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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is DundiculutNicholas.
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Zani Italian
Comes from the personal name Z(u)an(n)i, a northeastern (Venetian) form of Gianni (from Giovanni, Italian equivalent of John). Zani or Zanni is a comic figure in the Commedia del’Arte, and the surname may be a nickname derived from this use, which is also the origin of the English word zany.
Zanotti Italian
Comes from a pet form of Zani.
Zelníček Czech
Czech form of Zelnick.
Zelnick Jewish
Occupational name for a tax collecter, comes from Yiddish tselnik which means haberdashery.
Zelníčková Czech
Feminine form of Zelníček, this is the maiden name of Donald J. Trump's first wife, Ivana Zelníčková Trump.
Zgłobieńiak Polish
Habitational name for somebody who comes from the village of Zgłobień in Poland.
Zielińska Polish
Feminine form of Zieliński, this name is only used by females in Poland.
Zielinsky Polish, Russian
Russian form and variant of Zielinski.
Zielsdorf German
Habitational name from an unidentified place, perhaps Ziersdorf in Lower Austria.
Žilinskienė Lithuanian
Feminine form of Žilinskas, name for a married woman or widow with the name.
Zumpano Italian
Comes from the town Zumpano in the province Cosenza in Calabria, Italy. The meaning is unknown but it possibly comes from a Greek-Calabrese surname.
Zygmuntowicz Polish
Patronymic from the personal name Zygmunt.