Romanian Submitted Surnames

Romanian names are used in the countries of Romania and Moldova in eastern Europe.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abramovici Romanian, Moldovan
From a nickname given to someone who is from Moscow
Abramovici Romanian, Moldovan
Romanian equivalent of Russian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian surname Abramovich, meaning son of Abraham
Adamescu Romanian
Patronymic from the given name Adam.
Adrianescu Romanian
Of Romanian origin meaning "son of Adrian".
Alexandru Romanian
From the given name Alexandru.
Alexie Greek, Romanian
From the givin name Alexie
Amadi Persian, Romanian, Italian, Maltese
Variant of Ahmadi common in Romania and Italy. It is typical of Malta.
Andrei Romanian
From the given name Andrei.
Anghel Romanian
From the given name Anghel.
Apostol Spanish (Philippines), Romanian
Means "apostle" in Romanian and is an unaccented form of Apóstol in Filipino.
Avram Romanian
From the given name Avram.
Axinte Romanian
From the given name Axinte.
Babeș Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Bacal Romanian, Jewish
Derived from Romanian bacal, an alternative form of băcan meaning "grocer".
Bacall Romanian, Jewish
Variant spelling of Bacal. A famous bearer was the American actress Lauren Bacall (1924-2014).
Baciu Romanian
Romanian surname from the word "baci" (shepherd)or the capitan of the game "oina".
Bălcescu Romanian
Derived from the name of a Romanian town Bălcești.
Balitiu Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Barbăneagră Romanian
It literally means "black beard".
Barbu Romanian
Means "bushy-bearded."
Belimace Romanian
From the Aromanian language.
Bercovici Romanian
Romanian form of Berkovich.
Bivol Romanian, Moldovan
Meaning "buffalo".
Blaga Romanian
Probably related to several places named Blaga in Romania.
Bodnaru Romanian
Romanian form of Bodnár.
Bogdan Romanian, Croatian
From the given name Bogdan.
Bogdănescu Romanian
Derived from name Bogdan.
Bolnavu Romanian
From Romanian bolnav meaning "sick, ill".
Boroi Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Bosneag Romanian
means "Bosnian" or a descendant of Bosnia in Romanian
Bosneanu Romanian
Meaning “Bosnian” or person from Bosnia in Romanian
Botezatu Romanian
Means "baptized."
Bratu Romanian
Romanian surname; derives from "brat", the Slavic word for brother.
Bucur Romanian
A ancient Romanian name of Dacian origin. It means "happy". A legendary Romanian shepherd named Bucur it is said to have founded Bucharest, the present capital or Romania, giving his name to it (The Romanian city name is Bucureşti).
Buican Romanian (Rare)
It comes from the name Buicani which comes from the village Buiucani situated in Moldova
Burlacu Romanian
Probably means "bachelor" in Romanian, this is one of the most common surnames in Romania.
Călin Romanian
Derived from the given name Călin.
Carabuz Romanian
Carabuz is a combination betwen 2 Romanian words, ,,cărăbuș" the Romanian form of ,,beetle" and ,,autobuz" the Romanian form of ,,bus"
Cardei Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Carlova Romanian
Meaning uncertain. It may be related to the name Karlov or Karlova. Another possible relative is the surname Korolev, originating from korol meaning "king"... [more]
Cazacu Romanian
From the name of the Cazacu River which flows through Romania.
Cazan Romanian
From Romanian meaning "cauldron".
Ceaușescu Romanian (Rare)
Derived from Romanian ceauș "doorman, courier, usher" (ultimately derived from Ottoman Turkish çavuş "messenger, sergeant"). A notable bearer of the surname is the infamous Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu.
Cel Tradat Romanian (Rare)
'cel Tradat' translates to "the betrayed" in Romanian.... [more]
Cimpoieru Romanian
Occupation surname originating from bagpipe players; Romanian version of Piper
Ciora Romanian (Rare)
Derived from a Romanian place name.
Ciotti Romanian
From Meglenite, a closely related language.
Ciubotaru Romanian
Means "boot maker" in Romanian, the one that makes boots ("ciubota" (singular), regionalism for "cizma"/"gheata"). Not the same with "shoe maker" (or "Schumacher" in German) as the Romanian "Ciubotar" refers strictly to boots and not all kinds of shoes.
Ciuraru Romanian
Ciuraru is a Romanian surname, derived from the Romanian word ,,cioară" who is mean ,,crow"
Codreanu Romanian, Moldovan
A common surname in Romania and Moldova.... [more]
Coman Romanian
Means "bent or crooked".
Corbeanu Romanian
Derived from Romanian corb, itself originally from the Latin corvus meaning "raven" (bird).
Costache Romanian
From the given name Costache
Costiniu Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Crăciun Romanian
Crăciun is the Romanian word for Christmas.
Creangă Romanian, Moldovan
A Surname commonly used in Romania and Moldova.... [more]
Croitoru Romanian
Croitoru is a Romanian-language surnames derived from the occupation of croitor, meaning "tailor".
Cupru Romanian
Means "copper" in Romanian.
Dan Romanian, Vietnamese, English, Danish
Ethnic name in various European languages (including Danish and English) meaning ‘Dane’. ... [more]
Diaconu Romanian
From Romanian diacon meaning "deacon".
Dianich Romanian
From Istrian Romanian.
Dinescu Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Dinu Romanian
Derived from the nickname Dinu.
Donceanu Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Dorin Romanian
From the given name Dorin.
Dracula Romanian
The Wallachian name for dragon was "Drac" or "Dracul". Vlad II of Wallachia joined a semi-secret order known as The Order of the Dragon and took the name Vlad Dracul. The word "Drac" can also mean "devil" or "evil spirit"... [more]
Dragan Romanian
Possibly from the given name Dragan or a form of Draganov.
Dragavei Romanian (Rare)
"It is a wild plant that consists in big curly leaves.It is called curly dock in english."
Dragomir Romanian
From the given name Dragomir.
Eftemie Romanian
Derived from the forename Euthymius.
Elordi Romanian (?)
used by actor, Jacob Elordi
Enescu Romanian
Means 'son of Aeneas' in Romanian.
Epureanu Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Eremia Romanian
From the given name Eremia which is the Romanian form of Jeremiah.
Fieraru Romanian
Means "smith."
Filimon Romanian, Russian, Greek
From the given name Filimon.
Fising Anglo-Saxon (Rare), Romanian
This surname specifically comes from a village in Transylvania, Romania named Gergeschdorf, currently named Ungurei in Transylvania, Romania. The surname is a Siebenburgen Saxon or Transylvanian Saxon specific surname... [more]
Floarea Romanian
Means "flower" in Romanian.
Florea Romanian
From the given name Florea.
Florentin Romanian, French, German
From the given name Florentin.
Florescu Romanian
Means "son of Florea".
Fulga Romanian (Rare)
Means "snowflake" in Romanian.
Gavril Romanian
From the given name Gavril.
Gavrilescu Romanian
Means "son of Gavril" in Romanian.
Georgescu Romanian
Means "son of George".
Gerstenmájer Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian
Magyarised and Cyrillic version of Gerstenmayer.
Gheata Romanian
Means "ice."
Ghiocel Romanian
From Romanian ghiocel meaning "snowdrop" (flower).... [more]
Gilca Romanian, Italian
Meaning unknown.
Girip Romanian
Unknown origin, probably Turkish.
Grigore Romanian
From the given name Grigore.
Gulea Romanian
Hanganu Romanian
Hanganu is a Romanian surname.... [more]
Hatmanu Romanian
Medieval military rank the equivalent of general rank
Herșcu Romanian
Means "son of Hersh" in Romanian.
Hila Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Iacovenco Romanian
Romanian form of Yakovenko.
Iasonescu Romanian
Of Romanian origin means "son of Iason".
Ignat Romanian
From the given name Ignat.
Ioane English (New Zealand), English (Australian), American, Samoan, Polynesian, Romanian
May come from the given name John or variants of this name, such as Ion.
Ion Romanian
From the given name ION.
Iordan Romanian
From the given name Iordan (User submitted).
Iordănescu Romanian
Means "son of Iordăn" in Romanian.
Ioveanu Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Ipate Romanian
Origin not certain, possibly derived from "Ipatele", a commune in Romania.
Ivanovici Romanian, Moldovan
Romanian equivalent of Russian surname Ivanovich, meaning son of Ivan.
Ivas Romanian, Croatian
As a Croatian surname it is derived from forenames starting with Iv-, for example Ivan, Ivo 2, Ivica, etc.
Jderoiu Romanian
Derived from Romanian jder meaning "marten".
Kaffka Hungarian, Romanian, Low German, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian
The Germanised Czech surname of a certain Margit. Means ‘Little Jackdaw’ in Czech. Its internationally better known diminutive is Kafka.
Kogălniceanu Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Kuyon Hungarian, Romanian
Largely unknown, but may have origins in a village in Poland, called Kujan. There’s records on the name at Ellis Island in New York where it was anglicized to the phonetic, Kuyon. There’s also a split in the main families with the name in the US to another diminutive, Kenyon.... [more]
Lăcustă Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Lahovary Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Lazăr Romanian
From the given name Lazăr.
Lăzărescu Romanian
Means "son of Lazar".
Lupescu Romanian
Possibly means "son of the wolf", from Romanian lup ("wolf").
Marandici Romanian, Moldovan
Meaning unknown.
Marinescu Romanian
Means "son of Marin".
Maxim Romanian
From the given name Maxim.
Mihai Romanian
From the given name Mihai.
Minda Romanian
From the Meglenite language.
Minea Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Mitrea Romanian
Romanian name, derived from the word mitra, meaning the hat of a high priest(mitropolit).
Moisuc Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Munteanu Romanian
From Romanian muntean meaning "mountaineer" or "of the mountains".
Mureșan Romanian
Originally denoted a person from Mureș County in Romania.
Murvai Romanian
Probably they originate from Murva (Transilvania-Siklód
Neagu Romanian
From the given name Neagu.
Nectaria Romanian
Feminine version of Nectarie, Greek saint-St.Nectarie from Egina. In Romanian this means "the juice of flowers". Nectaire is probably of the same derivation as the English word "nectar". This is the etymology of "nectar" (from from negtar > nogalon... [more]
Nedelcu Romanian (Modern)
Entered Romania around the 16th century via Bulgaria as a popular female given name - Neda/Nedelea etc., attested under the form of Nedelco/Nedelcu in the historical region of Basarabia around 1560, became a surname in the following century... [more]
Negru Romanian
Nickname or ethnic name from negru "black" (Latin niger), denoting someone with dark hair or a dark complexion.
Net Romanian
Romanian variant of the Latin name Netus, meaning superior, greater.
Nicolae Romanian
From the given name Nicolae.
Nistor Romanian
From the given name Nistor.
Oleniuc Romanian, Ukrainian
From the Hutsul language.
Oprea Romanian
From the given name Oprea.
Osmochescu Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Pălărie Romanian
Occupational name for a hatter.
Pantazzi Romanian
Best known as the surname of a certain Sybille.
Petcu Romanian (?)
Possibly a diminutive of Petrescu (child of Peter).
Petre Romanian
From the given name Petre.
Petri Romanian
Derived from Petre, the Romanian form of Peter.
Pogonat Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Popovici Romanian
Means "son of the priest" from Romanian popă meaning "priest".
Prodan Romanian
Means "foster."
Puiu Romanian
Derived from the name Puiu.
Răceanu Romanian
Designates someone from Răciu, a commune in Mureş County, Romania.
Răducan Romanian
Means "son of Radu".
Rădulescu Romanian
Means "son of Radu".
Raftu Romanian
Raftu is a surname who was first use in Greece but now is only use in Romania, the name means ,,Bookshelf" in Romanian
Roman Catalan, French, Polish, English, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Belarusian
From the Latin personal name Romanus, which originally meant "Roman". This name was borne by several saints, including a 7th-century bishop of Rouen.
Romana Catalan, French, Italian, Polish, English (Rare), German, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Belarusian
From the feminine form of the Latin personal name Romanus, which originally meant "Roman".
Romanescu Romanian
Patronymic from the given name Roman.
Rusu Romanian, Moldovan
From Romanian rus meaning "Russian".
Sabo Serbian, Croatian, Romanian
Variant form of Szabó.
Sallas Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Occitan, Galician, Portuguese, Aragonese, Asturian, Romanian, Greek
Either a variant of Salas or Sala, or else a nickname from Arabic, Turkish, or Persian salli meaning "broad, wide, large, tall".
Sandu Romanian
From the given name Sandu.
Secară Romanian
It means "rye" in Romanian.
Segărceanu Romanian
A topographical surname designating someone from Segarcea, a small town in Dolj County, Romania.
Serghei Romanian
From the given name Serghei.
Simion Romanian
From the given name Simion.
Simionescu Romanian
Means "son of Simion".
Skutnik Romanian
Derived from the historical term scutnic.... [more]
Sorin Romanian
From the given name Sorin.
Stanasila Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Stanciu Romanian
Romanian surname from the word stanci meaning "rocks".
Stoian Romanian
Derived from Bulgarian Stoyan.
Suta Romanian
left handed
Ţaga Romanian
Țaga is a commune and village in Cluj County, Romania.
Tănăsescu Romanian
Patronymic surname meaning "the son of Tănăs".
Tanko Romanian (Americanized)
In Romania Tankó is most common in Harghita, Covasna, and Bacău counties. Tankó is also common in Hungary and Slovakia.
Tărniceriu Romanian
From tărnicer meaning "saddler".
Țăruș Romanian
From Romanian ţăruş meaning ''stake, picket''.
Tătărescu Romanian
Means "son of a Tatar" in Romanian.
Tecuceanu Romanian
A topographical Romanian surname meaning "from Tecuci". Tecuci is a city in the Galaţi county of Romania.
Teodorescu Romanian
Means "son of Teodor".
Tessler Romanian, Russian
Russian, Christian. From The original name tescherak
Tilea Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Tudorică Romanian
Derived from a Romanian diminutive of Tudor.
Turcescu Romanian
means "son of Turk" in Romanian
Turcu Romanian
related to
Ungureanu Romanian
From Romanian ungur meaning "Hungarian".
Ursu Romanian
Means "bear" in Romanian.