Turkish Submitted Surnames

Turkish names are used in the country of Turkey, which is situated in western Asia and southeastern Europe. Turkey is part of the larger Muslim world. See also about Turkish names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AÇIKGÖZ     Turkish
Derived from Turkish açık meaning "open, opened" and göz "eye".
AGHA     Turkish
Means "chief, master, lord" in Turkish. From the Turkish ağa 'chief, master, lord', from the Old Turkish aqa 'elder brother'. Traditionally it was a title for a civilian or military officer, or often part of such title, and was placed after the name of certain military functionaries in the Ottoman Empire... [more]
AK     Turkish
Means "white" in Turkish.
AKBULUT     Turkish
Means "white cloud" in Turkish.
AKÇAM     Turkish
A surname of Turkish origin, ultimate from the words ak meaning "white" and çam meaning "pine tree".
AKDAĞ     Turkish
Related to any one of several mountains in Turkey by the name of Akdağ, this surname literally derives its meaning from the words ak meaning "white" and dağ meaning "mountain" and probably denoted someone who lived in the proximity of such a mountain.
AKHAN     Turkish
A combination of AK and HAN.... [more]
AKKAŞ     Turkish
Means "white brow" from Old Turkic ak "white" and kaş "brow".
AKKAYA     Turkish
Means "white rock" from Turkish ak meaning "white" and kaya "rock".
AKTAS     Turkish
Aktaº literally means "white stone" in Turkish, however means also "meerschaum" of Turkey.
AKTUG     Turkish
AKYILDIZ     Turkish
Means "white star" in Turkish.
AKYOL     Turkish
Means "white path" or "honest path" from Old Turkic ak "white, honest" and yol "way, path".
ALBAYRAK     Turkish
Means "red flag" from Turkish al meaning "red" and bayrak "flag".
ALKAN     Turkish (Latinized, Modern)
Means "General name of saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons" and "red(al) blood(kan)" in Turkish.
APAYDIN     Turkish
Means "very bright".
ARSLAN     Turkish
Variant of Aslan.
ASAROĞLU     Turkish
Means "son of Asar".
AYDEN     English, Scottish, Turkish
From a Scottish surname which was derived from Gaelic caol meaning "narrows, channel, strait".
AYDINLISOY     Turkish
Means "enlightened family" in Turkish.
BEGUM     Indian (Muslim), Bengali (Muslim), Kashmiri, Urdu, Punjabi, Turkish
From the Persian title بیگم (beygom) meaning "lady, madam", traditionally used as a royal title for Muslim females in Central and South Asia. It is the feminine equivalent of the Ottoman Turkish title بك (beg).
BERA     Turkish, Arabic
Means "knowledgeable, smart, beautiful".
BEY     Indian (Muslim), Assamese, Turkish, Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from the Ottoman Turkish title بك (beg) (modern Turkish bey) meaning "ruler, chief, lord, master".
BILGIN     Turkish
Means "scholar, learned, pundit" in Turkish.
BUBIKOĞLU     Turkish
Means "son of Bubik".
ÇAKIR     Turkish
Means either "goshawk", "wine", or "greyish-blue" in Turkish.
ÇAKMAK     Turkish
Means "lighter" in Turkish, referring to a tool used to ignite fire. This is also the name of a village in Antalya Province, Turkey.
ÇALIŞKAN     Turkish
Means "hard-working, assiduous" in Turkish.
CAN     Turkish
Means "soul, life, being" in Turkish, ultimately of Persian origin.
CANAK     Turkish
From the Turkish town of Çanakkale. Canak is the Anglicised form, which may or may not retain its Turkish pronunciation.
CANDEMIR     Turkish
Means "iron soul", derived from Turkish can meaning "soul, spirit" combined with demir meaning "iron".
ÇEÇEN     Turkish, Chechen (Expatriate)
Means "Chechen" in Turkish, mostly used by Chechens residing in Turkey.
ÇELİK     Turkish
Means "steel" in Turkish.
CENGİZ     Turkish
From the given name Cengiz.
ÇERKEZ     Turkish
Means "Circassian" or "Adyghe" in Turkish.
ÇETINKAYA     Turkish
Means "hard rock" from Turkish çetin meaning "hard, tough" combined with kaya meaning "rock".
ÇEVIK     Turkish
Means "nimble, agile, quick" in Turkish.
ÇIÇEK     Turkish
Means "flower, blossom" in Turkish.
ÇIFTÇI     Turkish
Means "farmer" in Turkish.
ÇINAR     Turkish
Means "oriental plane tree (Platanus orientalis)" in Turkish, of Persian origin. The oriental plane tree is widely revered throughout Central Asia.
DENIZ     Turkish
Means "sea" in Turkish.
DOĞAN     Turkish
Means "hawk, falcon" in Turkish.
DURMAZ     Turkish
Derived from Turkish durmak meaning "to stop" or "to remain, to persist".
DURU     Turkish
Duru means 'clean, limpid' in Turkish.
EKSI     Turkish
Ekºi means "sour" in Turkish.
EMİR     Turkish
Turkish cognate of Amir.
ERDEM     Turkish
Erdem means "virtue" in Turkish.
ERGIN     Turkish
Means "mature, adult" in Turkish.
ERKAN     Turkish
From Turkish er "brave man" and kan "blood".
EROĞLU     Turkish
Means son of soldier.
EYÜBOĞLU     Turkish
Means ''son of Eyüp''.
GÖKÇE     Turkish
Means "celestial, heavenly, sky" in Turkish.
GULTEKIN     Turkish
It comes from "Kül Tigin" (? - 575 AD) who was a general of the Second Turkic Kaganate (Göktürks' khaganate). He was a second son of Ilterish Shad and the younger brother of Bilge Kagan.
GÜNDÜZ     Turkish
Means "daytime, day" in Turkish.
GÜNEŞ     Turkish
Means "sun" or "sunny" in Turkish.
GÜNEY     Turkish
Means "south, southern" in Turkish.
GÜRBÜZ     Turkish
Means "robust, healthy" in Turkish.
GUREL     Turkish
Dynamism is the meaning of the name.
GÜVEN     Turkish
From the noun güven meaning "trust, confidence", perhaps designating a trustworthy character, or alternatively one who trusts in others readily.
HAZAR     Turkish
Turkish / Muslim last name meaning "nightingale".
HOROZ     Turkish
From the Turkish word horoz meaning "Rooster".
INCE     Turkish
Ýnce means "thin" or "slim" in Turkish.
IŞIK     Turkish
Means "light" in Turkish.
KAAN     Turkish
From the given name Kaan.
KAHRAMAN     Turkish
Means "hero" in Turkish, ultimately from Persian قهرمان (qahramân).
KAHYA     Turkish
means butler in Turkish
KAPLAN     Jewish, Turkish
Means "tiger" in Turkish. This common Jewish surname has a spelling variation: Caplan. For an unknown reason, Jewish immigrants who passed through the port at Baltimore had their names changed to Caplan, while the Jewish immigrants who passed through Ellis Island retained the original K spelling.
KARACA     Turkish
Means "roe deer" in Turkish.
KARAÇAM     Turkish
Means larch.
KARADENIZ     Turkish
Means "black sea" in Turkish.
KARAKAYA     Turkish
From Turkish kara meaning "black, dark" combined with kaya "rock".
KARANCI     Turkish
Means "merchant","someone who deals with transport"
KARASU     Turkish
Means "black water" derived from Turkish kara meaning "black, dark" combined with su "water".
KARAYUSUF     Turkish
Yusuf is a name for men and Karayusuf means Dark Yusuf.
KAYA     Turkish
Means "rock" in Turkish.
KILIÇ     Turkish
Means "sword" in Turkish.
KILINÇ     Turkish
Variant spelling of Kılıç.
KORKMAZ     Turkish
Means "unafraid, fearless" in Turkish.
KÖSE     Turkish
Means ''beardless''.
KUNT     Turkish
Means "Solid", also the old Turkish name of a mountain range in Asia where Turks supposedly originated from.
KURTOĞLU     Turkish
Means "son of wolf".
KUŞ     Turkish
Means "bird" in Turkish.
LEPSY     Slavic (Rare), Turkish (Rare)
Possibly dating back to the Ottoman Empire's invasion of Europe, the original Turkic meaning is veiled in mystery, and possibly meant "one who comes from the edge of the lake." ... [more]
NALCI     Turkish
Occupational surname denoting a horse-shoe maker, from the Turkish word nal meaning "horse-shoe" and the particle -cı a suffix appended to words to create a noun denoting a profession or occupation.
ÖREN     Turkish
Means "ruin" in Turkish.
ORUÇ     Turkish
From Turkish oruç meaning ''fast, to abstain from food''.
ÖZALP     Turkish
Comes from Özalp, Van, Turkey
ÖZCAN     Turkish
Means "pure soul" in Turkish.
ÖZDEMIR     Turkish
Özdemir literally means "pure iron" in Turkish, however means "one who is strong like his genealogy iron".
ÖZKAN     Turkish
Özkan means "pure blood" in Turkish.
ÖZTÜRK     Turkish
From the given name Öztürk.
PASHA     Albanian, Ottoman Turkish (Anglicized), Turkish (Anglicized)
Pasha or pascha (Ottoman Turkish: پاشا‎, Turkish: paşa), formerly anglicized as bashaw, was a higher rank in the Ottoman Empire political and military system, typically granted to governors, generals and dignitaries and others... [more]
PEHLIVAN     Turkish
Means "wrestler" or "strongman" in Turkish, referring to a yağlı güreş wrestler (a traditional Turkish oil wrestling sport), ultimately of Persian origin.
POLAT     Turkish
Means "steel" in Persian. Many Turkish Oghuz descendants are using this surname.
Means "son of Ramazan" in Turkish.
SAĞLAM     Turkish
Means "firm, hard, strong" in Turkish.
SARIKAYA     Turkish
Sarıkaya is a Turkish word meaning "yellow rock".
SARILAR     Turkish
Means ''yellows'' in Turkish. A common place name in Turkey.
ŞAŞMAZ     Turkish
From Turkish şaşmaz ''infallible''.
SEZER     Turkish
Means "intuition", from Turkish sezmek meaning "to understand, to perceive".
SEZGIN     Turkish
Means "sagacious, insightful" in Turkish.
ŞIMŞEK     Turkish
Means "lightning" in Turkish.
SOYDAN     Turkish (Modern)
Soy, "lineage, ancestry" and dan "from"; One who has come down from good ancestry (a good family)
TABAK     Turkish
Occupational name for a tanner
TOPRAK     Turkish
Toprak means "earth" in Turkish.
TUFAN     Turkish
From the given name Tufan.
TÜFEKÇI     Turkish
Means "gunsmith" in Turkish.
TUNCER     Turkish
Derived from Turkish tunç meaning ''bronze''.
TURAN     Turkish
Refers to Turan, an historical region in Central Asia inhabited by the nomadic Iranian Turanian people. The name itself means "land of the Tur" and is derived from the name of a Persian mythological figure, Tur (تور).
TÜRK     Turkish
Türk means "Turk" in Turkish.
TÜRKMEN     Turkish, Turkmen
Refers to a Turkmen person (someone from the present-day nation of Turkmenistan). The ethnonym itself is believed to be derived from Türk combined with the Sogdian suffix -man (thus meaning "almost Turk") or from Türk combined with Arabic إِيمَان (ʾīmān) meaning "faith, belief, religion".
TÜRKOĞLU     Turkish
Means "son of a Turk" in Turkish.
ÜNAL     Turkish
Means "become famous" or "become well-known" in Turkish.
ÜNLÜ     Turkish
Means "famous, celebrity" in Turkish.
UYSAL     Turkish
Means "docile, easygoing, peaceful" in Turkish.
YALÇIN     Turkish
From the given name Yalçın.
YAVUZ     Turkish
From the adjective yavuz meaning "stern, tough".
Possibly from Turkish yayla meaning "plateau".
YAZICI     Turkish
Means "writer" or "clerk" in Turkish.
YILDIRIM     Turkish
Means "lightning, lightning bolt" in Turkish.
YILDIZ     Turkish
Means "star" in Turkish.
YÜCE     Turkish
Turkish surname derived from the word yüce meaning "lofty, gracious, noble, eminent".
YÜKSEL     Turkish
Means "increase, rise" in Turkish, derived from Turkish yükselmek "to rise, to increase, to ascend".
ZAIMOĞLU     Turkish
Means "son of Zaim".
ZENGIN     Turkish
From Turkish zengin meaning "rich", ultimately from Persian سنگين‏ (sangin).
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