Submitted Surnames from Other Sources

Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Zapanta Filipino, Tagalog, Hiligaynon
Of Hiligaynon origin and uncertain meaning.
Zapato Spanish
Means "shoe" in Spanish.
Zarafshan Persian
Means "spreader of gold" in Persian, from زر (zar) meaning "gold" and افشان (afshan) meaning "spreader, scatterer".
Zarta South American
Chiefly used in Colombia.
Zarubina Russian
Famous bearer: Olga Zarubina (Ольга Зарубина), Soviet/Russian singer. ... [more]
Zaslavski Russian, Jewish
Variant transcription of Zaslavsky. A notable music producer ZEDD's real name is Anton Zaslavski.
Zatz Jewish
Abbreviation of the Hebrew phrase Zera TSadikim "seed of the righteous", assumed in a spirit of pious respect for one’s ancestors.
Zavarzina Russian
Feminine form of Zavarzin.
Zayasu Japanese
From Japanese 座 (Za) meaning "squat; seat; cushion; gathering; sit" and 安 (Yasu) meaning "relax; cheap; low; quiet; rested; contented; peaceful".
Zaydman Jewish
Russian variant of Seidman.
Zazai Pashto
Meaning uncertain.
Zbirak Ukrainian (Rare), Polish (Rare)
Derived from the Polish 'zbierac' meaning to collect or gather
Zbornak American
Zbornak is a surname. A famous bearer is Dorothy Zbornak (Bea Arthur) from “The Golden Girls”.
Zdunich Polish
Polish name of unknown meaning or origin. A notable bearer of this name is American actor/singer/artist/songwriter Terrance Zdunich.
Zec Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Slovene
Means ''rabbit''.
Zečević Serbian
Derived from zec, meaning ''rabbit''.
Zeghlache Berber, Northern African
Kabyle surname of unknown meaning.
Zeitoun Arabic
Derived from the Arabic زَيْتُون (zaytūn) meaning "olive", a cognate of the Maghrebi Zitouni. It could also be linked to the famous El-Zeitoun district in Cairo, Egypt.
Zelenin Russian
Derived from Russian зелень (zelen) meaning "greens, vegetables, verdure".
Zelenović Serbian
Derived from Serbian зелен (zelen) "green".
Zeltiņš Latvian
Derived from the word zelts meaning "gold".
Žemaitaitis Lithuanian
From Lithuanian Žemaitija or Samogitian Žemaitėjė, an region in Lithuania.
Zenda Japanese (Rare)
Combination of Kanji Characters 全 meaning "everything" and 田 meaning "rice paddy field".
Zerdali Turkish
Means "wild apricot."
Zerhouni Arabic (Maghrebi), Northern African, Berber
Possibly refers to the Zerhoun mountain in Morocco. The family name originates from the city of Nedroma in Tlemcen, Algeria.
Zervas Greek
Meaning unknown. The surname is borne by American rapper, singer and composer Arizona Zervas.
Zgheib Arabic
Lebanese surname of unknown meaning.
Zharkov Russian
Possibly derived from Russian жаркий (zharkiy) "hot".
Zheng Hui
From the Arabic name Shams.
Zhovtenko Ukrainian
Means "yellow", from Ukrainian "жовтий (zhovtyy)".
Zhuge Chinese
One of the rare Chinese double character surnames. It is ranked 314th in the Hundred Family Surnames. The first character can be read as "all, these, various" and the second character as meaning "vine, vines"... [more]
Zhugli Albanian
Meaning unknown.
Zhukovsky Russian
Same spelling as Zhukov
Zhulati Albanian
Meaning unknown
Žiak Slovak
Žiak means "school boy" in Slovak
Ziegenfuss German
Meaning "goat foot".
Zigarroa Basque
It literally means "cigar".
Zilliacus Finland Swedish
Latinization of the surname Ziliaks.
Zimmon English (American)
Variant of Zinon
Zink German
German:... [more]
Zion Hebrew
Means "monument" or "raised up" in Hebrew.
Zipperstein Jewish
Stein is German for the English word stone.
Zipplies German (East Prussian)
Lithuanian-Germanized form of the Swiss German surname Süpply
Zitouni Arabic (Maghrebi)
From Arabic زَيْتُون (zaytūn) meaning "olive".
Zlatkin Jewish
Meaning, "gold" or "yellow."
Zmajlović Croatian
From zmaj meaning ''dragon''.
Zogheib Arabic
Variant transcription of Zgheib.
Zolomon Popular Culture
A corruption of Zalman, after Hunter Zalman Van Sciver, son of comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver. ... [more]
Zomou Manding
Etymology unknown.
Zou Chinese
An ancient Chinese state during the Zhou dynasty.
Zouari Arabic (Maghrebi)
Meaning unknown (chiefly Tunisian).
Zrnčić Croatian
Possibly derived from the Slavic element zrn, of unknown meaning.... [more]
Zsiros Hungarian
Hungarian surname derived from the Serbo-croation word žȋr meaning "acorn".
Zsolnay Hungarian
Hungarian form of the surname Zilinsky.
Zuan Romansh
Derived from the given name Zuan.
Zuaretz Hebrew (Modern)
Means "this land" in Hebrew, also Hebrew form of Suárez.
Zubeldia Basque
A famous bearer of this surname is Aritz Aduriz Zubeldia, a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Athletic Bilbao as a striker.
Zubiarriaín Basque
Zubarriaín has no known meaning.
Zucchino Italian
Derived from zucchino meaning "zucchini, courgette" (Cucurbita pepo). It is also related to those surnames derived from zucca meaning "pumpkin" and to those derived from zuccone meaning "dumb, stubborn".
Zuccoli Italian
Derived from the Italian word zucca meaning "pumpkin", originally referred to someone who used to grow or trade pumpkins.
Zugrăvescu Romanian
Patronymic surname of uncertain origin. It may be derived from the verb a zugrăvi meaning "to paint, to describe figuratively" and therefore mean "The descendant of he who describes/paints".
Zulum Kanuri, Nigerian
Derived from the Arabic Salim.
Žuna Croatian
Derived from žuna meaning ''woodpecker''.
Žunec Croatian
Derived from žuna meaning ''woodpecker''.
Zurita Spanish, Aragonese
An Aragonese surname derived from the Stock Bird, a species of bird.
Zurzolo Italian
The last name of actor, Lorenzo Zurzolo, who is Niccolo in Baby and Theodore Nott in Harry Potter.
Zwilling German, Jewish
Means "a twin", as in a twin brother or twin sister. Often given to those who were twins.
Zyk Russian, Belarusian
A Russian name now found in Belarus and other areas around "white Russia". Literally translates to the Russian word "beetle". It's pronounced "Z'ook" and has taken on other forms of spelling, such as; Zuck, Tzook, Shyk, etc.
Zylstra Dutch, Frisian, English
Derived from Dutch zijl "canal" or "sluice". Originally indicated someone who lives near a canal or sluice.
Zyzykin Russian
Meaning uncertain.