Manx Submitted Surnames

Manx names are used on the Isle of Man.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Cannell Manx
Manx cognate of McConnell or O'Connell.
Casement Manx
Anglicized and reduced form of Manx Gaelic Mac Asmuint meaning "son of Ásmundr". A notable bearer was Sir Roger Casement (1864-1916), an Irish-born British consular official and rebel.
Clague Manx
Shortened Anglicization of either Gaelic Mac Luathóg "son of Luathóg", itself derived from a diminutive of Gaelic luath, Manx leah "swift", or from Gaelic Mac Laoghóg "son of Laoghóg", which is derived from a diminutive of Gaelic laogh and Manx lheiy "calf".
Clucas Manx
Contracted anglicised form of "Mac Lucas" meaning "Son of Lucas
Collet Manx
Variant of Corlett.
Comish Manx
Manx: from Gaelic Mac Thómais ‘son of Thomas’. The main seat of the family in the Isle of Man was Ballacomish ‘Comish's (or Thomas's) farm’ (Arbory, IoM).
Corkill Manx, Irish
The name is an Anglicised form of the Gaelic Mac Thorcaill ("son of Thorkell") which is derived from the Old Norse personal name meaning "Thor's kettle".
Corkish Manx
From a reduced form of Gaelic "Mac Mharcuis" meaning "Son of Marcas".
Corlett Manx
Anglicization of Manx (Mac) Thórliótr "(son of) Þorliótr".
Corrin Manx, Scottish
First documented in 1290, sources suggest prototypes to be of Norse and/or Irish origins or a Manx contraction of Mac Oran from Mac Odhrain.
Corrin Manx, Scottish
Manx and Irish contracted form of MacTorin, McCorryn, Mac Odhráin, and Mac Corraidhin
Corris Manx
Depalatalized form of Corish.
Costain English, Scottish, Manx
When originating in Scotland Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man the surname is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Mac Austain, meaning "son of Austin"... [more]
Cowley Irish, Manx
Contracted anglicised form of the Norse-Gaelic surname "Mac Amhlaoibh", meaning "son of Amhlaoibh". See also: Olafson, Olafsen, Ólafsson, and Ólafsdóttir
Crain Manx
Variant of Craine.
Craine Manx
Shortened Anglicization of Manx Mac Ciaráin "son of Ciarán" or Mac Giolla Ciaráin "son of the devotee of Ciarán".
Crellin Manx
Manx: shortened form of Gaelic Mac Nialláin ‘son of Niallán’ a diminutive of the personal name Niall. This name has been explained as a metathesized form of Crennall
Crennall Manx
Contracted form of "Mac Raghnaill" meaning "son of Raghnall
Cubbon Manx
Manx contracted form of the Irish Gaeilge "Mac Ghiobúin". See also McCubbon
Curphey Manx
Shortened Anglicization of Manx Mac Murchadha "son of Murchad".
Dempster Manx, English, Scottish
The name for a judge or arbiter of minor disputes, from Old English dem(e)stre, a derivative of the verb demian ‘to judge or pronounce judgement’. Although this was originally a feminine form of the masculine demere, by the Middle English period the suffix -stre had lost its feminine force, and the term was used of both sexes... [more]
Faragher Manx
Manx variant of Farquhar
Kewish Scottish, Manx
The surname Kewish was first found in on the Isle of Uist, in the Hebrides in Scotland, which is named for the Irish King, Colla Uais who was deposed in Ireland by Muedach Tireach and was banished with 300 of their principal chiefs to the Hebrides in 327 A.D. They became known as the kingdom of Ailech and gave birth to the kindred of St... [more]
Killip Manx
"Philip's Son" ... [more]
Kissack Manx
Manx and Derry Irish form of "McIsaac"
Kneale Manx
Manx contracted form of Mac Néill
Kneen Manx
Manx cognate of the Gaelic surname Mac Niadháin, itself derived from the Gaelic personal name Nia meaning "champion." It may also be a corruption of the surname McNiven (Anglicized form of Mac Cnáimhín).
MacCorran Manx
Manx anglicised form of MacTorin
Macfayle Manx
Variant of Mac Phaayl. This form was recorded on the Isle of Man in 1511.
Mac Phaayl Manx
Means "son of Paayl" in Manx Gaelic, Paayl being the Manx form of Paul.... [more]
MacTorin Manx (Archaic)
Manx Gaelg "son of Þórfinnr" (from Þórr the name of the Scandinavian thunder god + the ethnic designation Finnr).
Maktory Manx
Alternate form of MacTorin
McCorryn Manx
Manx anglicised form of MacTorin, alternate form of MacCorran
Mcsimmeen Manx
"Little Simon's Son"
Quail English, Manx
A variant of Quayle, derived from various patronymics meaning "son of Paul". Alternately, an English nickname derived from the bird, perhaps given to a person who was timid, or known for being promiscuous.
Quark Manx
Alternate form of Corkish, meaning "Mac Mharcuis", or "son of Marcas" via the name Marc or Mark.
Quayle Irish (Anglicized), Scottish (Anglicized), Manx (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of various Gaelic patronymics derived from the given name Paul - namely, Manx Gaelic Mac Phaayl meaning "son of Paayl"; Scottish Gaelic Mac Phàil "son of Pàl"; and Irish Gaelic Mac Phóil "son of Pól"... [more]
Quine Manx
Shortened Anglicization of Manx Mac Vian "son of Mian".
Roney Irish, Manx
Irish variant and Manx form of Rooney.
Shimmin Manx
Contracted form of McSimeen
Teare Manx
Manx form of McIntyre, from Manx "mac y teyr" and Irish "mac an tSaoir" meaning "son of the craftsman"