Polynesian Submitted Surnames

These names are used on the various Polynesian islands of the Pacific.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Apa Samoan
Best known as the surname of KJ Apa.
Atan Rapa Nui
This name means Adam. This is the surname of the ariki "king" Atamu Tekena's family.
Ausage Samoan, English (Australian), American
Possibly from the given name Ausage.
Auva'a Samoan
Means “crew” in Samoan.
Avelino Spanish, Polynesian, Filipino
Spanish form of Avellino, the surname of the 17th-century Italian saint Andrew Avellino.
Hale Hawaiian
"House" in Hawaiian.
Henare Maori
From the English given name Henry.
Hoapili Hawaiian
"Attached to the bosom", i.e very, very close. Name given by Kamehameha to his brother and closest high chief.
Horomona Moriori
This was not only a last name but a first name. This was one of the last names of the last full blooded Moriori named Tame Horomona Rehe (Tommy Solomon).
Ihimaera Maori
This name in English means Ishmael. This name is not only a surname but was used at least in the past as a first name. This name could have another origin. This is the last name of the first Maori author to produce a book made up of stories Witi Ihimaera (1944- ).
Ikaika Hawaiian
Mighty, Strong, Unmovable
Ioane English (New Zealand), English (Australian), American, Samoan, Polynesian, Romanian
May come from the given name John or variants of this name, such as Ion 1.
Kaaka Maori
Originated from Northland New Zealand town, Te Kao. Te Kao is a district on the Aupouri Peninsula of Northland, New Zealand. State Highway 1 passes through the district. Cape Reinga is 46 km to the north, and Houhora is 24 km to the south... [more]
Kaʻanāʻanā Hawaiian
This Hawaiian surname means The Black Magic.... [more]
Kahale Hawaiian
"The house".
Kahananui Hawaiian
From the given name Kahananui.
Kahue Hawaiian
From the given name Kahue.
Kainoa Hawaiian
From the given name Kainoa.
Kalani Hawaiian
From the given name Kalani.
Kalawaiʻa Hawaiian
From the given name Kalawaiʻa.
Kamaka Hawaiian
From the given name Kamaka.
Kamakawiwo'ole Hawaiian
From ka maka wiwo'ole, which means "the fearless eye, the bold face" in Hawaiian.... [more]
Kamalani Hawaiian
From the given name Kamalani.
Kauhane Hawaiian
Literally, "the spirit". Ka being "the" and Uhane being "spirit".
Keahi Hawaiian
From the given name Keahi.
Keala Hawaiian
From the given name Keala.
Kealoha Hawaiian
From the given name Kealoha.
Kekoa Hawaiian
From the given name Kekoa.
Kelekolio Hawaiian
From the given name Kelekolio.
Lahela Hawaiian
Hawaiian version of Rachel (name meaning ewe in Hebrew). Named after fictional character from video game 'Choices: Stories You Play', Dr. Bryce Lahela.
Lee Vietnamese, Hmong, Thai, Khmer, Lao, Burmese, Filipino, Tagalog, Malay, Indonesian, Hawaiian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
Korean, Vietnamese, Hmong, Thai, Khmer, Lao, Burmese, Filipino, Malay, Indonesian, Hawaiian, and Japanese form of Li 1 or Li 2... [more]
Leialoha Hawaiian
Best known as the surname of a certain Steve.
Mahi'ai Hawaiian
From the elements "mahi" (farm) and "'ai" (food).
Moala Tongan, Samoan
Meaning uncertain.
Moana Maori
From the given name Moana.
Opetaia Maori, Polynesian
This name possibly came from the given name Opetaia. A notable bearer of this name is Jai Opetaia, an australian boxer born in 1995.
ʻŌpūnui Hawaiian
From the given name ʻŌpūnui.
Paewai Maori
The Maori meaning of it is "driftwood"
Pakarati Rapa Nui
This name was from a given name before it became a surname due to the Rapanui adopting Catholic names as first names and making their original first names their surnames. This surname was the most common Rapanui surname from 1937-1996... [more]
Parata Maori
From a transliteration of the English word "brother" or "brothers".
Pōhānō Hawaiian
This surname means "wheezy."
Puletua Samoan
May come from Pule meaning 'authority, leader, command'.
Punga Maori
The name means "reason, cause, origin". Punga is the name of the daughter of Ra (Sun) and his spouse Tame. This was the name of Ngati Mutunga chief Apitea Punga (1827?-1885) who had Moriori slaves and was a big land owner... [more]
Rameka-waapu Maori
A maori Mythological creature
Rangihau Maori
Rangihau means "windy weather" in Maori
Rapu Rapa Nui
People with this surname have a connection to the Rapa Nui Ngaure clan. Rapu is the surname of Rapanui insurrection leader and mayor of Rapa Nui aka Easter Island Alfonso Rapu (1942) who led a revolt against the Chilean government in 1965... [more]
Riroroko Rapa Nui
Riroroko is a surname that comes from the Miru Rapa Nui clan. This was concerning the Riro portion the name of a ariki "king" on Easter Island who succeeded Atamu Tekena. Riro was part of the Miru clan... [more]
Rīwai Maori
This name is a translation of the name Levi. The name also means potato as a general word for potatoes when its spelled without the letter "ī". This was the surname of founding mother Kiti Karaka Rīwai (1870-1927)... [more]
Seufale Samoan
seufale is a name which is used in the islands of samoa but is also usedin other countries by the samoan people. seufale is a name passed down by a family member.
Tanielu Samoan
From the given name Daniel.
Tapu Moriori
Tapu in the Moriori language means sacred. This was the surname of a 19th century Owenga Moriori leader named Hirawanu Tapu (?-1900).
Teheiura Tahitian
From the given name Teheiura.
Te Poki Maori
The word Te means "the." The word Poki possibly means "to clear the garden." This was the name of a Ngati Mutunga tidewaiter and constable on what is now the Chatham Islands named Toenga Te Poki.
Wero Spanish (Latin American), Maori
Maori: Means "to cast a spear"... [more]