Dutch (Surinamese) Submitted Surnames

These names are a subset of Dutch names used more often in Suriname.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Braafheid Dutch, Dutch (Surinamese)
Means "braveness" in Dutch, derived from braaf meaning "brave, well-behaved, obedient" and the suffix -heid denoting a condition or state of being. This was originally a nickname for a strong or brave person... [more]
Dumfries Scottish, Dutch, Dutch (Surinamese)
From the name of a market town in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, derived from Gaelic dùn meaning "fort" and preas meaning "thicket". This surname is found predominantly in Aruba, the Netherlands and Suriname... [more]
Graanoogst Dutch, Dutch (Surinamese)
Occupational name for a person who harvested grain, derived from Middle Dutch grâen literally meaning "grain, cereal" and ôgest meaning "harvest". A famous bearer is the Surinamese soldier and politician Ivan Graanoogst (19??-), who was an acting president of Suriname in December 1990.
Gullit Dutch, Dutch (Surinamese)
Possibly derived from Old Dutch golt meaning "gold", most likely referring to a person who worked with gold. The former Dutch soccer player Ruud Gullit (1962-; birth name Rudi Dil) is a famous bearer of this name.
Kluivert Dutch, Dutch (Surinamese)
Nickname perhaps related to Dutch kluiven meaning "to gnaw, to bite, to nibble". A notable bearer is Dutch former soccer player Patrick Kluivert (1976-).
Rijkaard Dutch, Dutch (Surinamese)
Dutch variant of Richard. A famous bearer of this surname is the retired Dutch soccer player Frank Rijkaard (1962-).
Wijnaldum Frisian, Dutch, Dutch (Surinamese)
From Wijnaldum, the name of a village within the city of Harlingen in northwest Friesland in the Netherlands, derived from the given name Winald combined with Old Frisian hēm meaning "home, settlement"... [more]