Dagestani Submitted Surnames

Dagestani names are used in Dagestan, a federal subject of Russia.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ABDULATIPOV     Dagestani, Avar, Uzbek
From the given name Abdulatip, itself derived from the Arabic name Abd al-Latif. A notable bearer is Ramzan Abdulatipov (1946-), the current Head of the Republic of Dagestan in Russia.
GADZHIEV     Dagestani, Avar, Lak, Azerbaijani
Means "son of Gadzhi" or "son of the pilgrim".
Means “son of Gadzhimagomed”.
GADZHIMURADOV     Dagestani, Avar
From the given name Gadzhimurad.
Means "son of Hamza".
IBRAGIMOV     Uzbek, Tajik, Kazakh, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, Avar, Chechen
Means “son of Ibragim”.
KHAYBULAEV     Avar, Crimean Tatar
Means "son of Khaybulla", from a given name derived from Arabic حَيّ (ḥayy) meaning "alive" combined with الله (allāh) meaning "Allah, God".
KURAMAGOMEDOV     Avar, Dagestani
Means "son of Kuramagomed".
MAGOMEDOV     Avar, Lezgin, Lak, Dargin, Chechen, Ingush
Means "son of Magomed".
MAJIDOV     Dagestani, Uzbek, Tajik
Means "son of Majid".
MAKHACHEV     Avar, Lak
Means "son of Makhach".
MIRZAMAGOMEDOV     Dagestani, Lezgin
Derived from the Persian title میرزا (mirzâ) meaning "prince" (see Mirza) combined with the given name Magomed.
MURTAZALIEV     Avar, Chechen
Derived from a combination of the given names Murtaza and Ali.
From the given name Nurmagomed.
OMAROV     Kazakh, Dagestani, Avar, Dargin, Azerbaijani, Turkmen
Variant transcription of Umarov.
SHAPIEV     Dagestani, Avar, Dargin, Chechen
Means "son of Shapi".
TAGIRBEKOV     Dagestani, Lezgian
Means "son of Tagirbek".
VAGABOV     Chechen, Dagestani
Means "son of Vagab".
YUSUFOV     Tajik, Uzbek, Dagestani
Means "son of Yusuf".
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