Romani Submitted Surnames

Romani names are used by the Romani, a nomadic people who live mainly in Europe and the Americas.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Cziffra Banat Swabian, Hungarian, Romani
Means “digit” in Hungarian.
Džambas Romani
Meaning "herdsman, horse trader", from Persian ganbas, which translates as "herdsman". In the Turkish language, this term has the same meaning as... [more]
Holland Romani
Holland is an English surname that was adopted by some Romani families that immigrated to England in the 1500s. It is unclear if the surname was simply adopted, or if it an anglicised form of a Romani surname.
Portola Spanish, Portuguese, Romani (Caló)
Portola is Spanish and Portuguese for Port and is a Romani calo surname. People include Gaspar de Portolá, a Spanish explorer who was the first governor of Baja and Alta California and had many names after him in California cities and streets.
Raij Spanish, Judeo-Spanish, Portuguese, Romani (Caló)
Borrowed from Hindi राइज (raij) meaning "rice". This surname is found among Christian and Jewish Caló families.