Hungarian Submitted Surnames

Hungarian names are used in the country of Hungary in central Europe. See also about Hungarian names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ANDRÁSSY     Hungarian
man, warrior... a surname that derives from the personal name "Andreas", meaning manly, and was held by the first of Christ's disciples.
ANDROS     German (Swiss), Hungarian
Derivative of the personal name Andreas. Perhaps a reduced form of Greek Andronikos, Andronidis, or some other similar surname, all patronymics from Andreas.
ANNA     English, Irish, Italian, Hungarian
Probably derived from the female first name ANNA.
BARSI     Hungarian
This was the surname of American child actress Judith Barsi (June 6, 1978 - July 25, 1988).
BÉNA     Hungarian
Nickname from béna ‘lame’, or from a pet form of Benedek.
BOGDÁN     Hungarian
From the given name Bogdan.
BUDA     Hungarian (Rare)
Habitational name from the name of the old capital of Hungary.
CERTIC     Hungarian (Modern)
this is my father's family name. I did not grow up with him but have been told his family came here from Hungary. He was born in Marianna Pennsylvania.
CERTICH     Hungarian
This surname is found mostly in PA.
CORVINUS     Hungarian
dirived from Corvin, maning raven.
DADY     Hungarian
Habitational name for someone from a place called Dad, in Fejér and Komárom counties, or Dada, in Somogy and Szabolcs counties.
FARGO     Hungarian
Comes from the surname Vargo.
FÁTA     Hungarian
From the old pagan name FÁTA.
GARA     Hungarian
Variant of Garay.
GARAY     Hungarian
Habitational name for someone from a place called Gara.
GAYDOS     Hungarian, English
Anglicized spelling of Hungarian GAJDOS.
GODA     Hungarian
From the old Hungarian secular personal name Goda, probably from a short form of Godimir, Godislav, or some other Slavic name.
GUZI     Hungarian
As far as known, Guzi means 'friend' but as far as other meanings go, it is unknown. Due to its origin, the last name has two factions of distant family that pronounce it differently- One as "Guh-Zee" as the more uncommon pronunciation that actually follows the origin, and "Goo-Zee" as it is commonly pronounced in English.
GYUJTO     Hungarian
Very old Hungarian name, very rare.. means gatherer.
JOB     English, French, German, Hungarian
English, French, German, and Hungarian from the personal name Iyov or Job, borne by a Biblical character, the central figure in the Book of Job, who was tormented by God and yet refused to forswear Him... [more]
KARAKAS     Hungarian
Means "maker of wheels".
KARI     Finnish, German (Austrian), Slovene (?), Hungarian, Indian, Marathi
As a Finnish name, it is a topographic and ornamental name from kari "small island", "stony rapids", "sandbar", or "rocky place in a field". This name is found throughout Finland.... [more]
KAUTEN     Hungarian
Nickolas Kauten was born July 15, 1890, in Austria - Hungary, ... [more]
KOLLÁR     Slovak, Hungarian
Variant of Kolar.
KOZÁK     Slovak, Hungarian
Variant of KOZAK.
KUN     Hungarian, Jewish
Hungarian: ethnic name for a member of a Turkic people known in English as the Cumanians (Hungarian kún). ... [more]
LAHNER     German, Hungarian
Habitational name for someone from any of various places called Lahn in Hungary and Germany. In southern Germany and Austria, Lahn denotes a place where there had been an avalanche or landslide, from Middle High German laen, lēne meaning "avalanche".
LASKI     Polish, Hungarian, Jewish
Polish (Laski) and Jewish (from Poland): habitational name from Lasko (now Lask) in Sieradz voivodeship, named with laz, lazy ‘clearing in a forest’. ... [more]
MADERA     Polish, Slovak, Hungarian
Ethnic name from an old word for a Hungarian (see Magyar).
MAKÓ     Hungarian
Derived from a pet form of the name Makár, which in turn is from the Greek given name Makarios. Could also be from the name Mátyás, the Hungarian form of Matthias.
MEGGYES     Hungarian
Means "cherry" in Hungarian.
MIKA     Hungarian, Polish
Comes from a pet form of a central and eastern European personal name equivalent to Nicholas
MIKE     Hungarian
Fro, a pet form of the personal name Miklós, Hungarian form of Nicholas, or possibly from a short form of Mihály, Hungarian form of Michael.
MIKÓ     Hungarian
From a pet form of the personal names Miklós (Hungarian form of Nicholas) or Mihály (Hungarian form of Michael).
MIKOS     Polish, Hungarian, Greek
From a derivative of a personal name equivalent to Nicholas: Polish Mikolaj, Slovenian Miklavž, or Hungarian Miklós.... [more]
MURAVEZ     Hungarian
Most likely a corruption of the surname Moravec.
OLAH     Hungarian
Oláh (Olah) is a Hungarian surname that means Vlach/Romanian. A similar word is Olasz, meaning "Italian".Hungarian (Oláh): ethnic name from Hungarian oláh ‘Romanian’, old form volách, from vlach ‘Italian’, ‘speaker of a Romance language’.
ORCZY     Hungarian
Was the surname of a family of Hungarian nobility (including Baroness Emmuska Orczy, author of *The Scarlet Pimpernel*) originating from the village Orczi (now called Orci).
PAP     Hungarian
A populaur Hungarian surname meaning Priest. It is also a variant of Papp.
PAUKOVITS     Hungarian
Hungarian or Austrian in origin. From the heilienkruz Austria/Hungary area
POLGAR     Hungarian
Hungarian word for citizen. Taken on by Jewish Hungarians during World War Two to avoid Nazi attention for having 'Jewish' last names.
PRADL     Hungarian, German (Austrian)
Meaning unknown. Possibly originating somewhere in Hungary.
PRATL     Hungarian
Possible variant of Pradl.
RAK     Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian, Jewish
Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian (Rák), and Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): from Slavic rak ‘crab’, ‘lobster’, or ‘crayfish’. This was applied as an occupational name for someone who caught and sold crayfish, crabs, or lobsters, or as a nickname to someone thought to resemble such a creature... [more]
RAPAPORT     Hungarian
ROCHALLYI     Hungarian
Probably from Italian Roccalli
ROMAN     Catalan, French, Polish, English, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Belorussian
From the Latin personal name Romanus, which originally meant "Roman". This name was borne by several saints, including a 7th-century bishop of Rouen.
SÁRKÁNY     Hungarian
Means "dragon" in Hungarian.
Metonymic occupational name for a salt seller or producer, from ‘salt’.
SZATHMÁRI     Hungarian
Hungarian surname of unknown origin.
SZENDEFFY     Hungarian (Rare)
Possibly derived from Hungarian szende meaning ''meek''.
TABOR     English, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Jewish
English: metonymic occupational name for a drummer, from Middle English, Old French tabo(u)r ‘drum’.... [more]
TARCZA     Polish, Hungarian
Means "shield" in Polish.
TOTH     Hungarian, Jewish
A Hungarian surname that is used by the Jewish population.
URBAN     English, French, German, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Hungarian, Jewish
From a medieval personal name (Latin Urbanus meaning "city dweller", a derivative of urbs meaning "town", "city").
VADÁSZ     Hungarian
Hungarian surname meaning "hunter".
VÁGÓ     Hungarian
Occupational name for a wood- or stonecutter, or butcher, from vágni ‘to cut’.
VARGO     Hungarian
Comes from the surname Varga.
VINCE     Hungarian
Variant of Vincze.
WILE     Hungarian
no particular meaning. the word wile means to trick though.
ZSIROS     Hungarian
Hungarian surname derived from the Serbo-croation word žȋr meaning "acorn".
ZSOLNAY     Hungarian
Hungarian form of the surname Zilinsky.
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