57-75
Liu DaZhang of Han75-88
Liu ZhaoHe of Han88-105
Liu LongShang of Han105-106
Liu HuAn of Han106-125
Liu BaoShun of Han125-144
Liu BingChong of Han144-145
Liu ZuanZhi of Han145-146
Liu ZhiHuan of Han146-168
Liu HongLing of Han168-189
Liu BianShao of Han189
Liu XieXian of Han189-220
Sima YanWu of Jin280-290
Sima ZhongHui of Jin290-301; 301-307
Sima LunSima Lun301
Sima ChiHuai of Jin307-311
Sima YeMin of Jin313-316
Sima RuiYuan of Jin318-323
Sima ShaoMing of Jin323-325
Sima YanCheng of Jin325-342
Sima YueKang of Jin342-344
Sima DanMu of Jin344-361
Sima PiAi of Jin361-365
Sima YiFei of Jin365-372
Sima YuJianwen of Jin372
Sima YaoXiaowu of Jin372-396
Sima DezongAn of Jin396-403; 404-419
Huan XuanHuan Xuan403-404
Sima DewenGong of Jin419-420
Yang JianWen of Sui581-604
Yang GuangYang of Sui604-618
Li YuanGaozu of Tang618-626
Li ShiminTaizong of Tang626-649
Li ZhiGaozong of Tang649-683
Li XianZhongzong of Tang684; 705-710
Li DanRuizong of Tang684-690; 710-712
Wu ZhaoWu Zetian690-705
Li ChongmaoShang of Tang710
Li LongjiXuanzong of Tang712-756
Li HengSuzong of Tang756-762
Li YuDaizong of Tang762-779
Li KuoDezong of Tang779-805
Li SongShunzong of Tang805
Li ChunXianzong of Tang805-820
Li HengMuzong of Tang820-824
Li ZhanJingzong of Tang824-827
Li HanWenzong of Tang827-840
Li ChanWuzong of Tang840-846
Li ChenXuānzong of Tang846-859
Li CuiYizong of Tang859-873
Li XuanXizong of Tang873-888
Li YeZhaozong of Tang888-900; 901-904
Li YuLi Yu900-901
Li ZuoAi of Tang904-907
Zhao KuangyinTaizu of Song960-976
Zhao GuangyiTaizong of Song976-997
Zhao HengZhenzong of Song997-1022
Zhao ZhenRenzong of Song1022-1063
Zhao ZongshiYingzong of Song1063-1067
Zhao XuShenzong of Song1067-1085
Zhao XuZhezong of Song1085-1100
Zhao JiHuizong of Song1100-1126
Zhao HuanQinzong of Song1126-1127
Zhao GouGaozong of Song1127-1162
Zhao ShenXiaozong of Song1162-1189
Zhao DunGuangzong of Song1189-1194
Zhao KuoNingzong of Song1194-1224
Zhao YunLizong of Song1224-1264
Zhao MengqiDuzong of Song1264-1274
Zhao XianGong of Song1274-1276
Zhao ShiDuanzong of Song1276-1278
Zhao BingBing of Song1278-1279
Kublai KhanKublai Khan1279-1294
Temür KhanTemür Khan1294-1307
Külüg KhanKülüg Khan1307-1311
Buyantu KhanBuyantu Khan1311-1320
Gegeen KhanGegeen Khan1320-1323
Yesün Temür KhanYesün Temür Khan1323-1328
Ragibagh KhanRagibagh Khan1328
Jayaatu KhanJayaatu Khan1328-1329; 1329-1332
Khutughtu KhanKhutughtu Khan1329
Rinchinbal KhanRinchinbal Khan1332
Toghon Temür KhanToghon Temür Khan1333-1370
Zhu YuanzhangHongwu1368-1398
Zhu YunwenJianwen1398-1402
Zhu DiYongle1402-1424
Zhu GaochiHongxi1424
Zhu ZhanjiXuande1425-1435
Zhu QizhenZhu Qizhen1435-1449; 1457-1464
Zhu QiyuJingtai1449-1457
Zhu JianjunChenghua1464-1487
Zhu YouchengHongzhi1487-1505
Zhu HouzhaoZhengde1505-1521
Zhu HoucongJiajing1521-1567
Zhu ZaihouLongqing1567-1572
Zhu YijunWanli1572-1620
Zhu ChangluoTaichang1620
Zhu YouxiaoTianqi1620-1627
Zhu YoujianChongzhen1627-1644
Aixin Jueluo FulinShunzhi1644-1661
Aixin Jueluo XuanyeKangxi1661-1722
Aixin Jueluo YinzhenYongzheng1722-1735
Aixin Jueluo HongliQianlong1735-1796
Aixin Jueluo YongyanJiaqing1796-1820
Aixin Jueluo MianningDaoguang1820-1850
Aixin Jueluo YizhuXianfeng1850-1861
Aixin Jueluo ZaichunTongzhi1861-1875
Aixin Jueluo ZaitianGuangxu1875-1908
Aixin Jueluo PuyiXuantong1908-1912