Breton Submitted Surnames

Breton names are used in the region of Brittany in northwest France.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
BIHAN     Breton
Bihan means small in Breton.
BOITEUX     French, Breton
From a Breton nickname meaning "lame".
BOLLORÉ     Breton
Bolloré derives from bod which means bush and lore which means laurel in Breton
BOSSER     Breton
Bosser means butcher in Breton.
Not sure about the origin, but after researches, roughly could say it's from "Breton" origins. Mostly used in north/northwest of Italy (Genova, Mantova and surroundings.
FARRAGUT     Breton, French, Catalan, American
A Breton-French surname of unknown origin. A notable bearer was American naval flag officer David Farragut (1801-1870), who is known for serving during the American Civil War. His father was of Catalan ancestry... [more]
GOURCUFF     Breton
Variant of Gourkuñv. ... [more]
GOURKUÑV     Breton
Breton combination of gour and kuñv meaning "a charming, affable, gentle or conciliatory man". The digraph -ff was introduced by Middle Ages' authors to indicate a nasalized vowel.
GUILLOU     French, Breton
Possibly derived from the given name Guillaume.
GUIVARC'H     Breton
Guivarc'h means 'swift stallion' in the Breton language.
HUON     Breton
Huon is a form of the name Hugh.
KARTER     Breton
Breton form of Carter. This was the birth surname of Breton-French explorer Jacques Cartier (1491-1557), who is known for discovering the gulf of St. Lawrence.
KERGOAT     Breton, French
From Breton ker "Village" or "Area" and koad "Woods".
KERHERVÉ     Breton
From Breton ker "Village" or "Area" and the name Hervé.
LE HOUÉROU     Breton
Derived from Breton c'hwerv "bitter".
LE PEN     Breton
Le Pen is a Breton surname meaning "the head", "the chief" or "the peninsula".
LE TALLEC     Breton
Tallec derives from talek which means someone with a large forehead in Breton.
MENEZ     Breton
Menez means mount or mountain in Breton.
MÉZEC     Breton
Mézec derives from mezeg which means physician in Breton
PEREIRE     Breton (Latinized, Archaic)
This surname is the Gallic (Gaulish) origin and it means wild pear tree. There are also similar spellig in the Iberian Peninsula such as Pereiro, Pereyro, Pereiros, Perero and Pereros. These surnames (last names) correspond to families of the Celtiberian culture.
PERESS     Breton (Latinized, Rare, Archaic)
It means Son of Peter (Pedro).
SALAÜN     Breton, French
Form of the given name Solomon.
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